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    King of the Hill

    When I play King of the Hill on every server all the other players are always named TEAMMATE. There is also no chat text displayed anywhere on the screen tho they all seem to know what channel I'm talking on. They call me by my name but I never know who is talking or where they are. I've asked a billion times in VON and asked in the chat until I get banned for spamming and nobody ever answers why I can't see chats or how I can view player nicknames. I hit every single key on my keyboard and nothing ever causes the chat to appear or the player names to show up. Somewhere on this planet there must exist a person who knows the answer to this, isn't there? By the way, does it not seem extraordinarily lame to change all the player names to TEAMMATE/GROUPMATE rather than displaying them in the first place? And what bozo thinks its a good idea to hide the chat in an MP mission? I mean holy smokes, doesn't anybody think anymore?
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    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    Wow is this thing bugged!! Copy and Paste does not work well at all and it seems that deleting a profile does not make it go away because if you recreate it using the same name or even a partially identical name, you get stuff from the deleted one reappearing. If you copy one profile and paste it into a new one then try to make changes to the new one, it will mix them up when you apply it during play despite them looking different inside LEA. It appears to be impossible to put medpacks into a profile without them being automatically replaced with bandages, epi, blood packs, and morphine when you go to apply it in game. So if you want one profile that uses standard medpacks for one server and another that uses bandages epi morphine and bloodpacks for another server, you simply can't do it. You have to click multiple times on just about everything in the interface to get things to highlight...sometimes it takes as many as five clicks to select a different profile or change from backpack to vest etc. Right clicking on things sometimes selects them sometimes does not. The main problem is that the profiles displayed in LEA are not what you get when you apply them during play. Isn't that the whole point of this software to begin with? When you apply it in game some stuff comes in, other stuff is missing, still other stuff gets substituted for something else. It is a great idea but still needs lots and lots of work.
  3. There is no search box in the feedback ticket page. All you can do is enter an issue #. I know I read somewhere a report concerning the ingame steam popup (Shift+TAB) displaying when pressing Shift alone. I cannot remember whether it was a forum post or a feedback ticket but I am sort of remembering it was a ticket. I wish to add to it, but am unable to locate the post using search in the forums and I see no way to search the feedback tickets...apparently you must already know the ticket number on those feedback pages. Thus, I am unable to contribute to the issue because I don't want to confuse things further by posting multiple reports/threads/tickets -- in accordance with BI website policy.
  4. If I am out on a mission at night and using NV goggles, whenever I return to the camp they are removed from the equipped slot and returned into one of my inventory bags somewhere. Dunno what happens when my inventory is too full to accommodate them.
  5. I called it a bug, but I'm not sure I would classify this problem as a bug. It is really more of an annoyance than anything. Nothing about it causes the game to become non-functional, is what I'm saying... When you are digging through a crate to manage your inventory (rearm, loot, whatever you want to call it), the list of items has a tendency to re-sort itself randomly. For example, when I dig into the ammo crate at the camp in order to grab, say, 5 frag grenades out of it, and there is a large stack of them in there, I right-click on the stack to add one into my inventory. I continue right-clicking on the stack until the 5 I wanted to get have been obtained. However, often when I click the mouse on the stack, the entire list of contents in the crate automatically re-sorts itself -- putting the item I was clicking on (e.g. frag grenades) at some other location in the list, often out of visual range (when the list is longer than a page long), and typically (perhaps always) way down at the end of the list. So, if I want 5 of them, I expect to click RMB 5 times in a row to get them. But as I am doing this the stack I'm clicking jumps to some other location in the box, a different item ends up under my cursor, and I end up picking up something that I didn't want. So I have to go put it back in