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  1. 173rdofficial

    173rd Airborne Brigade

    Update: February 2021 Most Recent Campaign: The 173rd Airborne Brigade has been assigned to the still active Operation Enduring Freedom theater of operations, specifically Afghanistan's northern province of Takhar. The Afghan government has recently reported to several United States Ambassadors that many local leaders have resumed fighting in the region. Additionally the local Afghanistan National Guard has been suspiciously ineffective at resolving these issues in a timely and effective manner. In an effort to investigate this situation a few local embedded Intelligence Agents were sent in have also reported weapons cache's being developed in villages in the region. As the Afghanistan government and the United States Government now suspects widespread corruption within the ANG's ranks, the 173rd Airborne Division has been tasked with stepping in and resolving the ongoing situation. Convoy comprised of up-armored Legion Company vehicles--led by support group "Paladin"--make their way to assignments in northeast Afghanistan. Photo courtesy of SPC J.Ferrer, unit photographer. 173rd Website: http://173rd.us/
  2. 173rdofficial

    173rd Airborne Brigade

    Update: November 2020 Most Recent Campaign: Our latest campaign, “False Judgement,” saw the 173rd maintained in Southeast Asia as they supported combat operations during tensions between the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the Philippines. Following a subversive biological attack against US naval forces in the region, tensions arose when Vietnam forces began an aggressive takeover of the Spratly Islands. Given the 173rd Airborne Brigade's prior experience with Asiatic forces (during the recent conflict with the rogue People's Liberation Army detachment), they have been selected to reposition regionally. Members of Legion Company provide fire support during a river crossing following their drop into Vietnam. Photo courtesy of PFC J.Ferrer, unit photographer. 173rd Website: http://173rd.us/
  3. 173rdofficial

    173rd Airborne Brigade

    Update: September 2020 Most Recent Campaign: Our most recent campaign, “Operation Sea Snake,” brought the 173rd to the South China Sea. A Chinese PLA force belonging to Army Group South landed on and seized two islands in the Straits of Luzon belonging to the Philippines. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has denounced the action, claiming a rogue PLA General ordered the invasion. With the Chinese backing down from the situation, the Philippines has asked the U.S. to assist it with retaking the islands. The 173rd Airborne have been deployed to assist the Philippine Army and navy forces in recapturing the islands. Members of Legion Company prepare for night-time operations against Chinese-aligned separatists in the Philippines. Photo courtesy of PFC J.Ferrer, unit photographer. 173rd Website: http://173rd.us/
  4. 173rdofficial

    173rd Airborne Brigade

    Update: June 2020 Most Recent Campaign: Our most recent campaign, “Operation Inherent Resolve,” had the 173rd conducting security operations in Syria. Following the Arab Spring in 2011, the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR) has been engulfed in a civil war, with multiple factions vying for power. The Syrian armed forces, led by the Bashar Al-Assad regime, and it's international partners (Russia and Iran) have largely been opposed by the Free Syrian Army, or FSA (a coalition of Sunni rebel groups), and the Syrian Democratic Forces (YPG) made up of predominately Kurdish fighters. ISIL's quick rise to power brought the U.S. led coalition to assist the YPG and the FSA in their respective fights, while remaining somewhat neutral in the ongoing civil war. Despite spiraling tensions in the region, the 173rd ABCT has been called on to reinforce American and YPG forces in Syria. After arriving in country, Legion Company seized an oilfield being used as a fortress near YPG lines. During operations conducted by the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team on 09MAY2020 and 11MAY2020, U.S. forces were able to cut off a large proportion of ISIL forces in the region. They also seized and destroyed several cache's meant to resupply ISIl forces, which is believed to seriously hamper ISIL's use of IED's and RPG's in upcoming operations. Coalition forces are closing in on the last ISIL strongholds in the region... Members of Legion Company observe enemy force approaching a COP Hoose, which the company was tasked with taking and holding. 173rd Website: http://173rd.us/
  5. 173rdofficial

