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I am trying to make a custom tripwire trigger but the coordinates i am using don't seem to be matching up with the direction you need to be in game to activate the mine.


I have put 2 memory points in my model for the start and end of the tripwire; i then used selectionPosition to get the coordinates of these memory points. I used the results of selectionPosition as the mineWireStart and mineWireEnd in the trigger. However in game when i walk across the tripwire of my mine it doesn't activate it; the only way for it to explode is to walk at it 90 degrees to the actual tripwire. Is there any translation i need to between the selectionPosition results and the mineWire arrays?


Here is the config for the trigger:

class CfgMineTriggers {
    class WireTrigger;
    class 16aa_MineTrigger_Arty_Tripwire: WireTrigger {
        mineTriggerRange = 1;
        mineWireStart[] = {0.49, 0.68, 0.05};
        mineWireEnd[] = {-1.12, 0.68, 0.05};

Thanks in advance 

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Even though this is an old post, it might help someone still.

mineWireStart and mineWireEnd are in [X, Z, Y] format, not: [X, Y, Z].



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