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  1. Nice! will look into the instructions this week and try to compile it myself.
  2. Yeah, it does not work :( I hope dev can come up with an update, or that I manage to find the soiution.
  3. How you managed to do it? I've got a few modifications to the extension (disabling check for HTTP as I use HTTPS, and creation of some missing folders). I can build it just fine for X86, but when building in x64, I can build it but later it doesn't work.
  4. Fixed, this time I'm sure I enabled auth '^^
  5. Hi Major. Sorry, i totally fucked it up. Yes, the headers are now OK, but you miss the "Basic" from then authorization header, thus giving an auth error now. I thought it was OK but I didn't realize I had auth disabled for the test. A bad request im the latest beta A good one (old one) Notice the Basic info
  6. Yay! fixed perfectly. Question, will this change be integrated in the stable version "soon"?
  7. Here is what Apache is complaining for. This is a good request And a bad request Notice how a good request ends header with \r\n http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5757290/http-header-line-break-style
  8. Hi Major_shepard I'm having a bit of trouble setting up an HTTP repo with password authentication. It gives me a 400 error from apache when trying to get the sync file. From debug error logs,I get this Thu Mar 16 13:54:28.067204 2017] [core:debug] [pid 3096:tid 1812] protocol.c(1151): [client XX.XX.XX.XX:22127] AH02427: Request header value is malformed: Basic cmVwb1NUMTpwYXRhdGE=\r [Thu Mar 16 13:54:28.067204 2017] [core:debug] [pid 3096:tid 1812] protocol.c(1312): [client XX.XX.XX.XX:22127] AH00567: request failed: error reading the headers Access logs XX.XX.XX.XX - - [16/Mar/2017:13:50:01 +0100] "GET /repoA3/.a3s/sync HTTP/1.1" 400 286 "-" "ArmA3Sync" If I disable the password authentication, it works perfectly. I'm able to browse the site using a normal broswer with passwd auth. I've captured data with wireshark and I don't get were may be the problem, both requests (browser and arma3sync seem legit.) I'm using Apache/2.4.25 (Win32) OpenSSL/1.0.2j PHP/5.6.30 on a windows server 2012. BTW, it fails using arma3sync locally or on a different machine.Running both latest JDK version 1.8.XX Any ideas??
  9. Relax people. I'm asking this twice just to make sure, as I'm having some crashes in Arma when having both mods enabled. Wanted to make extra sure. And yeah, I read plenty of posts a day, I think it is not a capital penalty to ask twice.
  10. What about Enhaced Sound Landscape
  11. Zriel

    Pooter's enhanced ASR AI

    Dunno, I know that if you change anything in the PBO, it has to be signed again, though I have never compared the checksums to see if there was any difference, As for signing, I use the DS utils from Arma3 Tools
  12. Zriel

    Pooter's enhanced ASR AI

    Latest update does not have the main PBO signed. Just saying XD
  13. Is there a way to make DAC NOT SPAWN any more units that X? For example, make a mission, multiple DAC zones, but never have more than 50 AI spawmed in all DAC zones¿ If it is not possible, maybe some variables I could check in order to include this in DAC. Thanks in advance.
  14. Zriel

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Another video of the Zombies in work. Half of the players weren't aware that there would be zombies in the mission and how they worked, so it lead to very funny moments! This also shows how well they work now in conjuction with ACE Advanced medical Mind the audio is in Spanish, as we are from Spain. Thanks Ryan and Sanchez for the wonderful work!