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  1. I'm sorry if this was addressed a thousand times before, but AI in ACE 3 seems to be ridiculously horrible when shooting RPG's. It's a lot better in vanilla. Any way to fix this besides tinkering with the aiming skill of a bot?
  2. general_motors


    This doesn‘t seem to be a direct competitor to ArmA. From what I've seen this seems to deal with grand strategic simulation of warfare. While typical ArmA gameplay is 50v50 battle in mp or combined arms special operation with one squad sneaking against the unaware AI base or directly assaulting and clearing it, I don‘t see it in this beast – the game is not detailed for that kind of thing, well, at least graphics-wise, haha :) It‘s hard to understand why soldiers are so clunky – is it because the project needs more time to develop, or is it intentionally to sacrifice for the quality of the large-scale battle simulation performance. And anyway... to motivate/push ArmA (competition etc etc), like some people hope here, they need at least to release this game for the public. Their webpage states that it’s for the military and some companies only. So yeah, ArmA is still alone and seems to remain so for the time being. P.S.: Absolutely disagree about the necessity of ultra-large maps for ArmA. Altis is already damn huge, I think 270-300 sq. km of good quality detailed map is pretty enough, no?
  3. Well the answer is in your question. It is easy to guess that people were expecting “true ArmAâ€, maximum freedom, non-FPSy gameplay with the emphasis on gameplay rather than on story and visuals etc. I think the main disappointment veiled behind all these reprimands is that campaign is not SP-friendly after all. When you see “Solo†button, even when you know initially that development team has elaborated co-op missions, you kinda startle – “Well there is SP after all!â€. And you open it, and you play it, and then you understand that this is not the thing. In my opinion the major sentiment is this one, at least in my case it was.
  4. general_motors

    Rate Apex Protocol! *****SPOILERS WARNING*****

    I wonder why Solo mode is so crude and raw. It seems the devs decided kind of to force people play it in co-op, but come on man, there are a lot of people who prefer SP, and ArmA is known for being SP-friendly. If that's the case why is this "solo" in the game at all? Still hoping that in the foreseeable future solo mode will be improved, because solo gameplay in this state as it is now in this campaign is ridiculously dull.
  5. general_motors

    Battlefield 1

    Agreed. In my eyes modern war always has the edge in gaming (I mean FPS, in strategy games its kind of debatable) over the representation of historical conflicts, but in these years the Europe commemorates the centenary of WW1 so the attention to this topic is going to be (and is now) on the rise in many layers of media, so the emergence of games such as BF1 or Verdun is (maybe) a part of general trend
  6. general_motors

    Bingo Fuel is impossible?

    ROFL, you got me :D 6 months is a decent adaptation time. Just give me a chance.
  7. general_motors


    Can somebody explain me why Insurgency is considered a TACTICAL shooter? From what I’ve experienced it is arcade as hell. And I’m not talking about people I played with, I’m talking about how the game actually plays and feels. With right people you can play lets say Bad Company 2 really tactically. Insurgency’s pace is way too high, soldier’s movements cartoonish, too much depends on pure reflexes rather than on decisions and planning. So it’s basically run-and-gun casual business minus HUD minus hit markers plus a little bit longer gun reload time. SWAT4 is a tactical shooter. ArmA is a tactical shooter. Verdun is way more tactical and intense. The opinion that Insurgency is “one of the most realistic combat representation out there†is very popular, which causes really intense facepalm. It is just fun decent arcade game. My personal wish – please, slow the goddamm pace :( This game should be called “Usain Bolt clones fighting in Sinjarâ€.
  8. general_motors

    Battlefield 1

    Battlefield One? The Great War setting... Thank you EA. I play a lot of Verdun these days, and you know what? Verdun is a brilliant game. Battlefield however... how about "no, thanks"?
  9. general_motors

    Bingo Fuel is impossible?