the box, then scroll until I find the frag grenade stack again, and then finish my 5 clicks. This can get to be annoying particularly when I want to grab a bunch of the same item out of the box. This bug seems random. Sometimes it happens and other times the crate lets me click 5 times without re-sorting somewhere in the middle. I haven't yet discerned a pattern to it. I have noticed several times that the re-sorting happens on the second click on a stack, though I cannot confirm that it always happens on the second click, or that it never happens on the first, third, fourth, etc. I also cannot confirm that it only happens to the first stack I access. For example, if I am getting frag grenades and the re-sort occurs, and then after finding the new location of the stack and finishing with it I then choose to go after a different stack, say mini grenades, I cannot confirm that it will never, always, or sometimes re-sort when clicking that one too. In other words, it could be the case that the problem only happens on the first stack you click and never on subsequent stacks you click during the same "session" with the crate. Or it could be the case that it happens several times while accessing multiple stacks during the same crate "session". I will try to pay closer attention and provide further details if I can determine how to specifically recreate the problem every time. Occasionally it is not especially noticeable that the list changed. For example, if I am picking up frag grenades and the list changes on me resulting in the mini grenade stack ending up under my mouse, I may not notice that I grabbed a bunch of mini grenades instead of frag grenades because the two items look so similar in the list...their icons being naturally quite similar in appearance. Or when there is a stack of full 5.56mm 30Rnd STANAG mags in the box, and another stack of the exact same ammo but which contains mags which are not fully loaded, and the list changes on me such that the new item under my mouse is the half empty mag stack. In that case the two stacks look absolutely identical except for the white "fullness" bar at the left (which is pretty thin thus making it pretty common that you just don't notice any change). I would much prefer that the stack I am clicking on remain under my mouse until I am done getting all I want from it. If the box wants to re-sort itself while I'm messing about in it, that's fine by me...as long as it scrolls the list when it's done such that the item under my mouse doesn't change to something else. Actually, my primary preference would be that the thing sorts itself once when I open it and then never reorders anything until I open it again later. It also happens when moving items from my containers into the crate, except in that case it is my inventory, of course, and not the crate which automatically re-sorts during the process. I've been using the term "sorting", but really I should be saying "reordering". Because there doesn't appear to be a discernible sorting order of items in inventory containers. For instance, alphabetically by name or numerically by stack size or some characteristic you can identify that determines the order. Perhaps that's the problem right there. If it always maintained the list ordered alphabetically by item name, there would be no need to reorder the list ever. I believe that would make inventories easier to access anyway since you could always be assured that when you open it up, you'll find what you are looking for in generally the same place in the list that you found it in the last time you looked. And in every single crate or container you open. Plus stuff like ammo whose item name starts with the caliber number would end up all grouped together in the same region of the list. You wouldn't find some 5.56mm items at the top and others at the bottom...they would all stick together (having very similar names, alphabetically speaking). ---------- Post added at 11:39 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:02 PM ---------- Well it just happened to me on the fourth click, so unfortunately still no pattern. I can now confirm it is not only the second time you click every time, it varies. In this case it was when the stack size reached 1 that it jumped. Maybe that's something.
  6. I learned that you must post a few replies before granted the permission to start a new topic. Was told they do it that way to protect the forums from bots.
  7. An integrated voice activated command system would go a long way towards improving the command menu interface difficulties. Being able to say "Unit 2 Go Prone" instead of digging through the menus using both hands would sure be a sweet addition. Say2Play is one outfit that has an SDK and support for devs to add it into their titles. I think they call it S2P Embedded.
