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  1. Well. isTouchingGround is not really reliable. Either use isTouchingGround vehicle _x or just check the height. _x will check , if the players are from the kind AIR, which will be false. I would recommend to do following. I don't have any problems detecting any choppers from alive or others, as they are the same. As @pierremgi mentioned: Trigger for Blufor (Or your side) cond: this && {(vehicle _x) isKindOf "air" && (getPos vehicle _x) select 2 < 3} count thisList > 0; or alternativ: this && {(vehicle _x) isKindOf "air" && isTouchingGround vehicle _x} count thisList > 0; No need for playableUnits usw. On acti: _air = if (count (thislist select {(vehicle _x) isKindOf "AIR" }) != 0) then { _thislist select {(vehicle _x) isKindOf "AIR" } select 0} else { thislist select 0}; { _x setVariable ["ace_medical_pain", 0, true]; _x setVariable ["ace_medical_morphine", 0, true]; _x setVariable ["ace_medical_bloodVolume", 100, true]; // tourniquets _x setVariable ["ace_medical_tourniquets", [0,0,0,0,0,0], true]; // wounds and injuries _x setVariable ["ace_medical_openWounds", [], true]; _x setVariable ["ace_medical_bandagedWounds", [], true]; _x setVariable ["ace_medical_internalWounds", [], true]; // vitals _x setVariable ["ace_medical_heartRate", 80]; _x setVariable ["ace_medical_heartRateAdjustments", []]; _x setVariable ["ace_medical_bloodPressure", [80, 120]]; _x setVariable ["ace_medical_peripheralResistance", 100]; // fractures _x setVariable ["ace_medical_fractures", []]; // IVs _x setVariable ["ace_medical_ivBags", nil, true]; // damage storage _x setVariable ["ace_medical_bodyPartStatus", [0,0,0,0,0,0], true]; // airway _x setVariable ["ace_medical_airwayStatus", 100, true]; _x setVariable ["ace_medical_airwayOccluded", false, true]; _x setVariable ["ace_medical_airwayCollapsed", false, true]; // generic medical admin _x setVariable ["ace_medical_addedToUnitLoop", false, true]; _x setVariable ["ace_medical_inCardiacArrest", false, true]; _x setVariable ["ace_medical_inReviveState", false, true]; _x setVariable ["ACE_isUnconscious", false, true]; _x setVariable ["ace_medical_hasLostBlood", 0, true]; _x setVariable ["ace_medical_isBleeding", false, true]; _x setVariable ["ace_medical_hasPain", false, true]; _x setVariable ["ace_medical_painSuppress", 0, true]; // medication private _allUsedMedication = _x getVariable ["ace_medical_allUsedMedication", []]; { _x setVariable [_x select 0, nil]; } forEach _allUsedMedication; // Resetting damage _x setDamage 0; } forEach crew _air; Or put it in a fnc. _caller wasn't defined, that's basically the fnc from ACE without logging it, I just hope that I resolved the gvar right, did it out of the head.
  2. Yes that's the point. Create a Zeus that is not capable to create content. Afterwards add the add-ons you need and you are good.
  3. Sorry fall into my native language. And so on
  4. That's not the point. You can alter all those dynamic missions from liberation to an simple insurgency by switching out classnames. No need for a dynamic mission which was specifically designed for geist mod. Most of those missions have really good tutorials how to do that, and/or how to change maps and whatever these missions need. Best would be to search for whatever suits you best: Liberation, DCG, usw. If you found what you need, you go ahead and search the thread of the mission, how to alter it for your needs. In this case: where are the classnames stored to change them into your needed mod
  5. crewt

    Paradropping Vehicles

    Google http://killzonekid.com/arma-scripting-tutorials-epic-armour-drop/
  6. There are tons of dynamic missions out there. And basically all missions which are dynamic, can be played with every mod out there. You should try Google or specify what want
  7. Jeah. Gladly they added this afterwards. I got an answer from a dev. Telling that afterwards the 'unit' should have no capability to see or hear, have to find out how to do that.
  8. Check out the Zeus manual. myCurator addCuratorAddons ["A3_Armor_F_AMV","A3_Armor_F_Panther"]; myCurator removeCuratorAddons ["A3_Soft_F_MRAP_01"];
  9. You can't steal everything, and most importantly, you shouldn't. The mission path or the pbo won't do you any good, as some scripts are only on the server. Only way to get those scripts is either by access to the server, or a debug console. In the case of a debug console you also would need a the function names or a cfgfunctions. Additionally, if you want to know how to learn scripting, there is a ton of tutorials out there. Most missions with server side scripting have some fun obfuscated, and will give you quite a headache.
  10. They should fall down. Are they simple objects? Now a lot of objects become simple objects, which have no simulation and damage usw.
  11. crewt

    Getting the AI to engage

    In addition to increased reaction and spotting time it might be worth a try to not use dofire but dosupressingfire (I'm on the phone, might be a different command/name). There you can define how long they should suppress all known targets
  12. crewt

    Getting the AI to engage

    You can set their subskill up. Also it can help to disable the movement and force them to stand. As they sometimes lay downas they see an enemy
  13. You don't need a name. You have the object that activates the trigger. Activation type: anyplayer On activ: { //Heal them // _x is one of the units in thislist // thislist is all marching units inside the trigger which match the activation type. _x setDamage 0; } foreach thislist; Also you could set the activation type to whatever side you play on and the airport would be healed as well.
  14. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setCombatMode set the combat mode to red and it should work. If not: move the Gunner in his own group.