    173rd Airborne Brigade

    Update: January 2020 Our Current Campaign: Our current campaign, “Secure Virolahti,” takes its name from the small Nordic nation that the 173rd has been sent. A fast-spreading disease, dubbed the "Uusi Rotto" or "New Plague", has radiated out from its capital city, seizing the entire country. An estimated 20% of the population is infected or is a likely carrier of the disease. In the last month, an estimated 5% of the population has already died. Because the small nation has insufficient facilities to efficiently study the disease, it has not been able to find a cure and the drugs needed to relieve symptoms of the disease are hard to synthesize from within the small, agricultural-focused country. This has led to a large number of bandits raiding hospitals, pharmacies, and the limited amounts of relief efforts that have already made it into the country. Its defense forces and police have been completely overwhelmed, with many of its forces deserting to take care of their families who have been affected. Its neighbors, Finland and Russia have both closed the borders to prevent the spread of the epidemic, and the situation at both country's borders trying to prevent the spread of carriers has left them unable to assist and send in relief shipments overland. The United States has a vested interest in the small nation due to its strategic location against the Russian border, shielding a large portion of Finland from Russia. As United States European Command's airborne strategic response force, the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team has been called upon to assist our NATO ally in restoring order in Virolahti. Members of Legion Company--wearing biochemical head masks for protection against potential airborne disease--secure part of an airfield during Operation Secure Virolahti. 173rd Website: http://173rd.us/
  6. 173rdofficial

    173rd Airborne Brigade

    Update: November 2019 Our Current Campaign: Our current campaign, “Island Incursion,” has the 173rd in an obscure corner of Africa where local political tensions have erupted to violence. As part of a United Nations African Peacekeeping Operation two years ago, the 173rd Airborne Brigade was dispatched with the United Nations peacekeeping effort. Half a year after the 173rd Airborne Brigade was pulled out of the region, the United Nations left the region for good after a peace treaty was signed between Molatia and Afrenia to remain separate from one another with separate governments. Both nations began to modernize their Military with the previous United Nations checkpoints remaining as the DMZ. The nation of Molatia has recently had a vote for which direction the government should go. With outstanding support for a democracy, the government of Molatia has shifted to a democracy after communism failed. However with this transition, some forces within its own military have defected to the southern nation of Afrenia. With this shift of military power, the nation of Afrenia became more active along the DMZ. Soon enough Afrenia launched an offensive and secured all checkpoints along the DMZ and soon pushed North along the eastern coast. With reports of the Afrenian military executing prisoners of war, NATO investigated the situation. With proof of this war crime occurring and with requests for the nation to stop this action failing, NATO has called upon the United States to respond to this action. Due to a previous deployment to the area under United Nations command, the 173rd Airborne Brigade was deployed to the island nation. The 173rd must act decisively to position itself to stop war crimes and protect the civilian population. While Legion Company pushes inland to secure critical airbases and enemy strongholds, it will be supported by Attack Company and the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade. Legion Company--most likely elements of squad 1-4--preps rocket for ambush on enemy patrol during Operation Island Incursion. Photo courtesy of SPC A.Spears, unit photographer. 173rd Website: http://173rd.us/
  7. 173rdofficial

    173rd Airborne Brigade

    Update: October 2019 Our Current Campaign: Our current campaign, “Guardian Rehab,” has the 173rd in Southeastern Brazil as part of anti-drug-cartel movements. On September 20th, 2019, Brazil was the victim of a horrific act of violence perpetrated by the terrorist organization Hezbollah. The extremist group bombed a multi-national summit being held in PortoAlegre, killing 852 people, including Argentinian vice president Gabriela Michetti. The summit was intended to be the formal launch of an effort between Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay to bring law and order to the Tri-Border Area, one of the largest illicit economies in the western hemisphere. The convention center was filled with political attendees when vehicle-based explosives went off underground, collapsing the structure. Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro survived unharmed, but Paraguayan First Lady Silvana Moreira is in critical condition in Rio de Janeiro. Brazilian Armed Forces swiftly located and eliminated the Hezbollah cell operating in Santa Terezinha, but discovered that the terrorists were working in concert with and likely sponsored by Comando Vermelho (Red Command), one of the country's oldest drug cartels. The CV cartel was likely concerned about the three-nation effort and hoped to send a warning. Red Command controls hundreds of heavily armed gangs along nearly 600 miles of jungle border with Paraguay and Argentina, making an armed response extremely difficult. To help with this daunting task, Brazil has invoked the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance, also known as the Rio Treaty, which stipulates that "an armed attack on one member is to be considered an attack on all." The United States has answered the call and will be performing joint operations with the Brazilian Army focused on curbing the activities of the CV cartel. Latest helmet camera intelligence:
  8. 173rdofficial