  8. In the map window there is a red crosshair with a box that you move around the screen. It's that thing you position in order to paint a waypoint down or identify some location on the map. Currently it displays, to the right of the center box, both the grid coordinate and elevation at the point you position it over. I would like to suggest that it also display the distance to the player as well. So you wouldn't have to paint a new waypoint just to find out how far away some point on the map is from where you are. ---------- Post added at 05:35 AM ---------- Previous post was at 04:56 AM ---------- Currently if you have two half full ammo boxes or mags or belts of the same type, there is no way to combine them in order to make at least one single full one. You have to throw them both on the ground or drop them into the crate when you rearm. Then either the ground around the crate or the crate itself gets loaded up with a bunch of half empty often useless clips. Additionally, if you have them in your inventory somewhere, you have to pay double the weight and double the inventory volume even though you aren't really carrying double the bullet count. It would be sweet if I could drag one on top of the other to add as much of its contents to the drag target as needed to fill it (or to empty the one you drag should the combined total not be a full mag/box/belt). If the one you drag ends up with zero, then it gets automatically destroyed just like normal whenever one gets empty from shooting. Fewer objects in the game means lower memory allocation and better performance, does it not? Plus, you could add an animation to show your toon messing with his clips so that a realistic amount of time could be imposed upon the player to deter him from doing it during a firefight (i.e. to make it not be an instant thing...tho instant would be good enough). It also would make sifting through the crate less unwieldy since the list could be shortened considerably. Currently, when you put one full one into a container that already has one or more full ones of the same type in it, they get stacked together such that they only take up one line in the list. I am not sure if when you put two of the same type that are not full but have equivalent bullet counts in them whether the game turns them into a stack of two or leaves them as two separate items in the list. If it is the latter, booo. Also concerning ammo...when you have a partially full box in your inventory and you hover the mouse over it, a tooltip pops up telling you a bunch of info about it...like its name and the caliber and capacity and such. One of the lines in there says "Rounds: XX" and that number XX is the max capacity not the current number of rounds in it. In order to find out how many rounds are left you have to load it into the gun. Also, along the left edge of the inventory icon is a thin white bar which indicates how full the thing is like a vertical % progress bar. I would like to suggest a few possible ideas to make finding out the bullet count easier to do. 1) In the tooltip have it say either "Rounds: YY" or "Rounds: YY of XX" or "Rounds: XX (YY)" where YY is the count and XX is the capacity. Note that the name of the mag or box already specifies what the capacity is (e.g. "7.62mm 30Rnd Mag" or "7.62mm 150Rnd Box" etc.). So having the Rounds line simply specify the count is no loss of information -- as long as a convention is established to always note the capacity in the name...which already appears to be in place. 2) Have the "Rounds: XX" bit change to say "Rounds: YY" only when the mouse is hovered over the white bar. So you get the same tooltip except that when you are over the white bar, it shows the count instead of the capacity on the Rounds line. 3) Have a completely different tooltip appear instead of the current one only when you are hovered over the white bar. The only info in it is the bullet count. One line -- "Rounds: YY" 4) Add a new line to the tooltip that says "Capacity: XX" then have the "Rounds: YY" indicate the count instead of capacity. My preference would be either 1 or 4, but any of them would be fine by me.
  9. Looks like they changed it to use indents and it looks much more sensible now. I finally get it! Staggeringly fast response to the suggestion (less than a day), I'm astonished. Could really give some schooling to the whole software industry on how to handle customer response. Most outfits batch requests up, then decide which ones they'll respond to and which ones they'll ignore, then get them all done in one giant update which doesn't come out until like 2 or 3 (or more) months down the line...only then do you find out if you've been ignored or not. And if yours wasn't also requested by some threshold number or percentage of their client base, guess what you get? That approach makes sense for large complex requests, but the trivial ones you gotta wait for. And usually the trivial ones get ignored or overlooked on some back burner somewhere. Bravo Bohemia for setting a shiny example of how things ought to be. I knew it was possible all along no matter what they all say. I have now given the scouting missions a go so I got a much better understanding of them. What is confusing to me now is the "Set as current mission" link. When you select a side mission as the current one while you are in the camp when the main missions are also displayed, it switches the checkmarks from Report In and