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TacOps Server

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Server Update[/b]: Sadly, the server's down with hardware issues. Someday, she will rise, again!

New IP Address: (for both the OFP and TS2 servers)

Coop Nights

Date: Whenever we work something up, nowadays!

Time: If we do get something going, it'll be around 10:00 p.m. CST (-6 CET)

See below for additional info.


N.B. addons updated, see below for info.

Hi, folks,

I managed to get WGL running on my server and I'm opening it up to everyone.

I'm new to this sort of thing. Questions and constructive advice about running a server would be appreciated.

Right now, it runs WGL, but I might rotate in other mods/missions if I can figure out how to get them going.

It won't likely be up 24/7. If it's down and you'd like to play, send a PM my way. I'll see what I can do.

The name is a reference to an old paintball club.

Here's the server info:

Server name (as shown in GameSpy): TacOps WGL

Mission count: 1681

TeamSpeak 2 Server:

No passwords, for now.

Required mod folders/addons:

@wgl5 (fully patched WGL 5.12, hat tip to Overlord)

@wgltacopspart1 updated on 4/28/2011: now includes snYpir's SP/MP support pack addon


Complete @wgltacops archive - includes both @wgltacopspart1 and @wgltacopspart2 (as of 04/28/2011) Thank you, Pulverizer!

