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  1. hi, does anyone know how i activate the smoke generator of the Mi-2Ch and the sprayer of the Mi-2P? it should be activated by the ai. and are there some other scripts / commands for global mobilization?
  2. Eden Editor Manual
  3. sashaarma3

    Manual for Editor

    ok, thank you for the info!
  4. sashaarma3

    Manual for Editor

    hello, will be there ever a manual for the eden editor from the bohemia team? for all the function, how to use them etc. i mean, we have a nice 3d editor with so many function but we have to search every time in the forum or internet how to use them. and would it be possible to get more modules for not using so many scripts? like for the monitors / displays in the game when i want to see the video from an uav without a script. connecting the module with a monitor and uav and that's it. the bohemia team should be able to give us a good manual for the editor to create missions like they do. If they do so and it is really good explained, i would pay for it, even as dlc. kind regards sascha
  5. sashaarma3

    Waypoint Follow

    ok, thank you for the info.
  6. sashaarma3

    Waypoint Follow

    Hello, do anyone know for what this waypoint is? it does nothing, i tried some examples like took a vehicle and gave it a waypoint "move". than i took a helicopter and put the waypoint "follow" on the vehicle. the helicopter (or other vehicles) did not follow. so what's the point of this waypoint? kind regards sascha
  7. Hello, i open a new thread because i was not sure should i use the old thread that will be not read anymore and i sent a massage to dwarden but his last login was on january 5. I'm missing the module switch side that we had already in arma 3. Someone was posting this thread -> in 2014 but i'm sure i used the module "switch sides" last time in 2017. Maybe it's gone since an update, but can we have it back? Modules are very helpful for amateurs like me to create missions without using commands and scripts. And why are the examples for the modules gone? There was for every module a example with picture what it does and how to use. Best regards Sascha
  8. hi, i have a "feature", maybe caused by a mod, when i start a mission, every unit (or most units) change there weapon to a another one. when i searched in the internet for that "feature" i found out that a mod caused this (mod -> all the weapons), but i didn't subscribed this mod. has someone else this? do someone know how to deactivate this? edit: saw something else: everytime i change the gear like alice pack and put a silencer and explosives in it or put a silencer on the weapon, it changes back to default when i start the mission. the alice pack is still on the soldier's back but it's empty. no silencer or explosive or what ever i put in it, and the weapon changes to the default one. edit: i tried it with other units from other mods and with the original from arma. there is no this "back to default" thing. It seems it is only with the iraqi army unit. but should someone know about this, like how i prevent the unit changing back to default, pls let me know. tia
  9. sashaarma3

    Army of the Czech Republic A3 - ACR_A3

    hello, thanks for the acr mod for arma 3, i have this mod including cup and rhs. but...where is the rm-70?
  10. Hi, i missing the module "switch sides". why was this removed? will we get this back? or did we have another module for that? (couldn't find it) best regards sascha
  11. sashaarma3

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi, i want to make a mission where a mi-17 is on the ground with its engine on and open rear doors, when i right click on the heli and clock on the "garage" symbol and click on "open rear doors"-> ok, then the doors are still closed. I tried it with heli1 animateDoor ["Door_1_source", 1]; or animateDoor ["Door_LF", 1, true]; (and so on) but it does not work. can someone help me? thanks!
  12. hi, i miss the circle that changes the radius from the waypoint. when i set the placement and completion radius (e.g. 50 or 100 ect) then the circle of the waypoint doesn't change it's size. changing the radius has an effect for the ai in game, so it works, but i only see the small (standard) circle. btw: is there some problems with the ai and waypoints? 2 Soldiers (driver and passenger - single, not in the same group) should group with an another soldier, both have the same settings (waypoints with same options ect) but the driver does only stand around after both running to the "meeting". or a grouped machine gunner and officer (leader) are in a chopper and a car is attached to the chopper (sling load). the car will be unload, after that, both soldiers disembark from the chopper (after the chopper is landing). the machine gunner and the officer should get in the car and driving to the next waypoint, but only the machine gunner entered the car as a the driver and the officer is running back where they started (back to the base) and enters the helicopter again. what's going on? are there still many bugs? or is this caused by some mods like the cup mod (arma 2 with dlc ported to arma 3). there is a another problem too, when i have a chopper with the waypoint "load" and 2 units with the waypoint "getin" and i sync the waypoints (chopper "load" with both units "get in") then only 1 unit enters the chopper (always the last unit that i synced with the "load" waypoint), the other one is running to the next waypoint. At this time i tried this with the cup mods (units, vehicles, terrain,..) can i use the arma 2 cup mods for arma 3 or is there a problem? i prefer arma 2 more because it's playing in "our time", but i love arma 3 too because it has new things like eden editor, sling load, shooting from vehicles, better graphic, new physic ect. the combination of arma 2 and arma 3 is what i really want. or is it better i play arma 2 extra and arma 3 in original (without mods)? and for what is this waypoint "follow"? i tried some examples from other people but it never worked i hope this is understandable, english is not my native language. tia
  13. sashaarma3

    Tempest Device

    Ok thanks
  14. sashaarma3

    Tempest Device

    Hi. I have no idea what i can do with this tempest device? What can i do with this device and how does it work? (in Editor for e.g. a Mission) And how i can turn on the light on this device? (the yellow rotating light), i saw it in a video. Thanks