whatever current mission is up, over to Scouting and whatever one you chose as current. So it unchecks the main bits and checks the side bits. Fine. Looks good. Makes perfect sense. But then when you leave camp and you get the list with only the side missions in it, nothing is checked as current even though you just selected one in the camp. And you can choose the current one again which need not be the same one you chose at camp. Additionally, no matter what you choose there is no waypoint for the current mission placed on the map. Like when you start the main missions, the first objective has a waypoint to show you where to go and often a couple of secondary ones as well. Not that a waypoint is needed especially in Scouting because all the side missions are made obvious on the map and there is only ever one place to worry about for each one and you can just set your own. Still it would be nice if it did set one based on what you choose as current so that you can have two active waypoints like you can during a main mission. It is helpful to be able to set one manually on some approach path you want to check out and still see where you are relative to the final objective as well as your approach while you are moving over there. All of this brings up the following questions in my mind: 1) Which one is current if you just close the Scouting only tasks list after leaving camp without selecting one as current? Or if you leave camp with the main mission still selected as current (i.e. You never select any side mission as current all either in camp or after you leave)? 2) If you select a different one than you did in the camp, which one will you do? 3) Does it even matter if you choose a current side mission? For example, if I select Abandoned Battlefield as the current one after I leave camp (or both before and after I leave) and then I run on the map over to where Vet Clinic is displayed (bypassing the abandoned battlefield area), will the Vet Clinic mission start up as I approach? If so, then what is the point of having a link to select one of them as the current one (all it does is put a checkmark next to it in the list, but it has no effect at all other than that)? 4) Can you complete more than one side mission during the same Scouting mission? If so, then what is the point of having a link to select one of them as the current one since no waypoint shows up? Seems like a pointless exercise to select one, and pointless exercises lead to confused players. I am thinking that current mission is not used during scouting at all. If that is the case I have a suggestion... When you choose one at camp it should be already selected in the second list after leaving. It should do that already regardless, frankly just so people don't get confused and think they have to do it when they really don't and then they end up wondering why it got unchecked. There ought to be a waypoint placed right in the middle of the area of operation for whichever one is set to current. If none was ever set to current then no waypoint need be placed anywhere...but whenever you chose one, then it should put one there and get rid of any others. If during the mission you change your mind and want to go do a different one, or when you finish if you want to continue to another one, you should be able to go into the tasks list and set a different one current to get the waypoint to the new area of operation (and lose the old waypoint). When you finish one, there should be a waypoint placed back at the base. If you then choose another side mission to do on the same scouting, then the base one vanishes and the new one appears. Or maybe there should simply always be one set at the base no matter what you do while you're out and about. That way if you don't finish and decide to bail on the whole scouting mission without completing anything, there will always be a waypoint at the base. Just an idea is all.
  10. Axe22

    Combining Ammo Boxes

    Crap. Thanks.
  11. Axe22

    Wet work diving finns

    I probably didn't. Like I said I hadn't noticed when they went away. I just remember seeing it several different times so it must have been during the same mission.
  12. If I have two ammo boxes capable of holding, let's say, 150 rounds of 7.62mm ammo, and they are both half empty, is there a way to combine them into one full box so I don't have to be weighted down with two of them?
  13. I've been playing this game for about a week now. I'm in the Adapt branch after completing two or three of them so I have not seen the entire campaign yet. I don't think I'm even at the halfway point yet. It is an awesome game. The engine is truly beautiful and the story line is engaging and fun. I had some performance issues initially, but managed to find a few load options and .cfg file tweaks to get it running smooth as silk now. But I do have a couple of complaints/suggestions to lodge. I will endeavor not to be too ranty about it and stick to identifying specific examples I've encountered so far and simply explain why they caused me so much irritation. The first is that there are no missions or tutorial modes or examples or videos or walkthroughs or cutscenes or anything like that which teach you how to work the controls or operate the equipment. The field manual has some of it, a lot of it, perhaps even most of it...but it nonetheless remains incomplete (e.g. my comments on the UAV below are not in there). It tends to be