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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. Then i will try a script with a timer to switch the image for each 0.1 seconde in format paa.
  2. Hi every all, I wonder if it is possible to create a menu with GIF format image. Thanks for the reply I wonder if it is possible to create a menu with GIF format image I wonder if it is possible to create a menu with GIF format image I wonder if it is possible to create a menu with GIF format image I wonder if it is possible to create a menu with GIF format image
  3. now im stuck, external viewer is not found , i have reinstalled the tools , and i checked if some file was missing in the game root i followed the method to installs buldozer on bi wiki from tom 48 ( copied 4 physX dll , also the steamapi.txt and the steam_api.dll copied the exe of the game and renamed it as buldozer , open the option file from object builder setting this : P:\buldozer.exe -buldozer -window -cfg=p:\buldozer.cfg i have open the buldozer.cfg and its same than thas was some week ago without any problem. tryed to open steamtools and then click on Dev P set as Default and run it waited 2 minute but when i open object builder from steam tools thats writed a pop-up : Buldozer may not work:Missing file (s) : buldozer.exe, but in arma 3 root i had copied the arma3.exe then i pasted it to P drive and to steamtool root and then i rename all them to buldozer.exe . normally i have a buldozer.exe maybe i do someting wrong but the game dont find this programme Ah ! :) finally today buldozer work fine i gonna try now with the new update for arma3p to see if the Land_XXX Class area with p:\a3
  4. ah ! i see some new update for mikero tools :P when the process will end i will retry and let you know what news some news look like better now arma3p installed without any error :) but some other bad news my buldozer get error : No entry 'config.bin/cfgDifficulties/Recruit/Flags.ExtendetInfoType' and another one Shader not valid (mismatch of exe and data ?) and then the pop-up window external viewer . attach failed . No viewer found after i reinstall all tools from mikero i have copied the 4 file physX.dll and 2 other file from steam ( steam_appid.txt and steamclient.dll) and open the option in object builder to see the path of the buldozer but thats was good path and mod im confuse i could try to open with "cmd" the buldozer but its pain to do it all time i want to open object
  5. for the test i have place the hospital from arma 3 , the Land_XXX area was : P:\a3\structures_f\Dominants\Hospital . i dont have test with only p:\a3 , maybe thats the problem i gonna try it , and maybe i got mistake when i extracted the arma3 addons to P:\a3 as i remember the end of the "long process" had created a mistake but thats over 1 years and i dont have touch this part after because all worked good untill i see the object without action only when i place it on terrain builder ---------- Post added at 10:23 ---------- Previous post was at 08:59 ---------- lol , well now i am completly confused . i have try in setup of mikero tools Land_XXX class area with p:\a3 and i cannot binarize the map with this lign ,after if i clear the p:\a3 and let this zone empty then i can binarize and now object have action , its really strange , so i have to let that empty? , because i really though it is my a3 folder in the "P drive" have someting wrong inside im pretty sure
  6. Hi, I had created a new Map , but Actually i got a problem. If i put any object directly on Terrain builder ,then i pack thats to PBO , the building have no action to open or close doors , and this is strange, all door are opened without any action . I'am using mikero tools when i open the setup of pboProject i see the path to config for land_XXX class then i add all path of the config building using in my map . Nothing work i see a building with all open doors. the second choice was added that from editor or directly from ingame via debug consol, and the building work correctly i have test with some of my own new building and some from arma 3 building but they had same problem i see a post talking about the same problem than me but the BIS DEV saying maybe the binarize tool are the problem i have open some file from "temp folder" to see if any error are occured . i though that mikero tool wont allow me to binarize some building properly in option of pboproject i have a check case in the 3 following : sign pbo full build check external if anyone could help me and this is a little video to show you my map , changed water , 40km X 40km new roads with intersection all are Work in progress https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwCNgpDPHYI
  7. wells i hope no one will work for them they Steal Patton work and some other communoty addon maker, so Arma 3 life is just a host of server take all other addons to make their own but they only steal REMEMBER THIS
  8. does its only me to think that . This mod is really not needed, Buldozer is better and by far than this mod.... you cannot smooth the terrain you cannot change the size of brush , you cant change the density ( buldozer done all of your mod and more why we take a less programe ) the only way i see its most friendly user but you have less option so in my opinion better to use buldozer , thanks to BIS to give us a splendid 3D viewer
  9. francis

