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    Cyprus Push-toHear

    Apologies for delay. I'm not here much lately. I'd recommend PMing me if I ignore these threads. To answer, client-side only yeah.
  2. Hello, I'd like some help understanding observations made whilst benchmarking a few performance scenarios. These scenarios (and the observations below) involve functions exceeding a 1Mb file size. NB: I appreciate this is both horribly unrealistic and horrendously bad practice - I am not actually implementing in this way, I was merely using them to stress performance limits and in doing so came across something that now bugs my curiosity. When using the CfgFunctions library to pre-compile: the function !isNil the function typeName is CODE diag_log-ing the function shows a some sort of header diag_log-ing the function shows the content is missing executing the function does nothing The RPT output looks like this: 12:24:29 { _fnc_scriptNameParentTemp = if !(isnil '_fnc_scriptName') then {_fnc_scriptName} else {'fnc_test'}; private ['_fnc_scriptNameParent']; _fnc_scriptNameParent = _fnc_scriptNameParentTemp; _fnc_scriptNameParentTemp = nil; private ['_fnc_scriptName']; _fnc_scriptName = 'fnc_test'; scriptname _fnc_scriptName; } When using compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumers on a sqf declaring an identical function: the function !isNil the function typeName is CODE diag_log-ing the function shows no header, just the script diag_log-ing the function shows the content intact executing the function works as expected Reducing the file size to around 700K has both scenarios working as expected. The RPT output of the first scenario adds the body of the script (until the diag_log limit is reached) prefixed by #line 1 and the path to fn_test.sqf An example function would be: fnc_test = { diag_log "--function running---"; private ["_test"]; // line below is repeated enough times to pad the file size _test = "fsdjagfhjgfhjgfhagfsgfgsafgasfkgahskdjhkjasghjasgvfhjgasfhjgasfhjgasfdhgasfhgaskgfhkjagfdkahjgfkjagsdfkjagsdfkjagfkjgha"; diag_log _test; }; The above script is included in an sqf for the second example. The version used for CfgFunctions obviously doesn't have the wrapping class name etc. So, questions are: why does this happen? is it something similar to strings having maximum sizes? is there a known hard limit at which this happens? Thank you.
  3. A.Cyprus

    Cyprus Autorun

    :D Think of all the loose coins you can all send to me instead now ;)
  4. A.Cyprus

    Cyprus Autorun

    Hey dakaodo Apologies, not been online much of late. You've probably figured it out by now, but to answer your question - yes, entirely different. The vanilla movement controls and toggles may affect how your character behaves whilst moving but you essentially still need to press and hold a key to make him/her walk/jog/run etc. This addon enables your player character to move forwards without you having to keep a key pressed down.
  5. I've actually got this on my to do list for next week. Yup, but you don't have to do that manually in the Editor object init lines. I'm considering using a client-side class specific CBA Extended postinit Event Handler, which should be a lot less effort if it works. I'll share the script if it works.
  6. A.Cyprus

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    Take care LJ. Re your nick capitalisation, you can fix that yourself via the Bohemia Profile account page. Happened to quite a few people.
  7. Could probably make use of this, and associated commands. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Actions#CollisionLightOn
  8. Hello all In a dialog I am currently working on, I'm calling htmlLoad on a control of type RscHTML. This works fine, and ctrlHTMLLoaded evaluates true. I'd like to ctrlSetText the content of this control as text of another control, of type RscButtonMenu. However, when I try the following, nothing happens: _ctrl ctrlSetText (ctrlText _ctrlHTML); If instead I use, diag_log (ctrlText _ctrlHTML); I see the following in my rpt: control[RscHTML]: Unexpected control type [9] My question therefore is: Can ctrlText be used on a control of type RscHTML to get its contents (the html source)? I would have assumed so, given it inherits from RscText. Thanks for the help.
  9. 1.44 introduced stricter parsing of the XML to "avoid abuse". This meant I had to remove any custom node names not defined in the official schema. This is the problem you are facing. Why not add your rank and position to the member remark field? That's what I do, eg "Cpl in 1 Section". You seem to be doing this already wrt community position. Perhaps you can include the milsim rank/position in there too. Not ideal, but better than nothing.
  10. Superb, many thanks. In fact, I can see it has already been activated although my user credentials are reported as incorrect. I've tried logging in using my prior forum username and my current Bohemia profile email address. Is it currently locked for testing, or could I be doing something wrong? Also, seems my account is similarly affected by the capitalisation issue a few posts above. Thanks again for your time.
  11. A.Cyprus

    Cyprus Push-toHear

    Cheers for the comment. One of the features in the next version I'm (very very slowly) working on is an auto-toggle for vehicles (configurable by type of vehicle and/or passenger position).
  12. Hey KK, thanks for helping. Apologies for only responding now - I've been away. I just tried this on a dedicated server running vanilla, and the fire kills my character when I walk through it. :( Edit: To investigate, I moved the setParticleFire command into a new clientside function, with a hint at the start. Using remoteExecCall did not show the hint, which explains why the fire is still giving damage. Using BIS_fnc_MP instead of remoteExecCall, did show the hint and removed the damage too. So the concept is sound but remoteExecCall itself isn't working. I'm not sure why, unless CfgRemoteExec is not applicable to the production branch yet. I guess the conclusion to my original quesion is to use remote calls after all, which I had hoped to avoid.
  13. @BohemiaBeck Thanks for checking into this thread regularly. I assumed the migration would have minimal impact on myself given that I use the forum almost exclusively via tapatalk. This seems to have stopped working now, reporting a network error when trying to log in or re-add the forum itself. Perhaps the tapatalk backend has yet to be installed on the new forum. Please, are you able to clarify if this is the case, and if so, whether there are plans to reactivate it? Thanks for your time.
  14. Thanks for the reply. I had similar thoughts and was hoping to get some dev attention, I guess I'd need to post on the feedback tracker for that. I used that class for demonstration in this post. I'm actually using a number of different particle classes in the mission, all behave as above. It's a good suggestion, and I could look at recreating them but it would be a lot of work for me given how many I'm using for the effects I need, and probably wouldn't look as great. I'm not too familiar with that area of scripting either. :(
  15. Coming back to this one after some vacation time. Haven't been able to reach a working multiplayer solution without running local on each client. Is anybody able to help, please?