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    [SP] Ravage - A Mission

    First off, cosmic10r, fantastic job!!! I had only played the 'demo' version of Ravage beforehand and 'A Mission' is an excellent mission based off that. Before I talk about issues, Arma, CBA, and Ravage are all updated through Steam. I used the no fog with walkers version downloaded on page 4. Used no other mods. I also have no idea if these issues are caused by Arma, Ravage, and/or A Mission itself. In no particular order... 1) the no fog version worked great on day 1, so-so on day 2 and reverted back to the fog version by day 3 and beyond. 2) lots of guns found in all the various 'stashes', but no ammo included. Not a big deal, until I realized that there were no mags/clips ever found unless in bandit camps (faction specific stuff and of course, on corpses). Seems strange to find these 'better' guns about, but no ammo to use them? On a side note, I did find around 431 pairs of binoculars, however!!! 3) no attachments ever found, except for flashlights. The end game enemies did have extra attachments, but not needed by that point. 3) the heli crash sites all had empty 'drops'. I only searched 3 or 4 total, they each had 2 containers dropped around the site, but nothing inside. The vehicle ammo drops did work. 4) about half way through the 6+ day mission, I realized that the zombies were harmless. They would attack once (did no damage) and then hibernate for the lack of a better term. 5) I couldn't repair vehicles or take stuff off of them. Never an option of the mouse wheel despite having what I needed and double clicking didn't work, either. Had to rely on my AI teammate to repair. 6) couldn't refuel my vehicle. Again, never an option. I could siphon gas from other vehicles or the pumps, however. 7) two of the photos lead to the same South-Eastern bandit camp. I took what I needed and 'destroyed' it once, didn't go back the second time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyways, this is a great mission despite those small problems. This world feels very alive. I appreciate you (and haleks) sharing your creation with us!!! I completed it. Took around 22 hours. 2 of the laptops were lucky discoveries, the 3rd took forever to find. Saved 3 fellow soldiers and 3 or 4 civilians. Discovered 2 army graves and 5 or 6 civi graves. Found 3 photos that led to bandit camps, a record or 2 each for the human skin info and O'Neil's info. 2 of my AI teammates KIA Various medals. Score in the low 3000s. I reverted around 30 times...friendly fire was number one killer of myself and especially teammate AI. Would love another mission to get O'Neil himself!?!?
  2. Awesome campaign, man, really enjoyed it! Here are some issues and some questions... I'm trying to find and play all the possible endings and I'll comment more on them later.
  3. Hi Lato, I'd like to give your campaign a go, but do you have a non steam link for DL? I found a 1.02 link on Armaholics(???), but when I tried to play it there was an error where it wouldn't 'show' in the campaign list.
  4. Awesome work, man, this is a lot of fun! I have ran into a problem, however... I'm running ARMA 1.26, no Mods, and my first time playing was your .91 Beta Campaign. With .91 when I had to choose to stay or leave ION, if I left I could continue playing. If I stayed on with ION, once I went to the briefing, the game went to a permanent black screen. Only way out was 'ESC' and it brought me back to the ARMA3 main screen. Tried 'reverting' but it made no difference. But, you just happened to release .92 Beta that next morning. DL'ed that and tried 'reverting' again and it worked! I was able to continue. Another issue has come up, however. When playing 'BadAss One', the CAS jet always crashes into the sea. I tried lasing multiple targets, calling CAS and jet crashes. Tried one lase and jet crashed. Tried not lasing anything and jet crashed. I've tried controlling the jet, but it always nose dives into the water. I tried doing other missions beforehand, but it's made no difference. Perhaps I'm not doing this mission incorrectly????
  5. ballard_44

    [SP] In Our Time (Campaign) v1.05

    This is really top notch...I burned through it in an afternoon as I just had to keep going! Some things that could be improved upon... Note that these could just be ARMA related issues and perhaps not solvable. I'm using ARMA 1.26 with no mods Caught In A Trap Biggest issue was storming the building that had 7 -10 AAF guys inside guarding it in the military complex. They were almost completely non responsive to my attack. I opened the door, saw a dude and threw a couple of grenades. Peeked inside saw some more guys who completely ignored the grenades and took them out 1 by 1 and not one turned to fight. Same with the others who were guarding the smaller rooms. Not one of them came out to see what the hell was going on. No Grave This was a challenging map and I loved it thoroughly! Really looking forward to seeing what happens next!
  6. Had to post just to let you how how much fun this campaign is. Really enjoy the story and all the 'cinematics' you have put in...any praise you receive is well deserved! Here's some feedback...please understand that I know nothing about ARMA3 coding, so some of these could just be ARMA related. weeks later - contact - contact part 2 - the picture - Finally, the weapon pool problem. During the course of 'Weeks Later', I gathered and stored lots of stuff in the lock box at the hideout. Figured I could use it later. Well, before proceeding with 'contact' and 'the picture' there was little or nothing. Unless I missed it somehow, I had no chance of changing my loadout on 'contact'. I did have all the stuff I had from the previous mission, however. And like I mentioned earlier, the stuff available in 'the picture' was WAY off and got even worse when I reverted the mission. Getting that all fixed would be nice. Anyways, a really fun time, man. I really enjoy your story telling and missions!