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    WIP - Submersible - Batiscaf

    Thanks guys, always nice to see some interest. Oh yes I agree with that, and this is why I built a front working arm on the sub ;), I think I have spent a lot of time already,working with the collision, and if I can attach myself to things underwater, there is no way to lift, without going into troubles for now, so I might be going for and attachto way of doing by script instead, but I ll get something working, time is the key,cross fingers.. Yeah, I know, I ll improve what I can with time, but there is so much work to do, with model , underwater behaviour, textures, scripts, testing... and as I am alone and not full time on it, my goal is for now, to get rid of rpt spam, and give this little guy a nice feel underwater, and two three goodies on it to get things to do ingame with it, so you guys can have some fun too with it. then I ll keep improving this batiscaf to the limit of my capacities, ... hoping they are not reached yet ;P
  2. BATISCAF Author: Ocramweb. Hello all I am french so I will ask you to be kind with my english ;) and this is my present work on a civilian "batiscaf" with articulated arm, hatch, fix periscope, PIP displays and very powerful floodlights, to survey the ocean depths and have fun. For now this submersible, have for ingame purpose an air reserve of 30 minutes, it is not flooded and is air sealed. this is a 3 seats, 1xdriver 1xcommander and 1xpassenger, the top where the hatch is, is walk-able and seats can be swapped from inside if unoccupied. this submersible does surface on periscope depth, as it is a fix one, and the commander (or driver in manual fire) has ability while on surface to fire a flare, and as many boats do irl, this batiscaf have the tendency to attract seagulls in its trails... Actual Specifications: speed: 9 Knots descent rate: 30 mtrs / minutes ascent rate: 6 m/s Oxygen capacity: 30 minutes (would be much higher irl, but reduced for the ingame and the need to surface experience). more secret specifications regarding sonar, radar possibilities ... As I said this is a work in progress, it is fully functional for more than a month now, but for the sack of better work, I do not release yet but may do as alpha anyway, as I have many hours of fun underwater already, so I might share it.
  3. ocramweb

    Operation FrenchPoint

    still alive ? Well done for getting into arma3 and really wish Ofrp to take the place it had in ofp, into Arma3.
  4. dpatt712 : what kind of submarine are you working on, and if you are still on it, what kind of troubles are you stuck on?
  5. ocramweb

    Ajout trafic

    editeur module traffic ambiant editor module ambiant traffic
  6. ocramweb

    Fire fighting

    yep, one of my to do things
  7. ocramweb

    FlyBy View ????

    that was your answer to post 25, that's why. I don't eat fish! only at poker ;) That community is so sweet, have a nice time guys ...
  8. ocramweb

    FlyBy View ????

    Microsoft did not do DodoSim ! @Pelham/ now if you want to fly with a flyby cam as the normal view, it is normal you crash, What I told you several times, works! But use it as a flyby 4 or 5 sec no more.
  9. Same here from patch 2 only, on nvidia 8800 gtx, core 2 duo 8600, xp 32bit. I have to say that with that premium :) config I had no lag up to patch 2, with most settings to high and some on very high, view dist 12km obj 5500m, now on patch 2 it seems to lag, specially nearby trees.
  10. ocramweb

    Cockpit features

    thats why I said for Elt, so we can have SAR a transponder in cockpit will allow us to make the ATC addons ;)
  11. ocramweb

    FlyBy View ????

    Tkoh have a script already ingame called: cameras.sqf Parameter(s):_this select 0: target vehicle works with: "static", "flyby", "attached" So by using the addaction commande you can bind it to a key, and have your flyby cam
  12. ocramweb

    minimize to desktop?

    Did you try setting your video memory in game to normal
  13. well spotted, yes report into CIT misplacement location WA75
  14. ocramweb

    FlyBy View ????

    a flight sims doesn't stand into a flyby cam, but more into the flight model simulation, if you do not see the difference with arma, I suggest to fly in arma as graphics are better. flyby cam: an addaction command to exec an sqf 3 lines script binded to a key yes I agree nice feature but added by default or not, you press a key and you get the flyby, same thing to me. Now "..regarding to play this title off as a helicopter simulation..", Oh yes they did, and better than what already exist, even if many things still need to be adjusted ! I say TKOH is on a good direction, well done Devs (commercial helicopter pilot)