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  1. launcher

    Next DLC

    I would like to see a Chernorus map from DayZ Standalone with multi-storey panel houses. And Chernorus Defense Forces in independent faction (Czech-speaking). Let it be the basic units in the new textures, but they are needed. For example, they might look like this: Infantry use LDF or CSAT weapons and repainted (modified AAF camo with LDF color) LDF uniforms and outfit Vehicles: using modified AAF camo with LDF color AL-6 Pelican AR-2 Darter Quadbike Offroad Van Truck Zamak (Zamak MLR) MSE-3 Marid FV-720 Odyniec T-100 Varsuk AWC Nyx CH-49 Mohawk PO-30 Orca A-143 Buzzard RHIB Speedboat And as an enemy for NATO, the Russian Ground Forces (Russian Armed Forces in OPFOR faction) Events mini campaign can be as follows: Despite the events of ArmA 2, Russia eventually managed to regain Chernarus loyalty. Helped the economic problems of the EU and the USA in 2030. The action takes place before the First Contact events. For example, in 2038. CDF together with Russian Armed Forces conduct military exercises (we can assume that they became the reason for the exercises of Livonia and NATO in 2039). The player is a CDF counterintelligence officer. He receives information from the CTRG that the CSAT intends to conduct a series of sabotage actions under the guise of NATO. This is necessary to discredit NATO and provoke Russia and Chernarus to join the CSAT. The player must find evidence of the presence of saboteurs and find out the purposes of sabotage (the murder of a Russian general, the destruction of supply convoy, the destroy of military aircraft at the airport). Then, together with Russian Spetznaz, it is necessary to prevent sabotage, find and destroy the remnants of the enemy group (you can add a mission where the remnants of the CSAT, escaping from the player and Spetznaz, take hostages. It is necessary to save them and kill the enemies). In the end, it would be nice to see several outcome options (managed to capture at least one CSAT saboteur or not). It will be officially announced that all events are part of the exercises, but in reality there will be some consequences for the CSAT. Ideally, the opportunity, if you wish, to go through this scenario in a cooperative for two players
  2. launcher

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    I'm wondering why these machines are not added for LDF: basic: AFV-4 Gorgon MBT-52 Kuma CH-49 Mohawk A-143 Buzzard other dlc: AWC Nyx A-149 Gryphon It’s all the more strange that Zamak-MLRS from DLC Tanks has been added I have to use content from the workshop
  3. Hi! I would like to see support for other languages in the interface and subtitles. Personally, I miss the Russian language.