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  1. Perfect, it works, it remains blocked a little bit of time at this point (10-30s), but it works! Thanks, Merci !
  2. I tried with fronttotga but nothing. (with Buldoconfigurator I do not see how, I can not then start the when the P: is not up ) I think "format" is the best solution , hoping that there was more trouble after Thanks for help
  3. Hello, I have a problem with my tools Arma , launch (initilisation) of the tool , it remains blocked after the validation of licenses , and makes a continuous loop in the log rpt, and it can last for hours without anything changing. Sometimes he succeeded, after several tens of minutes, the DEVP is checked in red, but it is still installed and it works until the next reboot my pc . I have concerns, for two or three updates .. I already check the tools with Steam , perfom clean install, new P Drive / New install , windows registry cleaning, admin mods on .exe, Maj netframework, drivers,... Nobody got an idea that might help me?
  4. I agree with you that the language should not be a barrier, I make myself the effort to present my addons also in English! I can tell you that the French are often refused on RolePlay servers "UK" (I had the problem, and yet I tried to apply myself) I said that maybe we would give some of the addons in public. (note that there is a lot of private COMMUNAUTY who do not give their addons !!) But the reactions of some people, do not give desire "to give addons". because they judge without knowledge and without even trying to understand why ! Our project is "much larger" than a "server Altis life". we want to create a "COMPLETE GAME" in Arma (under license!) As creators of "DAYZ hence the fact that we want to keep Addons exclusivity (for now!) When I said "We will see What will happen in the future." I heard in that nothing is fixed, it is possible that if the demand is high... one can dream opening "English,..." server or other ... (but we are not yet!)
  5. I have trouble expressing myself ... apparently, I can't seem to get the message that I want to. I have done partnerships. but many communities do not want ... (Previous message, edited, but I do not think Good translate ...)
  6. (Edited) Nothing is final, we want to gather as many people (developers as, ...) on a large project. because "Altis life" to divide "roleplay Communauty" (Arma 1 and 2) many work alone ... instead of working together. I'm ok to do partenarias. The worries, for the moment, people steal some addons, (set-Beta release) they were posted on the "servers: Altis life": with No credits / No thanks, no request for partnership, nothing... just Steal and make money with (Donating system, youtube,...), some were passed to the authors of addons. hich bummed A3LEF "DEV" we will see what will happen in the future. (sorry for my english)
  7. This is not a closed community, we want to attract people (Gamers and "Dev" - mostly French )
  8. Thanks; @Acta13: The work will initially only on the "A3LEF" server and it will be protected to avoid use out of our server, without our agreements it may then be release in public (in part), but our server A3LEF keep the exclusivity on the addon if the addon maker allow it (I mean by that every addons Maker of the team, still owners of their own addons)
  9. Hello everyone, Here are the current job on "Firefighters" for the mod A3LEF: __________________________________________________ Bonjours à tous, Voici le travail en cours pour les "pompiers" pour le mod A3LEF WIP: