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  1. Hello, I'm using the actions surrender command found here https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Actions#Surrender. I'm able to get it to work and what I've also done is add an action to the surrendered unit called "Secure Prisoner" using the addaction command. The "Secure Prisoner" command then causes the surrendered unit to join the unit performing the action, however, the surrendered unit is frozen and unable to follow its new group. I've tried to enable AI using the enableai command but it's not working an I've had no luck with searches. Would anyone like to help me out? Thanks in advance :-)
  2. I can't start a new project with Reforger tools. Each time I try I get this error... "Arma Reforger project not found. Please locate the project manually" It then opens my file explorer for me to look for a .gproj file. I've searched everywhere and have found some but it always says... "This is not the Arma Reforger project. Please try a different one." I've tried verifying the integrity as well as uninstalling and reinstalling Reforger Tools but the issue persists. Any help is very much appreciated.
  3. FIXED: Had to reinstall the Arma Reforger game also.
  4. Hello, I'm trying to get this to work for me but I'm surely missing something simple. How do I load a previously saved database after my server is shutdown? The ini file is still there, but the read functions give me no results until I create a new database and start from scratch. It appears as though the data is saved in missionnamespace which is completely rewritten each time the server is shut down. Furthermore, I would also like to get two servers to share data from a single ini file or at least allow each server to read the same file if not write. Loadfile and preprocess don't work for what I want because I'm unable to rewrite the file while Arma has it in use and see no way to stop it using it other than to shut the server down. Any help is very much appreciated.
  5. Hello, what I'm trying to do is when an enemy AI surrenders, have them drop their weapons on the ground by using and addaction "Secure Prisoner" command. Of course, I could use "Remove allweapons" but this just deletes the weapons but I'd like to be able to confiscate the weapons for me to use. I've also used the action "dropweapon" but that causes a lengthy animation where the AI first aims the weapon as if ready to fire before slowly throwing the weapon out which reduces immersion. What I'd like to happen is the exact thing that happens when a player goes into inventory by pressing "i" and then moves a weapon to the ground. I don't need animations, I just need the enemy to be disarmed and have their weapons available for me to pickup off of the ground. Is this possible? As always, any help from the extremely smart community here is very much appreciated :-)
  6. I was so excited about the information you guys have provided that I forgot to properly thank you gentlemen. GC8, you answered my question perfectly and gave me the solution I needed to move forward. Johnnyboy, you provided some additional information which I have used. That code works fantastic and I have modified it to suit my scenario. Both of you have helped me tremendously and are two very valuable pieces of this awesome community. Thank you again :-)
  7. That did it! Thanks so much, Drymoon :-)
  8. Hello, I'm fairly new at multiplayer scripting on dedicated servers. I just learned that some commands don't work on dedicated servers so I've just been trying to cover every basis to make sure my scripts work on dedicated by using both publicvariable and publicvariableserver for every variable I create. I'm now getting to where I have so many variables I'm worried that I may be unnecessarily affecting performance by adding both of these commands to each variable. Would someone like to clarify this for us? Does publicvariableserver only send the variable to the server or does it also send the variable to each client computer as well as the server? Any info is appreciated very much :-)
  9. Excellent information from all three of you. You guys are fantastic, I should have asked a long time ago. Thank you so much! I guess I should ask one more question to avoid making more work for myself again. I know it's complex and I will likely have to learn a lot and make decisions myself but is there any info you can offer about what type of commands should only be broadcast on the server?