    173rd Airborne Brigade

    Update: August 2019 Our Current Campaign Our current campaign, “Northern Resolve,” has the 173rd in far-northern Europe in response to NATO Allies. On 05AUG2019, a Norwegian oil tanker was destroyed by a missile strike originating from the isolationist nation of Viddeland. The origin of the missile was confirmed as being manufactured by the Viddeans. Norway, in response to the attack, has invoked Article 5, calling on its NATO allies to assist in invading the rogue nation. The United States has pledged its support, deploying troops to Norway for what many see as an inevitable conflict, a mere 224 miles from Russia. Viddeland was originally part of Norway when WWII broke out. After the fall of Nazi Germany, the USSR would pressure the Allies to grant Viddeland it’s independence from Norway. Throughout the Cold War, Viddeland was a close partner with the Soviet Union. After the fall of communism in Europe, Viddeland became increasingly isolationist, relying on Russia as it’s sole trading partner. It is believed that Russia has been propping up it’s regime for years. The 173rd ABCT will be participating in the initial invasion of Viddeland. The overall goals of this invasion are to force a regime change within the country, and to secure its short and medium range ballistic missile inventory. The 173rd ABCT, 1st Armored and 4th Infantry Divisions will be the primary American elements participating in the invasion, alongside Norwegian, French, British and Polish forces. Mission Briefing Battalion HQ (intelligence section) has prepared a mission briefing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hB3SSG_IBQ Mission Snapshot Members of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team were inserted into Viddaland by airdrop earlier this month. Photo courtesy of Specialist J.Govaerts.
  9. Squad name: 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team Timezone/location : CST Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Coop-Milsm Contact email: See Website Website address: http://173rd.us/index.php? Short description: Milsim community based around the real 173rd ABCT, with roughly 65-80 members. Offering Active Duty and Reserve enlistments. Language: English
  10. 173rdofficial

    Arma 3 Units - Closed Beta Feedback

    Not sure if it has been reported already (there's already 7 pages of feedback so didn't go through all of it) but I couldn't register my unit without having to fill in ALL of the social media links. It would give me an error at the end of the creation. I checked other units and they didn't have all of the social media links filled in. I attempted to remove the social media links (that I faked) after the creation was complete and I got the following error: http://i.imgur.com/rz0nJVZ.jpg Is it supposed to be mandatory to have a Facebook and a Twitch link? If not is it possible to add a red * next to the mandatory fields so that people know what they have to fill in and what they can keep empty. Another suggestion would be that you could disable the ArmA Units application system and just add your own URL to your own websites application page. My unit requires an application to be submitted through our website due to personnel tracking software. Answering to a bunch of emails from people that apply to your unit to just go and apply again seems a bit counter productive. Maybe if there was a popup after they applied through ArmA Units to your own websites application system that could work too.
  11. 173rdofficial

    Moss Targets

    Any updates on your computer? We are having an issue with the script loading whenever we restart the mission on the server. It will pop as many script errors as there are lanes on mission restart when using #missions to select a new mission. Is there a way to fix this?
  12. 173rdofficial

