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This is how you stop a getaway...

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I can imagine the people on the plane:

:cool::292:"GO ... GOOOOO ... GO, GO, GO, GO, GO, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"




.... :thud:

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And I was ninja'ed :O

(I already asked the mods to close/delete my thread)

Well, at least I made a free translation of the text:

To prevent the scape of suspects of transporting ilegal load to Brazil, federal policemen from Ribeirão Preto (314 km away from São Paulo) cast a corporation's car against an airplane used by the group. With the action, the FP agents - that recoreded the moment of the approach - could prevent the takeoff of the aircraft.

The operation ended with the arrest of five suspects - including the pilot of the plane - and seizure of a cargo estimated at R$200 thousand in notebooks, electronic surveillance equipment and a bicycle.

The products, which were placed in a van, probably came from Paraguay and would be marketed in the region of Ribeirao Preto, according to PF.

As the images of the action, at the time the aircraft begins to take off on a rural road between the towns of Pontefract and Orlando, in São Paulo, the car starts the PF approach.

"I'm gonna hit the wing, I'm gonna hit the wing. Don't shoot" shouts the policeman.

The FP vehicle hits the left wing of the plane, that spins in the road and stops. Armed, the policemen disembark and anounce the arrest.

According to comissary Edson Geraldo de Souza, part of the ware were still in the aircraft, but some stuff were in a truck, that would take the load to be sold in the local stores.

Ten policemen participated in the operation that, according to Souza, was anticipated by 30 days of investigation.

The FP did not disclose informations about the suspects. They shall be charged under smuggling suspect.

The plane was made for the load transportation, according the comissary, as all the seats had been removed to easy the acomodation of the cargo.

According to the police, a clandestine aircraft as the apprehended in this tuesday costs between R$ 300 thousands and R$ 500 thousands.

"Beyond the price, it's important to take such a plane out of circulation so it can't be used anymore to smuggle or even to traffic drugs", said the comissary.

Questioned about the damage done to the police car, Souza afirmed that the "benefit" in apprehending a plane compensated for it - the video will be used in an internal process to justify the loss.

According to him, only the windshield of the vehicle was damaged and the repair costs around R$400.

US$ 1 ~ R$ 1,70

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The M4 guy looks like he's not wearing a bulletproof vest, yet there are only like 3 of them, in 1 car. Where's the rest of the chase?

Pretty big cojones for going in without a vest...

If those 5 would be armed and desperate enough, those guys would have a problem

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He is definitively not wearing it.

The comissaries here are not likely to wear such equipment.

Also, I'm sure there were more policemen in that vehicle, likely four or five.

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