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  1. 2017-12-06 We've released some improvements to the reserved slot system. The reserved slot system still functions the same way. It is still essentially a reverse ban list and as such will kick players, not prevent them from joining. Not all games have a usable reserved slot system. If your game has adequate reserved slot/whitelisting capabilities we recommend you use that system. In particular this system does not function well with Rust and Squad's queuing system. You can now create reserved slots for multiple servers, a single server, or all servers. They now have an option to expire. The reserved slot list now has proper pagination. They are now searchable. We have added an option to kick the last player to join when a player on the reserved slot list joins. Look for the "Kick Last non-reserved slot player to join." option in server settings. We recommend waiting a while to enable this option or we may kick players on the list, but that did not use a reserved slot. You may attach metadata to a reserved slot to associate it with transactions, or anything else outside of our system. The reserved slot system is now available through the API. See here: https://www.battlemetrics.com/developers/documentation#resource-reservedSlot
  2. Updated to reflect ban list changes and the new "auto-add" feature for all bans.
  3. 2017-09-27 [Changed] [API 0.1.0] New ban attribute orgWide. [Changed] The ban interface has been updated to use our public API. [Changed] The ban list has been updated to include the name of the banning admin and the name of the server the player was banned on.
  4. 2017-08-15 [Added] [Arma, Rust, 7DTD] We are starting a slow rollout of Steam Family Sharing ban support. To start with we are running both the old and the new ban processor at the same time and logging any differences in kicks that are issued. Steam Family Sharing bans will not be enforced while we test. They are only being logged internally for us to review. After we are satisfied that we are accurately tracking Steam Family Sharing and that the new ban system is working as intended we will start slowly enforcing bans. You may start to see "Steam Family Share Owner" identifiers appear on player pages and on the ban form. This will allow you to start tracking who is using Steam Family Sharing and track down the game owner. In addition to the ban changes we are introducing two new trigger conditions. You should now have "Using Family Share" and "Steam Owner ID" conditions. Note: This is only available for Arma, Rust, and 7DTD. The other games that we support do not provide the required information for this feature. 2017-08-08 [Added] Option to ban for less than one hour on BattleMetrics bans issued via triggers. [Fixed] Variables can now be used in scheduled messages. [Fixed] Server update triggers will now be triggered by server queries.
  5. Slider_O3G, A notification to your active admins is certainly possible. You should have each of your admins set up a Personal Trigger keyed to the "!admin" message. When the condition is met, simply use a notification action (browser alert, email, or SMS message) to alert the admin that the trigger has fired. Your best bet is to use browser notifications, that way only online/active admins receive the notification. Our trigger system offers a lot of flexibility. Try a few different options and see what works for you! One suggestion- if you are unsure of what a trigger is going to do, use a "Log" action to simply log the messages and see if it gets the results you want before implementing your intended action. If you need help setting up triggers, you should join our Discord at: https://discord.gg/mXrtpbw There are many other admins there that can help troubleshoot your triggers. Hordicus BattleMetrics Team
  6. 2017-07-20 [Fixed] Player list filtering is now case insensitive.
  7. BattleMetrics

    Android App Server Control?

    DieselJC, You should check out BattleMetrics RCON. It's not quite what you're looking for, but it will work on mobile since it's web-based. See this thread:
  8. 2017-05-30 [Added] [Arma] "Resulted in Kick" condition to "BattlEye Log" type. This is considered experimental for now. It is dependent on us receiving the kick and BattlEye Log message at the same time. [Added] [Arma] "Ban for BattlEye Restrictions" trigger example. It will add a BattleMetrics ban with information about the BattlEye restriction.