  10. Hello, I I am using an entitykilled mission eventhandler how to run a custom radio message each time a certain unit gets a Kill. Everything is working fantastic accepted that I would like to have a delay before the radio message gets played. I've been trying to use sleep and it is not working. Does anyone know how to get sleep to work with entitykilled or perhaps a viable alternative to achieve the results of getting a delay before a radio message after a certain unit gets a Kill? Any help is very much appreciated, as always :-)
  11. I stand corrected. This works for sleep. Thanks so much guys :-) addMissionEventHandler ["entityKilled", { _this spawn { params ["_killed", "_killer", "_instigator"]; //If we don not have an instigator, where we controlling a UAV if (isNull _instigator) then {_instigator = UAVControl vehicle _killer select 0}; //If we still do not have an instigator use killer instead if (isNull _instigator) then {_instigator = _killer}; if (vehiclevarname _killer isEqualTo "plane_1" and _killed isKindOf "CAManBase" and side group _killed isEqualTo east) then {p_1 addscore 1}; if (vehiclevarname _killer isEqualTo "plane_1" and _killed isKindOf "CAManBase" and side group _killed isEqualTo independent and [west, independent] call BIS_fnc_sideIsenemy) then {p_1 addscore 1}; }];
  12. Still no luck :-( It says it got string while expecting array. I don't think I've given you enough information. Here is the full script. addMissionEventHandler ["entityKilled", { _this spawn { params ["_killed", "_killer", "_instigator"]; //If we don not have an instigator, where we controlling a UAV if (isNull _instigator) then {_instigator = UAVControl vehicle _killer select 0}; //If we still do not have an instigator use killer instead if (isNull _instigator) then {_instigator = _killer}; if (vehiclevarname _killer isEqualTo "plane_1" and _killed isKindOf "CAManBase" and side group _killed isEqualTo east) then {p_1 addscore 1}; if (vehiclevarname _killer isEqualTo "plane_1" and _killed isKindOf "CAManBase" and side group _killed isEqualTo independent and [west, independent] call BIS_fnc_sideIsenemy) then {p_1 addscore 1}; }];
  13. I appreciate all of your help very much. I'm still having no luck with this and am getting multiple errors. My code is fine without the additions. Here's what I'm doing. addMissionEventHandler ["entityKilled", [_this select 0, _this select 1, _this select 2] spawn { params ["_killed", "_killer", "_instigator"]; <lines of code>; sleep 2; <other lines of code>};
  14. Thank you very much for the response, Pierremgi. I do get one error when I use this. "Error Undefined variable in expression: this". Might you be be able to help me with that?
  15. Hello, I need a script to allow me to move a unit to the nearest object of a certain type. I believe the answer is nameofunit move {nearestobject [position nameofunit, "land_pencilred_f"]} I tried this with "land_pencilred_f" being the classname of the objects that I'd like my unit to move to the nearest pencil to his current location. No luck so far but any help is much appreciated :-)
  16. LOL, yes, I should clarify that in case someone has a better idea on how to accomplish it. This is a sector control type feature where ai units that are spawned in constantly assault the closest enemy sector to their location. Because "objects" are the only entity I've been able to detect the closest to the unit of, I've created a blu pencil at each blufor controlled sector and a red pencil at each opfor. Then, I create a waypoint using "addwaypoint" on the nearest blue or red pencil to the unit to make them constantly assault the closest enemy held sector. Pretty sloppy. Perhaps there is a better way.
  17. I think you're right, Tankbuster. The only trouble I'm having is that I cannot decide exactly which features I would like to implement more than others as that would depend on not only the importance of having the feature but also on the effect the feature would have on performance. With that being said, my current plan is to figure out how to create as many features as possible that I've dreamed about over the years and I'm saving only so many features to each project. When all is done I will try to combine all of the projects to create the ultimate military gaming experience, but I expect that performance might be bad after I do that so I might end up have to combine my 8 projects of features to 4 separate game modes instead of one, for example, if that makes sense. I've spent many years, actually 10+, trying to create a playable mission or game mode out of each project before something would stop me whether it was regular life, boredom, or simply coming up with a better game mode idea and moving on. This time, I think I've finally found my solution to that longtime problem in that I'm focusing on each project as a feature or collection of features then I will combine all or certain features to make one or more epic game modes or missions later. I hope that makes sense but if you still have info that may help me accomplish my goal I am definitely listening and I appreciate every piece of information you're willing to share with me.
