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  2. Found this in an old post. He makes some good points. Another point raised which I agree with, is the lack of improvements in the AI which is a real immersion killer at times. "Besides that I don't much care for the futuristic theme, the OPFOR look like aliens, the independent look like normal current military and the BLUFOR look like an in between compromise. No more M4's and M16's, no more AK47's and RPG's, now it's "MX's" whatever the hell those are and failed prototype helicopters." You can read the rest here: http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/3827961#ixzz41Znv6G6k
  3. Completely agree.
  4. Okay, that makes a lot more sence I think.. Glad they changed their mind. Thanks for the responce
  5. Hi guys, A friend and I have been talking about this quite a bit recently. The only criticism he had about the game was the setting. He felt it was a weird choice to set it slightly in the future he felt it was unnecessary and led to some weird weapons and vehicles. To an extent I agree with him BUT I don't mind It as much. We came to the conclusion that we hope the next one is set in the present day as technology and weapons seem to have come a long way since the arma 2 days and we would enjoy it more. Thays just our opinion. My actual question is what was the developers’ reason for the semi futuristic setting? Do we know anything at all about the future of arma? (Next game etc.) Thanks.