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  1. We figured out several objects that are causing the FPS issues, The next update will add these optimisations.
  2. The fix is coming in the next update as our custom trees didn't have class names which is needed for most scripts
  3. We are going to be adding the SimulWeather as a seperate optional Pbo withing the project. We are still trying to get the perfect balance of ambient animals on the map. With the addition of our rats.
  4. Already useing apex assests :/
  5. Already fixed in update to be released at 23:00 GMT
  6. Would defiently be interested in using something like that. The clutter colour blend should make it work nicely. Only if BI could fix the watershader which has plagued arma 3 since release. I did see they had plans to add ponds to altis but i guess that got axed.
  7. Thank you for the comment, and the Screenshot Looks Amazing!!! <3
  8. The Abandoned Vehicle have been specially placed in a lot of areas to force players into a alternative route, giving it more diversity. Not just being stuck on a empty road. Also gives to ability for players to setup ambushes so taking a short route may come at higher risk. We are trying to give the players more control over unique situations. For example the tunnel has a side dirt road past all the wrecks but taking that short route slows you down instead of taking a longer route into the country side. There have been some wreck taht have been removed, however for the community there is no way to remove them unless there are certain vehicles really becoming a problem with players trying to drive.
  9. Time to go back to that old Arma 2 feel, with Arma 3 detailing
  10. No its Not, I think i took the screenshot to quickly when i went to the objects, as the road texture hasn't loaded correctly. My Fault, should of waited.
  11. Its not meant to be knee to waist height grass, but getting the right values with the correct model are a pain in the arse. Damage Decal Example
  12. Thank you, Trying to give the Arma Community something been missing for to long. Understandable, Were not finalised with the ground clutter (Grass and plant) Still needs alot of tweaking, we are working on that. Retexturing the roads is coming to be a must soon, However were going to limit the damage on the texture as it getting repeated the same everywhere is very boring. So we have a array of decals we have made if you see on the trello to make damage on the road where needed.
  13. Visual Update New Lighting New Water Elektrozavodsk Rework Preview Reconfigured Clouds Recoloured Trees New Ground Textures Updates Sat Map
  14. This is a Map... Not a game mode.
  15. The link still works?? Attention to detail