    173rd Airborne Brigade

    Update: October 2015 Apologies for the long break from updates but we are back with more videos and updates on what has been going on with the 173rd Airborne Brigade. Our S9 CIMIC department did a lot of work in the past months on making some more bad ass videos which you can see below. Deployment update The 173rd Airborne is currently deployed in Finland in the Podagorsk region to fight off a Russian airborne assault on the border island region. The VDV has surrendered officially and withdrew the bulk of their forces but there are still remenants of the forces left there training insurgents to continue the fight against the Finnish Defense Forces. Most recently the 173rd recaptured a lost FOB with minimal casulties while inflicting heavy damage to enemy troops and supplies. Hopefully this blow will slow down the insurgent forces and let the FDF take control of the situation. Want to be a part of it? If you are interested in our operations and the unit please visit our website at http://173rd.us/index.php? and consider enlisting. On the other hand if you are just interested in seeing our operations, you can go to our Youtube channel at https://www.youtube....airbornedivison and consider subscribing to easily follow our operations and other events!
  13. 173rdofficial

    173rd Airborne Brigade

    Update: May 2015 Another update coming from the 173rd Airborne. It has been 2 months since the last update and we hope we will be able to give you guys more updates soon with more cool videos. This update will cover some new directions the 173rd is taking and we want to share our newest video with everyone interested! Deployment update The unit grew to Battalion size recently which comprises of 3 companies. Alpha Company named "Attack", Bravo Company named "Legion" and the Headquarters and Headquarters Company named "Hotel". We are hopeful that the unit will continue growing and that more slots will be filled as the companies themselves keep expanding from the inside. Now for the deployment. The 173rd Airborne is still stationed on Stratis on the Stratis Airbase, but 1st Battalion has been deployed to Chernarus to deal with the uprising of the ChDZK rebels who want to bring down the current government to establish their own communist one. The Chernarus Defense Force (CDF) has had a difficult time defending from the large number of rebels and the 1st Battalion was deployed to FOB Dagger. From there the first initial patrols began and Operation Watchtower was designed to secure the north east foothold and to push the rebels back from the area. You can watch the video to see how the mission went! Want to be a part of it? If you are interested in our operations and the unit please visit our website at www.173rd.us/enlist and consider enlisting. On the other hand if you are just interested in seeing our operations, you can go to our Youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/173rdairbornedivison and consider subscribing to easily follow our operations and other events!
  14. 173rdofficial

    173rd Airborne Brigade

    Update: March 2015 It has been some time since we updated you guys with what we have been up to so lets change that. The 173rd has been very active in the last couple of months working hard on producing more content and still enjoying playing ArmA 3. We came up with some new systems for our unit to allow less active players to join us and enjoy our milsim roleplaying without having very strict attendance requirements, but more about that later. Swift Action Deployment Update The 173rd Airborne deployment in Sahrani ended on January 4th 2015. Above you can watch the introduction to the operation and the first mission the 173rd conducted on Sahrani which was the seizure of the main airfield next to the capital of Paraiso. The rogue Chinese forces have been since then pushed off the island and their mission was uncovered. The Sahrani military was in the process of decommissioning their chemical weapons left over from the civil war and the Chinese managed to steal a good amount of it and flee the country. The rogue Chinese general Li Guang has been since spotted in Syria trying to sell the weapons to insurgent forces fighting the Syrian army. To prevent any type of usage of the chemical weapons the U.S. military deployed the 173rd Airborne to seize the insurgent captured airfield in southern Syria and establish a base of operations for the U.S. military. After a long month and a half of operations the insurgent forces have been cleared from southern Syria and the chemical weapons have been found and recovered by U.S. forces. Reserves system A month ago the 173rd Airborne implemented a Reserves system where players with less time on their hand can be and enjoy realism, milsim and roleplaying without having to be tied down by attendance requirements. Of course anyone joining the Reserves system cannot progress the same way through the unit so there are some restrictions set on how far you can go rank wise and how long it takes you to get there. The attendance requirements are very low and don't prevent you from attending every event one month and then only attending 2 or 3 events next month. The goal is to give people flexibility while still being able to experience what we do. If you are interested in there is more information below! Want to be a part of it? If you are interested in our operations and the unit please visit our website at www.173rd.us/enlist and consider enlisting. On the other hand if you are just interested in seeing our operations, you can go to our Youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/173rdairbornedivison and consider subscribing to easily follow our operations and other events!
  15. 173rdofficial

    Arma3 Videos