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  1. I am working out an idea for a gamemode for my community, I am trying to replicate something but don't really have the knowledge how to make it work or even know if its possible, If anyone is willing to take a challenge and help add me on steam: TheCrestedPenguin I am willing to offer compensation for your time if it works out.
  2. thecrestedpenguin

    New vice city roleplay community

    I messaged you if you need help hit me up.
  3. thecrestedpenguin

    Looking for devs/modellers/mappers/carmodellers

    I'd be happy to help you build compounds on the map.
  4. thecrestedpenguin

    looking for missionbuilder / scripter

    If you still need one message me on how i can contact you
  5. Im willing to help you message me any contact info so we can talk
  6. thecrestedpenguin

    Script for KOTH type scenario

    So i've got the adding the pole and such, Now i'm curious how can i make it that there is an add action on a object, How would i go about adding a addaction to for example a flag pole
  7. I am looking into a script that should work like this 1. Person scrolls over a object which then gives the action menu option to " Take Flag " 2. a Flag or Smoke will spawn on the persons back and he can run with it 3. He takes it back to a base to scroll on an object saying "Put flag/Smoke away" 4. Everyone gets a popup " Blue/Red Team wins: " I've been looking into this but can't find anything on how to do this, If someone could help out or give such a script that'd be very much appreciated. Thank you!
  8. thecrestedpenguin

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Hey guys first of all love the idea of it but i am having problems with it, if i go and hit ESC and then click the AGM Configuration button it closes the ESC menu and goes back to my game? I have no idea why this is but apparently it just does that everytime and yes i have CBA but it still does not work any idea's guys please help cause i would love to use this together with my clan!