@wgltacops addons

21vbGlider.pbo 202,169 3/2/2003 17:31

73eastings.pbo 4,604,976 4/3/2006 12:20

ac130.pbo 5,710,961 10/4/2004 13:53

aef.pbo 6,728,842 3/4/2005 16:13

aef_reallights.pbo 318,678 6/26/2005 15:54

aef_train.pbo 10,775,239 4/3/2006 12:20

afganeveron.pbo 26,089,888 4/3/2006 20:20

afgano.pbo 13,887,015 4/3/2006 20:20

ags_build.pbo 9,900,669 1/16/2006 11:00

ags_inds.pbo 18,308,014 5/30/2004 04:32

ags_port.pbo 12,608,974 4/3/2006 12:20

an12pack.pbo 46,097,479 11/20/2006 12:02

anilym.pbo 3,391,946 12/25/2004 11:19

anilymver2.pbo 10,746,990 4/3/2006 20:26

anjaddon1.pbo 1,617,114 4/3/2006 20:20

anjou_se.pbo 36,179,725 4/3/2006 20:20

art_bd.pbo 19,534,290 3/25/2005 20:30

atlantis_gold.pbo 3,078,392 4/3/2006 20:26

baracken.pbo 9,803,414 1/10/2005 22:53

bb_streetpack.pbo 2,310,522 4/3/2006 20:20

bb_woodenbridge.pbo 1,121,151 4/3/2006 20:20

bdm_avignon.pbo 16,890,253 4/3/2006 20:20

bdm_lorient.pbo 4,291,522 5/10/2004 09:55

bdm_saintdavid.pbo 4,510,790 3/20/2004 04:51

bean_tex.pbo 49,498,728 4/3/2006 20:20

bkm_balkan.pbo 4,322,099 4/3/2006 20:20

bkm_objects.pbo 5,431,670 4/3/2006 20:20

bn_tracer.pbo 39,894 7/4/2005 22:00

boutique.pbo 15,608,735 4/3/2006 20:20

canyonda.pbo 56,772,610 4/3/2006 14:50

catintro.pbo 67,611,875 4/3/2006 12:20

cessnaflt.pbo 2,850,747 8/22/2005 23:20

coc_arty.pbo 17,441,964 8/2/2006 13:19

coc_cm.pbo 1,822,345 8/7/2006 14:40

coc_cm2.pbo 3,003,131 8/7/2006 15:21

coc_cobra.pbo 1,374,876 8/2/2006 08:44

coc_diver.pbo 1,474,378 5/16/2003 09:27

coc_fed.pbo 132,143 8/2/2006 09:06

coc_m55.pbo 796,882 8/2/2006 09:07

coc_mines.pbo 872,876 11/24/2002 08:58

coc_ns.pbo 38,733 6/13/2006 21:14

cocdkmm_m46.pbo 207,466 8/2/2006 09:07

cochwk_2s19.pbo 5,246,742 8/8/2006 18:42

csjCanoe.pbo 191,176 4/8/2006 20:50

CSJkayak.pbo 210,976 4/8/2006 20:41

CSJrowBoat.pbo 242,601 4/8/2006 20:50

cti_markers.pbo 964 12/25/2004 11:19

ctiobjects02.pbo 470,934 11/4/2005 07:24

ctitc_addons.pbo 447,139 12/25/2004 11:19

cwk_fish.pbo 15,263,859 2/3/2004 22:22

cwk_seagull.pbo 15,011 2/3/2004 21:23

data2.pbo 11,270,610 4/3/2006 20:20

dc3pack.pbo 60,970,553 9/18/2005 18:20

dkmm_m46.pbo 1,899,127 6/14/2004 14:08

DragonWarrior.pbo 709,794 4/17/2003 14:19

drb3.pbo 264,542 4/3/2006 20:26

dvd_v2.pbo 1,004,527 7/9/2006 03:32

Editor103.pbo 393,364 12/21/2005 05:00

f3wx_o1.pbo 15,173,691 4/3/2006 12:20

fml_base.pbo 3,113,707 4/3/2006 12:20

fml_civilians.pbo 4,591,693 4/3/2006 12:20

fml_objects.pbo 7,742,133 4/3/2006 12:20

FOX2_Zodiac.pbo 89,501 12/19/2005 20:05

freya.pbo 23,920,895 4/3/2006 20:26

FWA_Be32K.pbo 10,598,230 9/26/2004 12:43

gmi_camera_tool.pbo 164,703 11/21/2005 17:47

GNT_Frigates.pbo 3,711,277 10/1/2006 18:09

havelte.pbo 5,371,955 4/3/2006 20:20

HWK_C130.pbo 18,494,628 8/1/2005 15:56

indukush.pbo 15,920,588 4/3/2006 20:20

ivtiliac.pbo 12,480,266 4/3/2006 20:20

JAM_Magazines.pbo 6,914,153 12/29/2005 13:32

JAM_Sounds.pbo 19,549,359 8/25/2005 15:16

JAM_Vehicles.pbo 98,199 8/25/2005 15:52

jelalhabat_isl.pbo 1,012,608 3/9/2003 06:58

jof_objects1.pbo 3,702,071 5/14/2004 08:30

kegak107.pbo 950,100 8/6/2002 23:14

lampe.pbo 2,041 4/3/2006 20:20

land.pbo 15,920,613 4/3/2006 20:20

leusderheide.pbo 14,088,199 4/3/2006 20:20

lth_d-day_pack.pbo 3,537,442 4/3/2006 20:20

map_heaps.pbo 459,336 4/3/2006 12:20

map_milobj-pack.pbo 8,782,362 4/3/2006 12:20

map_misc.pbo 240,381 6/17/2005 09:51

map_oiladdon_3d.pbo 20,669,325 9/13/2005 05:23

