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  1. Is it possible to port the Island Skira from Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising to Arma 3? And by the way, is someone already working on Skira? Thank you for all answers.
  2. Hello, after I was shot down in a multiplayer mission, although I deployed flares, I wondered if there are flight procedures to lower the chances to get hit. Is it good to fly a hard curve while deploying the flares or should I fly straight forward? Best regards reforger
  3. Great variety of vehicles and forces! I just wonder about the top speed of the Land Rover Defenders. They cannot drive faster than 64km/h.
  4. reforger

    KSK 2035

    The concept sounds really interesting, but what are you planning with the NH-90? Did not knew, that Bohemia will publish one. :huh: That is right, maybe I am just too spoiled. The things I miss are german flags and logos on vests and helmets and an armoured SUV. I will try it on my own with GIMP and we will see what I can do. :blink: Anyway good luck with your project!
  5. reforger

    KSK 2035

    Great work IndeedPete! I would suggest to add an officer named "Müller" as special character in the editor, so the Germans have a counterpart to "Miller". :D Do you have any futher plans for german addons? I personally would love to see the personal protection detachement (PSA - http://www.bundespolizei.de/Web/DE/05Die-Bundespolizei/04Einsatzkraefte/03GSG9/psa_anmod.html) of the german Federal Police on Tanoa to protect the embassor from the evil Syndikat. :o
  6. Great mod! I am really looking for it. Maybe some vests for federal agencies (DEA, FBI, ATF, ...) are missing in your concept. BUG: In the test version the pistols are not fitting into the holsters.
  7. The soldiers in your picture were not equipped with the IdZ-ES. They have the normal G36-A2 and not the new G36-A3. Also the soldier on the right side is using the normal IdZ vest. Maybe this picture is older, but the last contingents of the QRF/ASB (Quick Reaction Force/Ausbildungs- und Schutzbataillon) were equipped with the new IdZ-ES. Video of the german army about the QRF, where you can see the IdZ-ES in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Agp1BZmF33w
  8. Sorry guys, but I think you missunderstand the goal of the BW-Mod. I like Kaleuns work too and it is right, that the BW-Mod is not the fastest in the community, but you cannot compare these projects. The BW-Mod simulates the IDZ-ES infantry system (infantryman of the future-advanced system). This system is very new and will be the future of the german infantry: http://www.rheinmetall-defence.com/media/editor_media/rm_defence/publicrelations/bilder/Infanteristen.jpg. So they have other helmets, vests, weapons and vehicles. The Kleiderkammer represents the "old/actual" Bundeswehr. The stuff of this mod is/was used in the daily service (Feldbluse) or the deployments in the Kosovo: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/0d/Members_of_the_German_Operational_Reserve_Force_Battalion_provide_security_during_the_Kosovo_Force_(KFOR)_18_Mission_Rehearsal_Exercise_(MRE)_Jan._18,_2014,_at_the_Joint_Multinational_Readiness_Center_140118-A-LO967-003.jpg. Real fighting forces in actual battle zones are using the the IDZ-ES: http://cdn1.spiegel.de/images/image-778298-breitwandaufmacher-ghfb-778298.jpg It is good to have other german projects in the community, but the BW-Mod is still the project with the biggest variety of high quality content. By the way, cannot wait for the new vests too. ;)
  9. Ok, my fault. Seems I choosed the wrong word for the patch I am talking about. I talk about the european patches/insignias/flags you made for the EF-Units
  10. But the flag patches are only on one arm. :huh: Why this is no option for a MP-patch? It do not has to be on both arms.
  11. Will there ever be a final version of the camo? You are surprising us with a changed one every month. :D And by the way, do you have any further plans for the MPs? A MP-Patch for the uniforms similiar to the flag patches would be a nice addition. Also a few more different beretts for different troops (logistics, infantry, MPs, artillery, ...) would give the modification more depth. So keep it up!
  12. @vitamin Is the graphic with the weapons out of the Y-Magazine of the Bundeswehr? I already saw this, but I am not quite sure where. Here is another good graphic from this magazine about the structure and equipment of an KSK-assault squad: http://www.google.de/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=3&ved=0ahUKEwi_uu_p1dHJAhVDEXIKHZYKAF8QFggrMAI&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.y-punkt.de%2Fresource%2Fresource%2FMzEzNTM4MmUzMzMyMmUzMTM1MzMyZTM2MzEzMDMwMzAzMDMwMzAzMDY4NmM2YTM1MzU2NjMxMzYyMDIwMjAyMDIw%2FCenterfold_Kommandotrupp.pdf&usg=AFQjCNGDvEskxkJwqPs0jHjpLVjVEdZnLA&sig2=lQAfCFfpAMSxpve3AwaH-g
  13. At the moment you are only using the normal camo, but the KSK often uses Multicam (http://abload.de/img/ksk14ilse2.jpg) too. It would give the mod more "variety" and would differ the SF from the normal troops.
  14. Great work! The pics are nice and it is good to have more german mods, even the XM-8 on the pic is not used in the german army. ;) But I would suggest to expand your work: With all the textures and vehicles you already made, you could also create other units with less work. "Kampfschwimmer (KS)" - german navy divers for special operations at coasts and on ships "Fallschirmjäger-Erweiterte Grundbefähigung (EGB)" - special trained paratrooper for support of Special Forces "Grenzschutzgruppe 9 (GSG 9)" - counter-terrorism-unit of the german Federal Police That could become a great "German Special Forces Package". Anyway, keep it up!
  15. Really great! I always wanted the Tpz in Arma 3. I am not quite sure, but wasn´t the 1A6 still amphibious? Later they removed this function, because the protection became to heavy, but it would be nice to have this feature. Best regards reforger
  16. reforger

