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    WIP importing of PedagneMOD in ARMA 3

    Dannazione se siete bravi...what have i to say...chapeaux and lets wait. Surely togheter with Opteryx's mod ita the cause i will download arma 3 again
  2. this community really need you opteryx, spectacular work
  3. you are one of the best modder here opteryx...surely the best map-maker...im really a fan of iraq settlement and this is pure art=D
  4. ironmentalist

    Virtual firefight:lybia

    ahah thanks mate eheh=D ---------- Post added at 09:02 ---------- Previous post was at 08:56 ---------- thanks for suggestions mate,i share your opinion but i know that soldiers in war aren't usually single privates that go alone in a city to fight but they usually stay sticked togheter, usually protected by vehicles so technically its a way to make more funny and way more "coop" the game...n my opinion obviously but as soon as this should be my mod...;) ---------- Post added at 09:08 ---------- Previous post was at 09:02 ---------- EHYEHYEHY...ehy...you dear, you know that when you pronounce "bf" and "cod" words the freaking end of the world come on me and you know...so stop doing that...if i wanted to play bf or cod i wouldnt be here ok? in addiction i don't like 'em as you could see from my hours spent in black ops 2 ...while i stopped playing bf with bf2. Anyway Arremba and Aspide dont surely need a beginner to complete their mod so, gd advice;) i would just need someone that helps me putiing a damn wall into the game via config: anyone that wants help will be free to join me to help is he wants.Greeds
  5. ironmentalist

    Virtual firefight:lybia

    ehy guys some little update..i'm working on some weapons but mainly on buildings...here some pics of one of the best: https://plus.google.com/u/0/115552706937047391970/posts/AEBR8m5pMk8?pid=6135332517843579058&oid=115552706937047391970 https://plus.google.com/u/0/115552706937047391970/posts/AEBR8m5pMk8?pid=6135332537902180722&oid=115552706937047391970 now i'm having very hard problems to get it working on the game,probably because i'm not familiar with cinfigs...if you that are reading this post want to help me solving that trouble please partecipate to my discussion here please with suggestions\corrections (and actually i would EXTREMELY thankful if someone experienced could create a working sample of config for buildings...i know there are examples on the web but i miss something and they doesnt work=) http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?189793-Having-issue-with-config-cpp thanks and cheers
  6. ironmentalist

    Having issue with config.cpp

    i changed the config as you said but as soon as it still to tell me that "error code=1" i packed it with FileBank it builds the pbo then i put it into the game in a file>addon>VFL_Benghazifourpalaces but it neither shows between the arma 3 possible mods...:/
  7. ironmentalist

    Having issue with config.cpp

    it still to tell me "build failed:result code=1"...i ve deleted the{}...what do you mean as use the baseclass for my building?
  8. Hi guys i have a model i wrote a config but when i use addon builder it show "Error code = 1" i discovered that its an error somewhere in the config...but as soon this is my first addon at all if someone more experienced that me could take a look i would be very thankful. here the config:
  9. hey guys im working on a mod but im having problems to texture my object/s because i try to "direct" stick the textures but they are bad...so i tried to follow some tutorials about uv mapping but ive no clue...nothing happen...could anyone try to explane me how can i texture a damn object? ive gimp and i use standard object builder from bi:) thanks
  10. ironmentalist

    Virtual firefight:lybia

    i know bro in fact im starting with little things (Toyota pickup) then i will do little objects as weapons helmets and suits and then bigger vehicles and weapons (like artillery pieces. The map is in wip (the terrain) thanks for your interest;)
  11. Hey everyone i'm very proud to announce my first addon for ArmA's community i will talk about it just after a little assumption:1)as i'm totally new in modding i ask not force me about time and contents.2)this project can take long time to be completed due to my not too much experience/time oook!now let's talk about this stuff. What will the mod is? A total modification:i mean vehicles camo factions weapons MAPS (argh it's a pain;)) and last but very important GAMEPLAY. War is not "i will walk alone in the middle of a firefight". I will implement a system that will explicitely FORCE peoples to play togheter very close to vehicles. I will hopefully implement new faction: ISIS (i hate isis dont annoy me with boring stuff please) and ITALIAN army. Yes ,italian army :0...the story will be setteled in current times so vehicles will be the best technologically possible for the armies (not too much futuristic stuff ,i dont'really like it...). The map will feature Lybian areas with UNIQUE BIG BUILDINGS and there will be a strong logistical components too. Basically i want make of this mod the BEST TACTICAL SQUAD BASED FPS. That's all till now. If you are interested simply pm me more we are better it is...anycase i'm ready to go ahead alone;) See you the next update guys:)
  12. ironmentalist

    WIP importing of PedagneMOD in ARMA 3

    is the project alive?
  13. or maybe if you want you could ask for help to someone...your work is too much precious to be lost