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  1. So after downloading another version of Ravage Esseker (idk why but there's 3 versions), I tested with only the mission dependencies and the load function worked. The 2 similar mods have different dependencies and I managed to narrow down that the decimation mod (which was a dependency for the other mod) was causing the "you cannot play/edit this mission this mission...." error.
  2. I only have one mission on esseker (which uses CUP cores but NOT CUP maps). I have only the required mods to run the mission with cup maps as well and I get that message, however, if I remove CUP maps I get a different error message when I try to load the game. It crashes the game and gives me this message prompt. (it still starts up fine, but the load function still doesn't work) Along with the 2 standard error messages when crashing: I skimmed through the report, and couldn't find anything useful or make much sense of it. While I could upload the report I doubt it would help resolve the issue. Also, thanks for trying to help!
  3. I can start up a scenario mission in singleplayer perfectly fine, however when I attempt to resume my games progress it doesn't allow me and gives me this error message: " you cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.cup_chernarus_data " This happens on basically all of my scenarios. Any help is appreciated!