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  1. I actually solved it yesterday. It was Operation Trebuchet messing around with the files. Im gonna reinstall it later. Thanks though.
  2. This is a recent issue. I've had ACE 3 installed in the past, it's not enabled. This is a really weird issue. It applies to everything I play except editor missions, and multiplayer. Here's the error: https://i.imgur.com/cw2fKeB.jpg
  3. I'm actually going to get a FX-8350 for ArmA 3; to hear that it's not working well is saddening to me. I really want good performance on ArmA 3 multiplayer and DayZ SA, so I'm ditching my old FX-6300 for a new 8350. Before I'm told to get a Intel CPU, that is just out of the question. My motherboard is incompatible with it (Gigabyte 78lmt-usb3) and I'm not paying for a new motherboard. If I did I would have to also buy new RAM, because I only have two 4GB DDR3 sticks. All the talk about AMD CPUs sucking for the ArmA engine is disheartening, but I'm hoping my GTX 960 will help me pull through any bad performance.
  4. Pikmonster

    Arma3 Videos

    I think I did okay on making this.
  5. Hi all, Recently I have decided to make my first mission. Now, I'm very new to scripting in general so I hope you guys can put it in Layman's terms for me. I want to make the base you start in seem more alive, and it's at the Kamino Firing Range. I have a destroyed MH-9 Hummingbird out north-west of the range, and I wanted my prone Ai's to fire on them, and maybe some other objects. Help?
  6. Pikmonster

    Scope Mod A3

    Look nice, unfortunately I can't attach them to anything :(
  7. Pikmonster

    New U.S. stealth bomber shrouded in mystery

    These things. I saw over 5 of them while driving back from Phoenix just this Sunday! They flew real low, had blinking aircraft lights and quickly scattered. Also, yay! First post.