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  1. Sorry, i meant to say thx for all involved, have a happy new year all of you.
  2. Thx for all your hard work on this.
  3. So all the cup workshop mods on steam been updated as well ?
  4. Thx for all your hard work guys.
  5. daytrader

    [Resolved] cant change forum email

    Hi, this has been now fixed in the last 30 minutes, all sorted, so thread can be closed, thx
  6. daytrader

    [Resolved] cant change forum email

    Aint there any forum admins that can change this for me on here ?
  7. Was able to change my email for https://account.bistudio.com/profile, but i cantchange it here on Bohemia Interactive Forums, so i am getting forum alerts still tomy old email, was told you could change it here https://forums.bistudio.com/settings/ but you cant, thxChris
  8. Update, after i loaded the mod, then went back to the folder it was there, so all good, my bad, cheers
  9. Double checked and i do not have that folder, i did install thou from Arma 3 workshop, did you manually install yours ? if not, any ideals why steam workshop has not put that folder in my Arma 3 Workshop folder ?, if it has happend to me, could have happend to others, and this would cause alot of the problems people are having thou, thx
  10. I think also, why alot of people are having problems with the CUP, is because there aint even a CUP Terrains - CWA folder mod being put in the ARMA 3 workshop folder, can someone confirm this.
  11. I dont think it does, you go and check the steamapps workshop content 107410 folder, all the arma 3 mods are there, and there also in steamapps common arma 3 workshop folder, yes the folders have a short cut icon on them, but all the content is still in there, like the @CUP Terrains - Core folder is 7.78GB, thats wrong surely, also there is no CUP Terrains CWA folder in there either.
  12. Also, why does Arma 3 keep a copy of the mod in the Arma 3 folder and also in steam workshop folder, wastes 100% more space, i did think this was fixed in a patch.
  13. daytrader

    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    Very good video.