focused on keystroke sequences rather than instructions. Here is a perfect example of what I mean. Where is the description of the screen you are looking at? In virtually every game I've played in the last 15 years, one of the very first things you get walked through is what every box on the screen is all about. Where on the screen things are located. Where menus pop up and how to navigate them. Where you find things. Where important cues and messages appear. A basic walkthrough of the UI layout and its functionality. In Arma 3 this is absent entirely. The challenges are fine once you learn how to operate things to train yourself to be better at it, but they do not instruct you at all on how things work. There is an expectation in them always that you must already know how, and the objective is to get you proficient at doing them. It is a pain to learn by experimentation and makes the whole campaign longer and more tedious than it ought to be. Still, I can live with that because at least I can eventually get it sorted out in the end...usually by watching people play it on youtubes. This is not the standard way of learning a game these days and I am disappointed because of it. I spent fifty bucks on it and am not keen on throwing my dollars away. Not that I feel I have in this case, but I was definitely worried about it for the first four or five hours of playtime. Somebody less patient than I am will likely give up and look for a refund. Especially kids. I also love the sounds of gunfire and explosions and smoke/fog all that stuff, night and dusk and night vision, and the voice dialog. But occasionally the sound system is a problem for me. The most glaring example I can give is at the very outset of the campaign when you show up and the guy tells you to hop into the helicopter in a nice loud and clear voice coming over the radio. I started by running around the camp to get used to movement and to explore the camp. To look the game environment over a little before getting underway, so to speak. I was itching to shoot off my gun a few times before I tried to play heheh. It's cool that my itch got scratched immediately in the first mission, by the way. Anyway, there is a helicopter sitting there running and the noise from it was so loud that I wasn't able to hear the men speaking right next to me. I thought, being a first time player, that what they were saying was critical to the campaign. In most games you play the first voice acting you hear is extraordinarily crucial to pay close attention to. I expected some direction from it. If their dialog wasn't shown on the screen so I could read it, I wouldn't have any clue what they were saying. It frustrated me. I didn't want to be forced to read it. I wanted to be lazy, kick back, and hear it spoken. There is no adjustment for turning down the machine noise without also turning down the voices of the men. The radio chatter is fine. It has its own adjustment. But I wish the camp banter and other voice dialog in the game had its own separate slider as well. That's all it would take to resolve it. Later I learned this wasn't the big issue it seemed to be right off the bat since most of the camps past those first two are very quiet places, and the camp banter, although important for immersion, is not, for the most part, a pivotal part of the storyline. Again, I can live with it. But it does appear to be a waste of perfectly good content. You must have paid those people to record all that banter, why let it go to waste over some helicopter engine sound, which is wonderful yet nearly free in comparison to create? The biggest complaint I have so far is that the campaign is way too difficult. There are like 5 or 6 different difficulty settings to choose from. Maybe even 7, I didn't count. More than I am used to seeing in a game. Logic dictates that the easiest mode ought to be...well very easy! My aim is to learn the story and the absolute basics of controlling my toon, not to be challenged straight away. I want it to be a cake walk so I can follow the story as a player who is crap at controlling my guy effectively. I want that false sense of accomplishment you get from winning all the time because it is too easy. That to me is the best most enjoyable way to be indoctrinated into a great game. It is how I get hooked on playing. Nothing beats a confidence builder like "too easy" for getting me hooked. Later, when I want to do it again at a harder setting, the mechanics are there for that. I put it on the easiest mode, recruit I think it's called, and have been really struggling just to finish the majority of the missions. In particular, the uav mission in chapter 1, the final mission in chapter 1, the first mission in chapter 2, and the supply truck one in chapter 2. The UAV mission took me far too many attempts to complete only because of the lack of instructions and the mission timer duration. I simply did not realize that the thing was a tiny machine located in a backpack. I expected it to be some Predator sized plane sitting on a runway somewhere. I was never presented with a picture of it or any explanation of what it is, thus how could I be expected to think otherwise? So I spent hours and hours running all over the map looking for it. I probably failed 20 or 30 times before I gave up and went out to youtube looking for answers. The mission did not give me the time I needed to complete it either. Once I understood how the UAV