    Sat map size?

    hi , i try to create a new map with grid size = 4096 cell size =10m terrain size = 40960 all work fines only if i export the sat image with a resolution 4 px/m and its pretty faster for packing this in pbo files. but all the satellite image look like little bit blur . i tryed to done this map with a better Satellite image quality and its almost impossible to me to done that. after 5-6 months/20 hours a day to try with dodge or cheat in any kind of way .I cant done nothing better than 4 m/px when i try with a resolution of 2m/px thats create new image in the layers folder, but after export the wrp, when i use buldozer or test it in game , this never allow me to play or see it into game / buldozer .does anyone know how to make a 40960 X 40960 terrain size with a perfect satelitte image of resolution 1m/px (i hope BIS know it) all forum i open and thats talk about terrain size of 40960 all info was wrong with me i tested with one Satelitte of 40960 X 40960 px ,after 2hour of wait then the TB crash, i have now 4 image of 20480 X 20480 and one mask of 4096 X 4096 (in TB i open this property image, and set 40960 X 40960 size) If anyone can help me with this mess ITS WILL BE APPRECIATED . and too , nice one TB "Dev" 8192 grid size always Crash just lol at this !!!!! why this option is available to see but not for making the terrain . this look like a program from another engine like VBS and the "devs" dont know how to disable this options or allow us to use it!
  10. francis

    NEW MAP : France

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpj_pjburMo its just a google map texture without 3d building And sgtsev3n why did you whant that map if that was bugged ? im working to make a good one without any bug as far as possible so please be Patient all screen i got from the unfinished terrain was already posted on the Bis forum
  11. francis

    NEW MAP : France

    Hi everyone, *** After a week of work on the map and that the advice you suggested me, we decided to map a fair 20km X 20 km .We chose the city of Lyon and its surroundings. Unfortunately the city of Lyon is huge in number of building we will reduce the number of objects in the city to have a better performance. Thank you everyone for the advice same msg in French: Bonjours à tous, Après une semaine d'ouvrage sur la map et que les conseils que vous m'avez suggèré , nous avons pris la décision de fair une map de 20km X 20 km .Nous avons choisi la ville de Lyon et ses alentours. Malheureusement la ville de lyon étant immense en nombre de bâtiment nous allons diminuer le nombre d 'objets en ville pour avoir de meilleur performance . Merci à tous pour les judicieux conseils https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpa1/v/t1.0-9/10622807_10203815546362797_3863049976183313320_n.jpg?oh=759409f230a38fe5cd11af514aaa4bca&oe=5467AA2C&__gda__=1416768058_f1338afee4150236bbc6882111dd643b
  12. francis

    NEW MAP : France

    two more pictures to show the news on the map http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/576779439659597676/34ECFC0061593732313A4EF20B3747391D9B05C8/1024x540.resizedimage (154 kB) http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/576779439659552432/8049A16A35C05B1A221869B26810E1234C33F351/ (631 kB)
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dd9xBtBwF_0 just to show what car we work Thanks to Patton for him work
  14. francis

    NEW MAP : France

    some news pictures just to show the river ... All the mountains still need to be remake
  15. francis

    NEW MAP : France

    at the moment im currently working on the terrain is not good enough. I need to make some mountain and river with the tools . I started the France map 1 or 2 week ago and to have a huge map divised by 3 around and i lost some real terrain , so i need to remake it .... its gonna take me some more time . actually im not welling to upload it because the map look like ugly. the project we have is so much huge so sorry if i cannot response at all . Later for release to public we will see what we will release or not depandent on addon maker . the goal of this map are to attracted French guy to come in A3LEF to work in a teamwork .Now you can see what we do, we have only the game engine limit .We are 4 solid addon maker Patton , Mauf , Bibi-999 and me Madelinot (Francis) and we have 3 new guys at the moment . if you wish to use the France map you will need to wait untill the map is ready or u can use geotiff from : http://gdex.cr.usgs.gov/gdex/ must be loggin to download and if the tile size is not sized as you wish you can scale it and try it ... sorry if i cannot help you more i am so much busy on our addon good luck u can use the size of grid i have writed at first post its good enough for test but can be optimised !