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  1. @NeoArmageddon Hello after the last patch of Arma the dialogs have ceased to operate and everything goes off-site , Do you have any solution for this? , I really like this editor:) , thanks
  2. pakitoesp

    FPS drops when i look to my building

    @PuFu Thanks my problem is fixed , now al models works fine and nothing FPS drops and all visual lods fixed, the shadows also work , very simple but work , is for a project multiplayer i need performance , thanks to @Mickyleitor and @djotacon for your help for MP , thanks to everyone for the help
  3. pakitoesp

    FPS drops when i look to my building

    It is true right now fix it, with the problem of the fps had not yet put attention to shadows , now I will fix everything and put my results here , thanks for your suport
  4. pakitoesp

    FPS drops when i look to my building

    The visual lod of the samples A3 is empty, that's why I did not put anything here and the lod geo I have this :
  5. pakitoesp

    FPS drops when i look to my building

    Shadows are very simple generated from a cube in blender ,and sections i imported with the 3D model Edit : find this post , try to delete sections firts ty https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/201948-windows-and-sections/
  6. I've created this building pack (Ported 12 buildings from 3D models turbosquid) and I have a problem. Whenever I look to them, the framerate drops. Ive created buildings before and I had no problem with them. The new buildings in the pack have less than 30.000 faces and the RPT doesn't show any non covex geometry errors or any error . Somebody knows the reason?? Thanks
  7. ok solved ,finally my hard drive died ,install everything on another hard drive and 100% ok thanks.
  8. Hey good afternoon guys , i have a little problem with my terrain , bulldozer in terrain builder only shows unbinarized objects , all bin objects nothing , any idea why that happens? I have tried other map sources of armaholic and the same thing happens , only show unbinarized objects ... https://gyazo.com/16a9fe3619dd2bbcd4cb77bee1e4cf92 Reinstall all tools , instal a3p , delete all mods of folder etc etc... :( Thanks. Only have this in rpt buldozer 20:59:03 SteamAPI initialization failed. Steam features wont's be accessible! 20:59:03 Splash window: Unable to load config file: dta\splashwindow.bin
  9. pakitoesp

    LOD geometry question

    Hey hola Miky ¡¡ , the only thing I have not defined in geo lod is a map = fence , i am going to try this and tell you , thanks :)
  10. pakitoesp

    LOD geometry question

    I know, so this in my setup but it continues to fall to the ground, if I put it as map object https://i.gyazo.com/84d96219eef9b7d23b63dd5d2de59024.png Thank you , I am going to check everything again if I have something left
  11. pakitoesp

    LOD geometry question

    Many thanks to the two , solved , now other question in my custom map ,photo : https://i.gyazo.com/4d51cde98b184d85bd2142b5d058c629.jpg i created new fences but I cannot do not fall to floor , proved to change in name properties of geometry damage = no , all parameters is same of the arma 3 ..... , but the object when I play with a vehicle falls to the ground , i would like it to be as some concrete walls of arma 3 that are indestructible when they are placed with terrain builder example : https://i.gyazo.com/d7307315e79216dab52838514e1c4cb0.jpg Any idea so my walls or other construcction do not fall to the ground when the vehicle hit them? Thanks guys , and sry for my bad english lol
  12. pakitoesp

    LOD geometry question

    When I do a bucket for the geometry in the vertex they are not seen as in this image Example: I need so https://gyazo.com/a06aaf63efe6516f42ad5bd0e70465e6 And so are when i do https://gyazo.com/a46d7ff0bf0b5f41393bd3a9b5ad6aa4
  13. Hello good days , I am doing a house , and I would like to know as I do so that the vertices of the geometries are as in the samples , I searched the option but I am not able to find how to do this , I created the geometry phys and I would like to transfer to the lod of geometry but I cannot find the option to leave the vertices as seen in the picture , thanks
  14. pakitoesp

    ArmA 3 Custom Buildings

    Thank you very much, arma 3 tools was outdated .
  15. pakitoesp

    ArmA 3 Custom Buildings

    First thanks for your great work ,I have a problem with the new version, changed all files in P but when I put some object crash , the map it's clean without objects, it is only when I put an object of the new version, if put the previous version all perfect , any idea why is this happening?