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September 1939 Mod

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ty for fixing it :)


I checked it - all links are working fine.


We finaly end work on reconstruction of defence Polish Post in Gdansk.


Thanks Topas trust and all his friends great September 1939 mod work,  next great Polsh history moment was reconstructed and saved.

This is most precise reconstruction made ever.  We used to make it all knowlage form official publications:


Franciszek Bogacki "Poczta Polska w Gdańsku" Warszawa 1978

Franciszek Bogacki, Jan Romanowski "Obrona Poczty Polskiej w Gdańsku" Warszawa 1976

Dieter Shenk "Poczta Polska w Gdańsku. Dzieje pewnego niemieckiego zabójstwa sądowego" Gdańsk 1999

Mariusz Wójtowicz-Podhorski, Jacek Przybylski "Pierwsi w Boju" Poznań 2010


and help of Ewa Mlinowska director of The Polish Post Museum in Gdansk to finish it.


Of course for all Polish history enthusiasts we will allow to try it in September on our free official servers to play..


You wil be able to see original ADGZ "OSTMARK" in action which realy attacked 1.09 1939 post building and was hard damaged by defenders with 7.92mm Wz. 35 anti-tank rifle (present in game too).










                                                                                      Oficial trailer of Reconstruction of defence Polish Post in Gdansk (start of World War II ) :





Next will be battle of Wola GULOWSKA with great Lecholas new map to see and play in October.

Now we are working to prepeare a new trailer too.

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Whatever happened with this mod? What happened to the missions and the maps that were made with them? Are you willing to release these to the public as originally intended?

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