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  1. I've been having problems with configuring a child class of the "Land_DataTerminal_01_F". What I'm trying to do is, making my child class behave like an ammo crate, so it can be dragged around and loaded with another mod. Since the data terminal is a child of "buildings" and "static" it behaves much different. What I did was setting - simulation = "thing" - in the config. All it did was bringig up errors of missing config entries and making the model disappear. class CfgVehicles { class Land_DataTerminal_01_F; class NDF_radioRelay:Land_DataTerminal_01_F { author = "[NDF MoaB]"; scope = 2; displayName = "TFAR Radio Relay"; ace_dragging_canDrag = 1; ace_dragging_dragPosition[] = {0, 1.2, 0}; ace_dragging_dragDirection = 0; ace_dragging_canCarry = 1; ace_dragging_carryPosition[] = {0, 1.2, 0}; ace_dragging_carryDirection = 0; class UserActions { class aktivieren { displayName = "Aktivieren"; displayNameDefault = ""; priority = 3; radius = 5; position = "action"; showWindow = 0; hideOnUse = 0; onlyForPlayer = 1; condition = true; statement = "[this, 50000] call TFAR_antennas_fnc_initRadioTower;[this,3] call BIS_fnc_DataTerminalAnimate;"; }; class deaktivieren { displayName = "Deaktivieren"; displayNameDefault = ""; priority = 3; radius = 5; position = "action"; showWindow = 0; hideOnUse = 0; onlyForPlayer = 1; condition = true; statement = "[this, -1] call TFAR_antennas_fnc_initRadioTower;[this,0] call BIS_fnc_DataTerminalAnimate;"; }; }; }; }; This is my config at this point. Any help?
  2. Thanks, I had not noticed there's a difference.
  3. Hi, I have a problem with configuring the shop. This is, what my _costArray looks like: _costArray = [// add your entries in the format >"classname",cost< "arifle_AK12_F",100, "arifle_AKM_F",50, "arifle_MX_F",75, "hgun_P07_F",20, "optic_DMS",10, "optic_ACO_grn",5, "B_AssaultPack_mcamo",25, "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam",15, "30Rnd_762x39_Mag_F",5, "30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag",13, "rhs_weapon_pya",300, "rhs_weapon_makarov_pm",200, "rhsusf_weapon_m1911a1",350, "Weapon_hgun_Pistol_01_F",200, "rhs_mag_9x19_17",50, "rhs_mag_9x18_8_57N181S",50, "rhsusf_mag_7x45acp_MHP",55, "10Rnd_9x21_Mag",50 ]; The upper part makes the listet items show up. The pistols I added are nowhere to be seen. Any idea why?
  4. Would it be possible to add the option of setting the mission settings via cba or a userconfig\mcc\settings.hpp? Pretty pretty please?
  5. I've searched, unsuccesfully, for an answer to the following question: Is it possible to set the mcc setting for the entire server? I would like to set some settings without having to place the modules in a mission.
  6. There is a parameter for a custom init that gets executed for each spawned unit. I modified the scripts so that they get executed on a headless client if a headless client is present. If not the scripts get executed on the server. What I did was to replace if !(isServer) exitWith {}; with those lines: private _hc = (count entities "HeadlessClient_F" > 0); private _exit = true; if ( (_hc && !(hasInterface || isServer)) || (!_hc && isServer) ) then { _exit = false; }; if (_exit) exitWith {};
  7. Thank you very much, that was what I was looking for
  8. I'm trying to execute a script on a headless client if one is present. If not, the script should run on the server. What i tried to do is: _hc = false; if (count entities "HeadlessClient_F" > 0) then { _hc = true} else {_hc = false}; if (_hc == true AND !(hasInterface OR isServer)) exitWith {hint "You're not an HC"}; if (!isServer) exitWith {hint "You are no HC and no Server"}; hint "You are an HC or the Server, script will be executed"; What am I doing wrong?
  9. I apologise, that is correct. In editor preview it still doesn't though.
  10. MoaB

    Redd'n'Tank Vehicles

    Great vehicle! Is it intentional though, that the gun does no range automatically? I had to measure range with the laser and then adjust the gun's elevation manually with PgUp and PgDown. I personally wouldn't mind if that was intentional because it is that way in reality. I love this kind of restrictions that require an experienced and well trained crew.
  11. TFAR only works on a dedicated server, not while testing in editor.
  12. What version are you using? We had the same problem up until version 0.9.2. After that this was fixed.
  13. I was looking for something that doesn't use a database since that would be overkill for just saving position, direction and loadout. I found a linux port of iniDBI, going to try that. Up until now i just used the profileNameSpace to store those variables on the client pc.
  14. Ooops I'll have to use iniDBI then. thanks for the reply though
  15. Found a way, postet by somebody here click, My Problem was with the server-client interaction. Next question: since inidbi uses a .dll file, does it run on a linux server?