map_oiladdon_script.pbo 114,296 9/11/2005 08:06

map_oiladdon_t.pbo 3,169,772 9/11/2005 08:07

map_shed.pbo 779,732 4/3/2006 12:20

mfcti1.16.pbo 819,283 12/25/2004 11:19

mfg1.0.pbo 394,614 2/24/2005 18:51

myworld.pbo 3,187,453 4/15/2006 14:57

nabukonodexa.pbo 13,827,278 4/19/2006 12:01

newsaru.pbo 10,216,712 4/3/2006 20:26

normandie.pbo 8,774,496 4/3/2006 20:20

ob73east.pbo 2,025,354 4/3/2006 12:20

occasus.pbo 15,000,397 6/7/2006 09:24

ostholstein_cti.pbo 4,773,281 7/28/2004 17:47

otw_halo.pbo 1,350,725 3/18/2005 14:52

OWP_Crew.pbo 9,083,523 11/23/2005 22:46

OWP_Mi26.pbo 18,876,498 3/9/2005 13:32

OWP_Mi8.pbo 64,633,215 12/6/2005 16:15

phoe.pbo 24,356,501 9/26/2006 20:32

pi_tex.pbo 12,642,802 2/6/2005 07:19

pmc_smallville.pbo 181,448 4/3/2006 20:20

recon.pbo 108,329,394 4/3/2006 20:26

RKI_an2.pbo 22,815,283 6/14/2009 22:10

RKI_NLI.pbo 48,906,433 4/8/2009 00:01

RKI_NLI_W.pbo 23,402 5/10/2009 22:15

RKI_WEAP.pbo 21,539,942 3/29/2009 11:12

RKIcom.pbo 1,427,456 3/1/2009 11:12

rksl-hangers.pbo 3,063,403 4/3/2006 20:20

rksl-hasn2.pbo 3,550,771 4/3/2006 20:20

rksl-netpack-uk.pbo 4,308,361 4/3/2006 12:20

rksl-netpack-us.pbo 3,388,587 4/3/2006 12:20

rkta6.pbo 8,179,011 9/26/2004 10:38

rktcoaler.pbo 3,793,092 6/12/2005 02:03

rktmig23.pbo 4,759,572 10/11/2004 00:19

rktmig27.pbo 4,170,420 10/11/2004 00:19

sandy_rocks.pbo 2,227,768 4/3/2006 20:20

saru.pbo 5,521,527 4/3/2006 20:26

schippio04.pbo 1,380,773 9/21/2004 11:39

sfp_arthur.pbo 3,159,484 7/30/2006 07:35

SFP_gbat.pbo 1,165,609 9/30/2005 13:05

sfp_ssg120.pbo 8,631,505 7/31/2006 08:38

shacktac_markers.pbo 31,702 3/6/2008 10:38

skye.pbo 3,317,179 4/3/2006 12:26

snYpirs_SupportPack_readme.html 57,737 10/6/2006 08:27

SNYSptPack.pbo 171,917 10/6/2006 07:50

TMD_Su22.pbo 5,981,720 1/31/2005 21:20

tmyk_bridges.pbo 4,130,585 2/7/2005 12:09

torment_valley.pbo 2,833,322 4/3/2006 20:21

tormobj.pbo 235,047 4/3/2006 20:21

trinity.pbo 3,634,747 4/3/2006 20:26

tx_utils.pbo 4,041,043 8/24/2006 16:17

usmc_gaia.pbo 64,878,091 12/8/2003 07:06

usmc_t_1.pbo 25,368,033 12/8/2003 07:02

usmcsymbols.pbo 263,030 6/27/2005 00:59

uwar_desert.pbo 4,386,791 4/15/2006 14:57

vbsshed.pbo 628,040 4/3/2006 20:21

vbswatowr.pbo 520,539 4/3/2006 20:21

virovitica.pbo 3,779,005 4/3/2006 20:21

wgl_samakhills.pbo 21,971,213 6/7/2006 13:35

wgl_sh_o.pbo 93,011,063 2/4/2006 16:35

wgl_uamortars.pbo 1,149,841 7/30/2006 08:06

zscti13a.pbo 9,495,589 8/25/2006 08:24

zscti13c.pbo 479,085 8/27/2006 11:52

N.B. Those of you who are using '@ciawgl' and '@wglextras' see the update below.

On that same download page, you will find the WGL Ryan and AT unit and weapons replacement mod-folder archives, respectively. 5.1_rep.rar is required for the AT installation, see the WGL51reprarinstallation.txt for instructions (see Walter's post, below).

Instructions for getting the Ryan models working: WGL Models Base Instructions

Additionally, Mr. Burns' AEC Islands replacement pack is there for download, as well.

Make backups of your original files!

If there is a mission you'd like included in the server (or, if there's one on there that needs to be fixed), let me know!

Have fun!

N.B. Inspired by the [CiA] and the University of Dallas Tactical Operations Club.


Coop Nights

Date: Saturday nights

Time: 10:00 p.m. CST (-6 CET)

TS2 comms will be required. You won't need a mic - just need to be able to hear.