    German Police Mod

    Nice mod! But I have to suggest a few things: The siren is way to harvest! It is useless, if you cannot hear it 5m away from the vehicle. The option to holster the pistol would be nice. There are several other mods with this option and I know a code to get this option in the editor (do not know if it is possible to import it in a mod). Could you also made a few reskins for the Zoll (german customs)? Best regards reforger
  17. Hello, one little question: How is the normal BIS-rangefinder working with ace? The normal keys for the ACE-rangefinder do not work.
  18. reforger

    Medium Utility Helicopters

    Sounds great! Did you already created a WIP-thread?
  19. For the Air Force Security Forces I would suggest the normal uniform with lighter equipment. So no helmet and no big HMGs. A Landrover with special air field marks would be nice too. For the special forces multicam or some of the camos yevgeni89 suggested could fit. In the beta were no groups. Will you add them in the main release? Are you planning only military SFs or also SF for the Garde Republicane (like GIS)? Anyway, great work !
  20. reforger

    Medium Utility Helicopters

    I remember that some users discused a german SAR-texture for the UH-1D (http://www.rth.info/sar71/chr29/grafiken/aktuell.einsatz.2005.ph-othmarschen.p3.jpg) in the WIP-thread. Are you working on something like this? That would be awesome!
  21. reforger

    [SP/Coop 04] Contention Zone

    Maybe I am just to dumb, but I am not able to find this radio. Pls. help me! :( EDIT: I found it! :D It was really buggy to get it.
  22. reforger

    Takistan bases by Donbass

    Now I was able to test it and I have to say this is really great work! Clean placing and many nice details. Keep it up!
  23. Hi, I currently using the official ace version from the steam workshop. Everytime I try to load an editor mission with ace activated it says that "ace advanced ballistics" is not installed. I already reinstalled ace from the workshop, but it does not help. Does anyone know what the problem might be?
  24. reforger

    Takistan bases by Donbass

    Just wanted to test it, but now it says that map.eu is missing. All requirements are double checked. EDIT: Further investigations showed that also RHS_USF is required.
  25. Orientated on the names of the F35-squadrons, I would suggest something like "Vipers" (toxic snake in italy) or "sharks".