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  1. They're black. Regular Blackhawks are dark green, but SOAR helos are all black. Black that fades quickly to a patchwork of blacks and lighter blacks, but black nonetheless.
  2. shomu1

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Yeah, buy the game.
  3. I second the request for SXF version. One with a minigun in the turret, much like the one I posted a picture of a few pages back, would be epic.
  4. shomu1

    Hidden Identity v3

    Best bet would probably be RHS' Ops-Cores.
  5. shomu1

    Hidden Identity v3

    Awesome! Thanks so much.
  6. shomu1

    Hidden Identity v3

    Cunico, I hate to be that guy, but how hard of a tweak would it be to move the sniper veils to the headgear section so they can be worn with balaclavas and the like? Just curious.
  7. shomu1

    Hidden Identity v3

    Where'd the AR on the guy on the far left come from? Just curious.
  8. shomu1

    Hidden Identity v3

    Holy shit he's back!
  9. shomu1

    Zee Identity Pack

    I neeeeeeeeeeed it
  11. I would also love to see mix-and-matched bottoms and tops for the G3s in desert tiger stripe. Would really increase the "operator quotient."
  12. shomu1

    LIFTER for ArmA 3

    And again, as mentioned previously, it also depends on the helo. If it has anybody in a seat that has Fire From Vehicles enabled, the people in those seats will not rope down.
  13. shomu1

    Zee Identity Pack

    Oh noes! Does this mean the beautiful Barretts are gone too? D:
  14. Minor note, according to a guy I recently talked to from the SOAR, the slick Blackhawks don't use the spent shell tubes anymore because they get in the way of the mount and cause jams. DAPs still use them, though. Pics look amazing, man, backwards landing gear animations or not. XD
  15. That may be what I'm thinking of then. I've had ASDG since I got Arma 3, so I probably made the association in my mind.
  16. You mean the Silencerco Osprey? The default Arma pistol suppressor used to be that.
  17. Awwwww yiss. RAHG is my JAM.
  18. As an example of the light load SOAR Chinooks often carry, Razor 03, the Chinook intended to insert MAKO 30, the SEAL AFO team that Petty Officer Roberts was part of, was only carrying MAKO 30. That's five dudes. Lotta space to stretch out. The Chinooks got a lot of playtime in Afghanistan because they could party up in the mountains where the Blackhawks and Little Birds struggled.
  19. Looking great, Warlord.
  20. shomu1

    USP Patches & Insignias

    No worries, man. Take your time. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't going blind.
  21. shomu1

    USP Patches & Insignias

    Awesome update, man! Sorry to ask, but I wanted to be sure I didn't miss them. Did the Cold Harbor patches make it in with this update? I didn't see them under "Morale."
  22. What's funny is that the Japanese use the upswept ESSS wings more than the SOAR ever did.
  23. Those tanks were rarely if ever used because they obstructed the gunners' fields of fire.
  24. The MH-60M doesn't necessarily have the UES. A number of the birds based in Yakima don't have them. The only surefire way to tell is to look at the nose, although that's really only an issue in games nowadays, as the SOAR has transitioned to a pure MH-60M fleet now, having retired all of their MH-60Ls and MH-60Ks. The other antenna sets change so frequently that they're not very good means of version identification. Even the IZLIDS they use to aim the miniguns seem to change positions. I've seen some pictures with them mounted on the nose, with others having them mounted to the optics rails on the miniguns themselves.
  25. Figured I'd throw some more motivation into the ring.