Style of play: see the CiA Rules

4/26/2011 Addons update: @wgltacopspart1 is not equivalent to the old @wglextras (see below); @wgltacopspart2 contains the new addons, documentation, and island anim folders.

- Consolidate the addons in a mod folder named '@wgltacops'. Remove @wglextras (do not rename it to @wgltacops - the earlier suggestion to do so was incorrect; it is ok to do so with a few addons replaced, see update, below).

Thank you, Zulu1 and Marto!

4/27/2011 Addons update: I removed





due to a note on the Zeus site - they were obsolete. If you already have them, go ahead and delete them. They have been removed from the server.

4/29/2011 @ciawgl and @wglextras updated addons cf. Post #50

Copy the addons in the following archive to update @ciawgl and/or @wglextras for compatibility w/ the TacOps WGL server:


This update will render the addons in @ciawgl and @wglextras equivalent to those in @wgltacopspart1.

- added complete @wgltacops archive

05/11/2011: new IP address:

07/16/2011: new IP address:

08/25/2011: new IP address:

11/29/2011: new IP address:

07/12/2012: new IP address:

12/01/2013: new IP address:

Edited by Anguis

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Good job! There were a couple of wgl fans lurking around here, maybe this will draw them out again.

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Thanks, Walter, I had forgotten about that error. I've uploaded the corrected text. However, I think your quote does the job better!

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Good job! There were a couple of wgl fans lurking around here, maybe this will draw them out again.

[CiA]Marto paid a visit!

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Yeah, I'd go with OFPMonitor. I, frankly, am not sure what the ip is, due to a confusing conversation with Comcast a week or two ago. I am, unfortunately, able to see my server on neither ofpwatch (when I put in what I think is the ip) nor ofpmonitor. If you find my server on ofpmonitor, feel free to post the ip it reports. I'm curious to see what it is.

Here's what whatismyip.com shows:

The port should be 2302.

And, if you're up for a game, send me a PM. I might be able to play (and grab someone else, too).

I've been asked about a regular/semi-regular co-op session. Thoughts? (I'm now working on a TS server)

Edit: Zulu, how do you use ofpmonitor to launch off-line sessions? I haven't been able to figure that out - pretty much keeps me from using it. The vast majority of my mod-combos entails local launches. I can't get on my server with it, b/c I can't see it, but, if it'd open a local session, it'd work for me. Actually, another thing I'd need it to do is launch via an alternate executable (fwatch, specifically).

Edited by Anguis

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Yeah, that's a really weird thing to see! The server says WGL and I have messages cycling that give the addons links. Maybe they'll come around. . . !

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Hi, folks,

I got a TS2 server up and running - see first post for info. There's no PW, for now. Let me know how it works for you, good or bad.


Edited by Anguis

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Good job Anguis - nice server. I checked in a few times lately and works very nice. I been too busy with work for OFP lately but I'll check in when I can.

Seen Viking and Zulu arouns several times too.

I'd be interested in a COOP time if we can somehow work it around US/AUS timings... Weekends best. Perhaps either Sat or Fri evenings US so its Sat or Sun mornings here?

As Zulu said I think we need to make some smaller wgl missions with easy objectives.... might get inspired to make a few small missions...

---------- Post added at 12:07 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:06 PM ----------

PS we should drag Zwobot in for a game sometime...

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Sounds great, guys!

As for a co-op night, it's looking like Saturday night @ 9 p.m. U.S. Central time will be good for me. Friday night, later, is probably fine, too. Would those times work for anyone else?

Edited by Anguis

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Alright, I've settled on a date and time for a co-op night:

Date: Friday, April 8, 2011

Time: 10:00 p.m. CST (-6 CET, I think)

Server will be passworded - check back here for it (I'll update the first post, as well).

TS2 comms will be required. You won't need a mic - just need to be able to hear.

Style of play: cf. the CiA Rules

Join in, if you can! Watch my server die!

Edit: Password - ofp

Edited by Anguis

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The first TacOps WGL coop night was fun. Some good teamwork. We even completed two missions! WGL AI never fails to surprise us... Well done with the server Anguis.