  18. I believe "godsend" is a great word for that wiki page. That page will come very much in handy for my current project. Thanks again, Phronk! Thank you, Tankbuster. I'm going to need it very much, lol. WOW! I don't know what else to say. Just wow and thank you for sharing this extremely valuable intel that not only I but I'm sure nearly everyone in this community will benefit from. You are an extremely valuable asset to this awesome community, PierreMGI! In conclusion, without trying to sound too much like a thankful drama queen, I feel extremely lucky to be a part of such a unique and beautiful thing as the Arma Editing Community. For many years I've been reading and studying posts in this forum, as I would start promising projects and then end them when the demands of regular life became too strong to justify the benefits of completing the project. Only very recently did I get far enough on a project that I would be motivated to start my own threads and the friendly responses I've gotten that are so extremely brilliant and helpful have just about brought a tear to my eye. I'm just a nerd with a GED from Detroit, Michigan, but with the knowledge I've developed over the years thanks to you, this AMAZING community, I will actually be able to develop my dream Authentic Interactive military gaming experience that I've craved since I first got into online military gaming 15 years ago in 2002. Here's to this awesome platform we have from the one of a kind Bohemia Interactive Studios, here's to what we've created in this amazing community in the last 15 years, and here's to what we and BIS still have yet to create in the future (drinks shot of Cognac). Again, please forgive the dramatics, but I really mean every word straight from the heart. Thank you
  19. Thank you for the input, HazJ. This is for a multiplayer game mode on dedicated server that will be extremely demanding by design. As a matter of fact, I'm expecting to push it beyond what would allow good performance and then cut corners where necessary to get acceptable performance out of the game mode on servers and clients with high end systems. With that being said, your input on allMissionObjects could be very useful. I will make note of that in case I suffer performance issues when everything is complete and once again I appreciate very much the information you've shared with me and the community.
  20. You guys are amazing! All three of you have helped me immensely. Great information for me, Tajin. I think I will use that in my mission. You guys have a great day :-)
  21. Oh man, guys. I made a mistake. I thought nearestobject would work for me but that only detects objects up to 50 meters away. I need to detect objects all over the map so I will need to use NEARESTOBJECTS and select 0 to get the nearest object to the unit of the given type. I've been using many combinations of this and have had no luck. If you can help me with nearestobjects select 0 that would be fantastic.
  22. I do just want to give certain units a waypoint so that they as AI will move to certain areas on the battlefield where I'll have these objects. The invisible helipad would be a great idea. I will need two ideas though, one for each side. If I used the invisible helipad for the Blufor for example can I use the invisible wall as well or does the invisible wall make up some type of invisible boundary? There's also protection zone invisible. Are all 3 of these sufficient objects to use for nearestobject? Also, might there be a way to set the move point to a certain radius like we can with setwaypoint? So much good information, the possibilities are endless, this is exciting stuff. Thank you, Phronk.
  23. Looks fantastic, pierremgi. I'm going to test it very soon on my end. When you say don't expect fine movement, is there a better command that will give better movement? Addwaypoint, perhaps? I couldn't get that one to work at all but you've been awesome in helping me so I'm putting tons of weight into any information you choose to share. Thanks very much, Pierre :-)
  24. Hello, I'm having an issue getting this event handler to fire on dedicated server. Everything works perfect in player hosted server. I've tried to use the event handler with "remoteexec" but cannot seem to get that to work on player hosted or dedicated servers. I do believe "remoteexec" is the answer but I somehow have it setup wrong. Here are the codes ran from initserver.sqf This one works exactly as I want it to on player hosted server but does nothing on a dedicated server. while {true} do {sleep 5; {_x removeallEventHandlers "Handleheal"} forEach allUnits;{_x addEventHandler ["Handleheal", {_this select 1 addScore 1; _this select 0 disableai "move"; fire_enableaimoveforheal_trigger_1 = true}]} forEach allUnits }; This one above works exactly as I want it to on player hosted server but does nothing on a dedicated server. while {true} do {[{_x ["Handleheal", {_this select 1 addScore 1; _this select 0 disableai "move"; fire_enableaimoveforheal_trigger_1 = true}foreach allunits]] remoteExec ["addEventHandler", 0, true] }; This one above was my progress to get the Event Handler to work on dedicated server using "remoteexec". I cannot get this one to even do anything on player hosted server so I'm pretty sure I have some type of error in there but I'm getting no error code. Anyone that attempts to help is very much appreciated :-)