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  1. daishiknyte

    EDEN - Questions

    Is there a way to have all folders start in their collapsed state in the "open mission" dialog? It's a mess trying to sort through dozens of expanded folders.
  2. daishiknyte

    Eden Feature Requests

    Please preserve camera positioning when moving via middle click on the 2D map or by right click -> go here.
  3. You can lose the trigger and handle the timing in the script itself. In init.sqf: [1] execVM "runScripts.sqf"; // Pass the debug value [0 or 1] In runScripts.sqf _debug = _this select 0; while {true} do { <your runScripts code here> if (_debug == 1) then { <debug action> }; sleep 1; };
  4. I used that a lot :( Any idea what can be used as a replacement to the waypoints? Nothing as convenient comes to mind.
  5. daishiknyte

    [RELEASE] AUSMD Editing Tool

    I'm getting an "unexpected end of archive" rar error when downloading from Armaholic. The dropbox link works. The quotation marks present in the input boxes, should they be left in or can they be written over?
  6. I'll give that a shot tonight. If I'm reading this correctly, I should be able to do something like: _zenspawn = <zen spawn stuff> zeus1 addCuratorEditableObjects [[_zenspawn],true ]; Painfully straightforward once you point that out Zenophon. I've been getting lazy relying on FETT and advZeus. ------------------------------------------- Working (probably not the most efficient way): _zenspawn = [<vars>] call zen_spawninfantrygarrison; <zeus module name> addCuratorEditableObjects [(allMissionObjects "Man"), false]; (not the unit name linked to the curator module) I suspect there's a better way to check for just the group spawned. When I tried using the _zenspawn group as the 'object' in addCuratorEditableObjects all I got was an 'object expected' error.
  7. Zeus and Curator help please! (Multiplayer) I've started using the Zen spawn functions to massively simplify and control AI active on the map as players move from place to place. Your framework's performance (and simplicity!) is fantastic. The only problem I'm not running into is finding a way for the spawned units to be placed under Zeus control. Is there anything buried in the other functions for Zeus compatibility or suggestions on a work around?
  8. daishiknyte

    Community Tools Updater

    Looking good! Thanks for pulling this together.
  9. I think I found the problem. In the code posted on github, under the self-interactions class: class AGM_SelfActions { class XMedSys_MedicalSelf { class XMedSys_Bandage { displayName = codecodecode condition =codecodecode statement = "private['_allowID']; _res = [0, cursorTarget,...codecodecode priority = 1; showDisabled = 1; icon = "X39_MedSys_Ressources\X39\Mods\MedSys\logo.paa"; That "cursor target" should read "player". Right now, the self-interact for bandaging is trying to act like the MedicalOther code.
  10. Self-interact as a whole looks to be broken. Did some more playing with it. It is just bandaging that is throwing the error popping up - "No vehicle...." Is this a config issue on our end or is self-interact with AGM not playing nice? ---------- Post added at 03:03 ---------- Previous post was at 03:02 ---------- Try false instead of 0? X39_MedSys_var_Hearing_enable = false;
  11. daishiknyte

    MOD: NATO Hellcats

    Was the removal of the laser designator intentional? Would the DAGRs be able to lock onto those vs. targeting vehicles directly?
  12. Well, that's frustrating. A3Sync was reporting all mods disabled. The whole damn pack was still loading up. AI sync with Zeus perfectly fine without mods on. Edit: Confirmed MCC being the problem. With MCC enabled, zeus must log into MCC before being able to synch. Once logged into MCC, the sync is immediate and operates as expected.
  13. Just triple checked. The gamemodule and the zeusmodul parameter match. Let me pop open y'alls demo mission again to see if I laid everything down correctly. Any thoughts to allowing "GARRISON" to teleport units directly to their final destination? Considering how long it takes the AI to get to their chosen destination at times, the instant move really cuts down on the extra time/distance that needs to be factored into the spawn trigger. Thanks! Edit: Tried clearing the zeus module and replacing it. Still no luck. Edit Edit: Just tried the mission y'all packaged with the latest update. Units are not being added to Zeus menu. Edit Edit Edit: But units do add to zeus if I login to MCC first?
  14. All the effort swapping out spawn code to T8 has definitely been worth it! The easy caching alone is a huge help. I'm running into a problem with the zeus integration. I'm unable to get the T8 spawned units to show up in Zeus without the use of ADV_Zeus. Am I misunderstanding the integration option in the config or missing a function (didn't see anything zeus related in a quick skim)? Player - zeus1 GameMaster Module - gm1 gm1 is synchronized to zeus1
  15. This is a known problem and one that doesn't have a good solution yet. Best I've been able to find is to have Zeus disconnect from the server which will pass control of the AI over the server. You can then reconnect and with the use of something like ADV_Zeus, regain control of the units. It isn't a perfect result, but without the ability to force change of ownership the the server, there's not much else you can do right now.