Anyone interested in joining, I'm sure Anguis will post a regular coop time soon (and I will update this post too with details).

First some failures:

Rye Times on Avignon (@wg_co_09_rye_times.avignon.pbo):

Viking getting overrun, trodden on, and bayonetted by enemy:


POL on Saint David (@wg_co_10_pol.saintdavid.pbo):

TacOps Spetsnaz crew buckling up and gobbing off in the insertion Mi-2:


Mi-2 taking off:


First contact on insertion, enemy Humvee destroyed!



Edited by Marto

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Second contact on insertion, not looking so good now...


Viking, doing what he does best, ie stopping enemy bullets and bleeding...


We had another crack at Battle! (@wg_co_12_battle.trinity.pbo):



We managed to capture the first objective but at a high cost, ie our whole squad...


Edited by Marto

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The first one we completed, Helo Control on Anilym: (@wg_co_10_helo_control.anilym.pbo)

TacOps team taking off from the airbase:


Insertion at the LZ:


The objective from the overwatch/fire support position. If you look carefully you can see the assault team moving into the FUP in the woods in the background:


Edited by Marto

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Zwobot firing a battle souvenir RPG into a mech AAA vehicle:



I didn't get a screenshot of the debriefing.

Al Jawaardi Raid, the second one we completed (@wg_co_12_al_jawaardi_raid.catintro.pbo):

Extraction from the opium poppy fields, objective destroyed:


Edited by Marto

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You can see that Kwala on the left we fought from after a hot insertion:



Good teamwork and a fun coop session.

Hope to see you all again soon!

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Snake goes down fighting:


He lives!


Joy ride


Viking, WTF???


Welcome, fresh meat!


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Bad Landing


Target rich:


Zwobot ready to rumble:


Viking, contemplating life, the universe, and everything:


A merry band:


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Marto's well placed LAW:


Satchels do the job nicely:


Time for some drinks!


Great fun, guys - let's do it again!

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Hi, folks,

Just a little update: I'm working on updating the @wglextras addons folder with additional addons, primarily islands, but with a few extras that should deepen the gameplay options available to those interested in making missions (thanks to Zulu, Marto, Drongo, and Chops for their help on this); it has been brought to my attention that a number of islands could/should be added, thus increasing the amount of already-made missions available for play. As part of the update, I will rename @wglextras to @wgltacops, in order to avoid confusion with another wgl addon folder out there named @wgl5extra - I will post an addons list, when this eventually happens.

Further off, I hope to add an additional mod to the mix (remote possibility for a third). It will, hopefully, involve ECP, if I can get it all to work. Some form of mod rotation might eventuate.

Regarding Coop Nights (or general gaming nights - there are several PvP missions available), while I am not always available to host them in any given week, I am open to allowing others to do so. If you're interested, PM me. By the way, the Friday night CST seemed to work nicely for the four continents involved.

On a side note, I've been keeping the server up and running as close to 24/7 as possible. If it's down, here are the major reasons - maintenance, my kids playing video games on the other partition, power outage.

As always, any helpful input is appreciated!

Have fun! Thanks for playing!

Edited by Anguis

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Hi, folks!

We're doing it again:

Coop Night

Date: Friday April 15, 2011

Time: 10:00 p.m. CST (-6 CET)

Server password: ofp

Same policies as last time, see first post.

We have a PvP mission done up by Zwobot last year, sort of a LRRP meets AAS, that I'd like to try out (could use a little testing). If you want to check it out, it's on St. David, prefaced with "zztest. . ."

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Well, thanks to Zulu, [CiA]Overlord, and Bielow, the TacOps server now has 1681 missions, up from about 500 this morning! What a difference a day can make. :D

Anyways, not all are accessible, yet (islands to add. . .), and some might not work (anyone know why Ubuntu would recognize .pbo's as either 'program,' 'HTML,' or 'unknown?'), but they're there for all to try. Some of you vets of the old WGL groups will recognize a bunch of them.

Feedback welcome. Thank you.

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Glad to hear this that I helped in some point ;)

1681 is impresive number indeed :)

Regards Anquis


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