  9. 2017-05-22 Chat triggers have been released along with several other improvements to chat and logging. You can find chat triggers along with other triggers at the top right. As part of this release, we have also enabled "personal" triggers. Personal triggers allow you to create chat triggers that are specific to your account. They are currently limited to the two new actions detailed below. Personal triggers will always be restricted to actions that do not impact the server or your fellow organization members. Chat Filtering We have rebuilt chat filtering to use the underlying message types used by the trigger system. All messages types may now be filtered. Added an option to switch between whitelist and blacklist modes. You can create custom tags and filter based on the tag. New Actions Tag Message Tagging a message allows you to associate a custom tag and color with a message or update. You may search and filter based on tags. You may filter your server activity by clicking the cog located at the top right of the activity log. The color you associate with a message will show as a "tab" to the left of the message. There are two new permissions associated with this action. You must have the appropriate permissions to create triggers. Create Tags: Allows creating tags that are visible to all members. Delete Tags: Allows deleting tags that are visible to all members. Notification The new notification action allows you to trigger external notifications such as email, SMS, and push notifications. The notification action is only available on personal triggers. Each user uses the email and SMS rate limits associated with their account. This means that you must have access to SMS messages in order to use them. For most RCON users, only the organization owner will have access to these alerts. We are using Web Push Notifications, which are currently only supported by Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Chrome for Android. There are no browsers that support push notifications on iOS at this time. The old trigger notification action has been renamed to "Log Message" to better reflect its intended use. Release Notes We now have a release note system. Going forward, when we release new features or make big changes to the website we will use this system to make sure you don't miss anything. Smaller changes and bug fixes will continue to go into the changelog.
  10. There's a few new features we have added in the last two months. See our change log here or the relevant part below: 2017-03-15 [Added] Player and Server APIs. If you plan to use the API let us know. We'll try to keep API users informed of any changes made to the API. BattleMetrics API documentation 2017-02-15 [Changed] Scheduler system. All of your existing schedules will work as is. When/if you make changes to them they'll be converted to the new system on the fly. Highlights: Ability to schedule most actions, not just chat. The actions should look pretty familiar, it's the same as triggers with the server update type selected. Time Zone setting. Instead of converting between UTC and the user's time zone the schedule now has an associated time zone. Time zone will default to the organization's time zone if one is set, or the user's time zone if one is not set. Interface types Simple: Very similar to the old interface. This will be used when editing old schedules. Warning: Will build a schedule that increases in frequency as a preset time approaches. Advanced: Pretty much anything you want (hopefully). The simple and warning interfaces have an option to switch to this interface (one way). Build schedules using conditions On, Every, After, Before, and Except. Multiple schedules per schedule (advanced interface only) Clone: When creating and editing schedules there is a link to clone the schedule. The link does not share/clone server information and is therefore safe to share. 2017-02-05 [Added] Trigger check for players who have not yet set up their Steam Community profile. See "Steam Community Profile Is Set Up" option.
  11. Updated with the addition of the Trigger system and free trials.
  12. AlbinoGazelle, The issue you're encountering only happens when you first establish a connection to a server that is already up and running. After our tool is connected, the identifiers will update as players join the server. Let us know if you encounter other issues. Hordicus BattleMetrics Team
  13. Mech, The RCON service is a paid-for service only. In order to establish a connection to your server through our service, you would need an active subscription with us. That being said, the rest of the site is available free-of-charge. You can still use our public server pages and player profiles as a free way to get more information about your server population, play history, etc. If you were to subscribe to our services, there is a setup process that walks you through creating organizations and adding servers. We provide tips and hints where necessary to help you along with getting your server connected. If you have any further questions feel free to respond here, by email at staff@battlemetrics.com, or on our discord channel, which is listed on our website. Hordicus BattleMetrics Team
  14. 2016-10-20 [Changed] The BattlEye protocol has been switched to UTF8. It appears that BattlEye handles UTF8 despite the documentation saying otherwise. 2016-10-17 [Changed] RCON Dashboard and server page player list rendering. The dashboard and player list on the detailed server view have received major changes to improve performance. The functionality and design is unchanged. The interface should now remain responsive even with thousands of players listed.
  15. Some new updates: 2016-09-10 [Added] Ability to broadcast server commands to multiple servers. [Added] Option to remove server from dashboard.