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    ADF Uncut

    This is there old forum post, this is the new one https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/185761-australian-defence-force-uncut/
  2. Would I make an ammobox.sqf and call that somehow ,
  3. How would I do that? thanks
  4. Now i'm trying to set up custom ammo boxes filled with certain ammo ? id=8; type="ADFU_weaponbox_f88"; class CustomAttributes { class Attribute0 { property="ammoBox"; expression="[_this,_value] call bis_fnc_initAmmoBox;"; class Value { class data { class type { type[]= { "STRING" }; }; value="[[[[""ADFU_F88SA1_fg"",""ADFU_f88sa2_fg"",""ADFU_f88sa2_camo_fg""],[5,5,5]],[[""ADFU_30Rnd_aug"",""ADFU_30Rnd_aug_TR"",""ADFU_30Rnd_aug_TY"",""ADFU_30Rnd_aug_TG"",""ADFU_30Rnd_aug_IR"",""ADFU_30Rnd_aug_mixed""],[100,30,30,30,30,30]],[[],[]],[[],[]]],false]"; }; }; }; Thanks for the help :rolleyes:
  5. Hi, I was wondering if anyone help do this from me can't seem to find anything like it I want ammo box spawner, so you go in game scroll wheel on something then spawn ammo box, ace medical, or any custom made ammo box
  6. I'm so confused atm is there an update or not, because i'm using playwithsix and it's version 0.9.9
  7. Hey Raid, how's things going mate?
  8. I'll post on playwithsix Forums see if it's a prolem with the program itself
  9. They are beautiful :cool: http://i.imgur.com/bLNPgVI.jpg (646 kB)
  10. He'll get around to it when he can, he did say earlier He's only got the clean version for now, we will just to wait for the next release :)
  11. Yes!!! thank you!!!! :yay: :yay:
  12. Thanks for the update, seems like a lot of work :butbut: But keep up the good work man looking forward to when it's done
  13. Hey there, just want to see how the project is gcoming along have seen anything for awhile :)
  14. I'm Still having a problem with the keys, re downloaded the mod on armaholic, and play with six, also re downloaded cba , still no luck, can we get a hotfix or something? Also in your next release are you planing on make custom backpacks with radios in them for TFR, like 3cdo gear Cheers ☺