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    Sling Loading Feedback

    Tested yesterday with Advanced Flight model and it's so cool. I liked very much... but i think it should be a little more difficult to fly the heli with Cargo... Usability - It will give an awesome new experience to the game if we will be able to cargo boxes of ammo and other stuff... Difficulty - It's easy, maybe i'm used to the difficult of DCS flight models... Multiplayer - Didn't try Maybe with AFM finished will be more difficult, as it has to be... We will see... At the moment, keep working guys, your job it's awesome :).
  2. Llucmk

    Sling Loading Feedback

    Guys, i don't get it. I can't even enable the Advanced flight model and the sling load doesn't works for me. I tried to search in configuration and i don't have anything about sling load. Rx2 doesn't work. B and Right CTRL + B neither... You need any kind of Beta test code or something? or is open test for everyone?