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    Faces of War [WW2]

    Loving the work that have been put into this mod with the level of detail. Is there any plans to have some retextures for the British uniforms for other commonwealth countries: like Canada? thanks and keep up the amazing work.
  2. andrewasedwards

    Brain freeze on uniform config.

    you have a space in your class name class DEVGRU_uniform_Desert TS: B_Soldier_base_F should be class DEVGRU_uniform_Desert_TS: B_Soldier_base_F and you also have it again further down class DEVGRU_uniform_Desert TS: Uniform_Base should be class DEVGRU_uniform_Desert_TS: Uniform_Base
  3. andrewasedwards

    Operation NorthStar (ONS)

    Sorry raven will add DDAM to the list ASAP . The list of vehicles are in the works as upcoming addons to the mod. Fluffershy I have sent you a PM. Andrew
  4. andrewasedwards

    Operation NorthStar (ONS)

    Big News[/size] coming with in the next 24 hours ...... STAND BY
  5. Hello, after installing the mod im getting a error i will load up the game and either join our server with ACE running on it, or launching the editor and placing a unit and hitting preview. i get to the point RIGHT before it shows your character then the game crashes and it says the fault module is ACE_Advanced_ballistics.dll i have tried the DLL in the root folder of arma 3 aswell and no joy. anyone have a idea on how to fix?
  6. andrewasedwards

    Operation NorthStar (ONS)

    hey no prob man we are glad to bringing back the mod after the years. stay tuned for Vehicle wip in the next few weeks/days. as for the C79 Elcan for sure will me 3D but also looking at a 2d version as well.
  7. andrewasedwards

    Operation NorthStar (ONS)

    Work in progress of the Canadian Soldiers in both Cadpat AR and TW Note: Weapons are also work in progress.
  8. andrewasedwards

    Operation NorthStar (ONS)

    Hey everyone, you may remember me as AASE was with ONS since ArmA so have been around for awhile. Standby for update with a Photo Album.......! ---------- Post added at 22:58 ---------- Previous post was at 22:56 ---------- and the wait is over... here is the Photo Album Here is the Photo album of our troops and a few guns...enjoy guys! http://imgur.com/a/UPtVM