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  1. granpa_jo

    Game freezing after title screen

    For anyone with the same issue, here is what fixed it for me. Right click ARMA 3, go to Properties, go to the Beta tab, and then select the development build. Let it download the changes, and launch the game. Mine worked in the dev build, so I then opted out of the dev build, and it worked again in the main branch. Problem solved since then.
  2. Shows the APEX logo, then sometimes goes to a black screen and fails there. Sometimes it just stays on the APEX streem and freezes. I have to kill it via task manager to close it. No workshop content. I've tried removing my profiles. Reinstalled videodrivers verified cache Turned all overlays off (steam, nvidia, Windows game mode) No idea what to try now. Really don't want to download it again.
  3. granpa_jo

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    Is there a list of mods that this supports somewhere? The wiki just redirects to this page, and since its not in the first post, I only made it through about 20 of 95 pages looking for it. We found one made with ACE, but does it support ACRE, or TFR? RHS? ETC.
  4. I wish I could do that. Total noob at this, and I figured a simple A-B type mission would be a good place to start, and cut my teeth on this thing, but it's proven far more difficult than I could ever have imagined. Placing basic stuff is great, but making a mission that amounts to more than AI walking around to shoot at is tough. I used to edit maps and shit for call of duty up to CoD2, and I though those editors were tough. I'm trying to read and take in as much as I can from tutorials and documents online, but this is not user friendly from a new person's perspective. I'm not trying to be a negative nancy here or dig at BIS, I know this tool is powerful, but throw your audience a bone and explain things, and make things easier. The wiki has minimal info at best, and I honestly think if BIS would work on a user friendly mode they'd probably see wider acceptance of the game. I work at a software company, I'm not an unsavvy person when it comes to tech and software, and this is just breaking my head. Again, sorry to rant. I'm almost at the "punch my monitor" stage of frustrations here.
  5. Thanks, that'll help a lot. One last question if you don't mind. Does this work with a trigger with the end game function, or is it something else I haven't even considered?
  6. Its basically an escape mission. CSAT player needs to get to a specific point on the map to win. I want the specific point to be randomly selected at the start of the mission from a pool of 5 possible end points. I've been working on this literally all day, watching tutorials and reading forums, and oddly enough not a lot of it has been really helpful in understanding how this sort of thing works. I read the damn eden editor wiki so much I think my eyes bleed and its starting to get frustrating. Sorry to rant, just getting real tired of looking at this and banging my head on it. Either I'm just really stupid or the editor requires an advanced degree in programming.
  7. I've got 5 triggers set to end the mission, and I'd like for the mission to select one of the 5 for some randomness each time the mission is played. Anyone have any info on a script that can pull this off? I'd love to have it select from a random spawn point at the start of the mission as well, but I figure those two script might be related. Thanks! Super Scripting noob.
  8. granpa_jo

    ACRE2 Stable Release

    Anyone able to tell me why my ACRE mod does this? https://youtu.be/8v2MXdkJ0Po
  9. Yep, guess its time to write this one off. Sad, I was looking forward to getting a good insurgency game up and going.
  10. So its been Almost 2 months since this post. Is it still on hold, or is it dead, or have I just missed something? I'd really love to see this, since the ALiVE insurgency doesn't seem to work quite right, and our group would really like playing this.
  11. Working with ACE3 v3.1.1, and ALiVE v0.9.8.15051111, and of course CBA. Here's what's happening. For some reason after our clan engineer added some vehicles, and tried to get spawn on squad working, the respawns changed and we can't figure out why. Now the entire server only gets two tickets. Two, and only two. After that, everyone has to disconnect and reconnect to be able to respawn, where before, we'd just respawn after 15 seconds at the selected base. I've spent the last 3 hours pouring over this thing and I can't figure out where the problem is. Second problem is that all the vehicles we added won't respawn after being destroyed. The ones that came with the original map file respawn just fine. But the A-10D, the Warrior, the Panier, and the HEMTT, when they explode they won't ever respawn. I've included a link to the non-pbo files for you all to look at, and I would deeply appreciate any help you can give me. I'm trying to learn this stuff, but I'm stuck and getting frustrated. Thanks!
  12. granpa_jo

    Insurgency | ALiVE - Official Release

    any chance this is going to get updated to the new versions any time soon, or will this one work with the latest versions of alive?
  13. granpa_jo

    Collective down

    No, the X52 is a single throttle. There are a bunch of dials and what not on it. I don't think I have those bound, but I'll double check when I get home.
  14. granpa_jo

    Collective down

    Yeah. Its my only joystick. I do still have the keyboard bound, would that make a difference?
  15. granpa_jo

    Collective down

    Anyone have a solution they can recommend? Getting a helo on the ground even semi-quick basically requires me diving at the ground. Dumping the throttle all the way will slowly, sedately, lower the helo to the ground. Popping up and down in and out of cover isn't an option as it is right now. Collective up seems to work fine. I use an X52 Hotas.