    It's already 6 months I cannot complete this mission :D The denouement of ArmA III campaign will remain forever a mystery for me, courtesy of Bingo Fuel.
  10. general_motors

    Disappointed with lack of Interactability on Tanoa

    Tanoa is a very very very OK terrain. I would restrain myself from making such sweeping statements like "the best BIS map ever". The general atmosphere is fantastic, panoramas and whatnot... The detail... depends. E.g. the electricity sign on the electricity boxes becomes so blurred at close distance (1-2 m) that it becomes hardly recognizable. Advertisement signs, shop signs and other billboards, when you look at them, they are kinda "loading" a few seconds, initially they are blurred, and sometimes remain so if the distance is greater than 20-30 m. It seems somebody has even addressed the issue somewhere over the forum. With regard to enterable buildings, I was not surprised at all. It was announced waaaay back then. Initially I was disappointed after that SITREP, but it seems they've concentrated their effort on the "feel" of the map - atmosphere, style, outlook of the buildings etc. They delivered on that, thooough the map is maybe too "civilian-esque" (BIS had Life-mod in mind while elaborating Tanoa?). I was also thinking what if the creators of Lingor or N'Ziwasogo would take some of the buildings and flora from Tanoa and implement these in their maps? That would be great.
  11. general_motors

    [SiC] Cache Hunt - Tanoa

    Interesting locations you've found there, ideal shacks to construct rebel hideout around them in 3den. Nice walk through the jungle too. Thanks for the content.
  12. general_motors

    EDEN - Questions

    "Independent faction friendly/hostile" function seems to be removed from the "Intel" section, where can I find it now?
  13. general_motors

    Breaking Even - Neutralize Guards

    The aforementioned solutions do not work; for me at least. Just when a squadmate-AI fires the first shot (or when I do it by myself), you hear Slingshot's rant about staying undetected and all that stuff. It is not about hitting and missing or the time gap between neutralizing the second target and the first one, it is after the first damn shot. Did recent updates change something, or is it ASR AI mod that messes things up?
  14. general_motors

    Which is your favourite ArmA game?

    Favourite ArmA game? ArmA II and OFP. It is really strange, but I still play OFP today. It has this feeling of horrific and merciless war going on there; moreover, it seems that there are more mods than for all three ArmA games combined (sounds good, right?). It’s a pleasure to play Dynamic Afghanistan or Dynamic Libya with weapons/units/vehicles/sound and AI enhancement mods. I am not even talking about official BIS missions and campaigns, they are thrillers. Characters, feeling, suspense, war-torn region and churches in the middle of it. Masterpiece. Then we have ArmA II (with, let’s say, A.C.E.) It is one more masterpiece in the series. Endless features and unmatched authenticity, true simulator. A great atmosphere too, with this post-Soviet country. It is really funny to think now how bad it was at the moment of its release, seemed like a total failure :D Armed Assault is just OK. But how should I put it… it is like without a spine. I don’t even remember the main campaign. BUT. Sahrani is really one of the most original maps BIS has ever created, with this demilitarized zone, climate zones shift, different architecture etc. ArmA III is an interesting experiment, and a bunch of beautiful mods have been already released, but it is still too early to judge. Let’s wait. Nonetheless, IMO ArmA III eventually won’t leave that much legacy, will see...
  15. general_motors

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    I hope it will be Cyprus, which, as we know, is divided in half by long-lasting yet frozen conflict (so it is really in the spirit of ArmA games :) ). A lot of possibilities, interesting places, diverse terrain. The ghost town of Varosha, abandoned after the Turkish invasion, would be really cool to see in the game. As for armies and weapons - Turkish Armed Forces for the OPFOR. Various British or American branches of their Armed Forces (or even European Union - there was a talk recently to create unified EU military - EUFOR), of course with all the weapons and vehicles in use today - for BLUFOR. For Independent side it would be polite Russian bankers and investors in bulletproof formal suits. Just joking. Anyway thank you BIS for the great news and looking forward to your new terrain.