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Loy Manara Airfield Template

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Loy Manara Airfield Template



Hi all,

This is a template I knocked up for the Loy Manara Airfield, situated in Southern Takistan.



- Barracks

- Sickbay

- Small training area

- Target Range

- UNO aid station

- Marketplace

Additional Features:

- Norrin's Chopper/aerial taxi script

(Remember to copy over the init.sqf and the 'scripts' folder to your own mission folder, if you merge the template into your own mission)

- Lame surprise FPDR (To experience the 'Lame surprise' at its lamest, use the .pbo to look around first. Maps are good!)

Installation / usage:

Place the mission folder in your editing missions folder, for XP you can find it here:

C:\Documents and Settings\username\My documents\ArmA 2\missions
Open the mission in the editor, copy everything and paste in your own mission(s).


- Arma 2



Norrin for his script work




Edited by Grub

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Version 1.1 released - OP DL link updated.

"Bug" fixed regarding extra Helipads.

Guess Who: there are three or four (map-) preplaced H's on that airstrip. They don't appear in the map view in the editor. They are west of those buildings where you placed your helos ...

Don't! Just, don't....

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