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  1. Hi! Since after one of the new eden updates, me and my friend's Arma 3 starts to randomly crash due to ""The instruction at xxxxxxxx referenced memory at 0x xxxxxxxx. The memory could not be written." This have never occurred before and now it's happening every time i play. It occurs randomly 10-30 min once i'm playing on a vanilla multiplayer game (No mods). Sometimes it also crashes after i have selected a team (bluefor, indi, oppfor) What happened is that out of the blue, arma 3 stops responding (not the windows type "Arma 3 is not responding" but the game just freezes with and error sound from windows.) Then if you try to alt tab/ctrl + shift + esc / ctr + alt + delete the screen becomes gray/black with only the mouse on it. You can move the mouse/pointer but not do anything else than restart your computer. (alt + f4 does also not work) One thing i have noticed is that if i exit the launcher once Arma 3 is launched, my computer doesn't "crash" but just the game itself.. I have also googled this error, i saw a lot of people also having this issue, but it was from 2015 mostly. And none of the tips fixed the issue :blink: Sorry for the bad English & stuffs, but yeah. Anyone else have this error or have a solution? Thanks! :( :)