worked, it took some time for me to get used to flying it without crashing. I never did figure out how to look down while flying it, nor did I ever see the mortar spotters. There simply was not enough time for learning any of that and I completely lost interest in learning how anyway. I got frustrated beyond belief. All I wanted to do was end the mission and continue with the story. That was my primary aim all along. And the mission occurred at night time for me which did not simplify the matter any. I ended up hovering it around very low spinning in circles and just clicking the mouse randomly at every light-green dot I saw. Eventually I simply got lucky and marked them somehow. But I don't have any idea how I did it. This is unfortunate in my opinion because it wasn't a poorly designed mission. The mechanics just were never explained is all. I liked the premise and still do. Mechanically it was implemented poorly I think. The final Survive mission just had too many enemy units and I kept getting killed from who knows where. I am not adept at spotting them yet or at flanking their positions. I am still coping with getting my fingers untangled trying to crouch and go prone and lean out and the like. But I'm not interested in that so much yet either. I want to learn the storyline. 30-40 tries to beat it was too many for me. The first mission of part 2 was really interesting, but again...simply too many enemies to avoid. Once I learned you could just run run run instead of crawl hide crawl to win it...I was ok. But it took another 40 or so tries to learn it, and that's too damn many on the easiest mode. I spent 10 tries or so trying to swim around the town. And when I finally made it to the island with the water falls all around it, I either got picked off from the mainland somewhere unknown, or I was auto killed trying to take cover on the other side of it because I got outside the play zone (i.e. my guy saying "This isn't right I'm lost" or some such, which I did not understand, then boom dead). I should have been informed at the beginning that there is a limited area to carry out each mission in, and that leaving it meant instant death. I assumed the whole map was fair game. It happened in UAV mission to me as well as I searched for a non-existent predator. The hardest one I've encountered so far was the supply truck. This one nearly caused me to give up on the entire campaign altogether. The problem with this one is that there is not enough time allotted to scout out a good spot for the ambush and get my men into position because the menu system is so unorganized and not at all intuitive, and I think there appears to be an assumption that you have the whole map memorized already. The support told me to command my men to get down. I understand that to be what the game calls a stance. There is no option in the menus called Stance. It is found under Combat Mode which is not intuitive at all to me. I spent most of my time trying to locate things in the bizarre menu system. Aside from the difficulty of working the menus by having to jump my hands all over the keyboard, the menu texts themselves are just not well organized or properly worded. The Move menu has an option called Find Cover which doesn't seem like a movement to me. The Engage menu has an option called Engage for cryin out loud, and another called Engage At Will. And another called Scan Horizon and another called Watch Direction both of which have very little to do with engaging in my opinion. The Combat Mode menu has both Combat Modes and Stances mixed together. Sit Down is a stance which is found in the Action menu, but Stand Up is a stance listed under Combat Mode. It takes way too long to find what you want mostly because it isn't obvious what menu will have what options. It is a menu organization and vocabulary problem. Adding to that the keyboard jumping you have to perform to issue them made the whole system too convoluted to operate effectively in the time allotted. Given more time it would be acceptable. To select your individual team members you use the function keys. But to select them all you use a two key combination that does not include any function keys. Nor is it particularly fast and easy to press CTRL-~ with one hand to begin with. Which means either dropping the mouse and using both hands or moving your left hand off the home keys and tangling up your fingers to do it. It ought to be F1 or F12 or, if there is absolutely no way around a two key combo, then SHIFT-F1, CTRL-F1, ALT-F1, SHIFT-F12, CTRL-F12, or ALT-F12 to highlight them all would be far easier to learn, remember, and operate. One menu gets opened with tilde another with backspace way over on the other side of the keyboard and a third using the mouse wheel. I was right on the verge of quitting when I got lucky and was presented the opportunity to quickly jump in and drive off while leaving my team behind to deal with the consequences. I had to abandon my team to win. When I was given my first command assignment, I abandoned my men just to continue the story. That's lame. I do not feel like a leader after doing that. I did not want to be a leader anymore after 40 tries. I actually started counting how many times I had to restart it after I had failed some 40 times...my count reached 82 before I finally won. That means well over 100 attempts to get it done. One tiny mistake driving the truck and boom, gotta reload and try again. I literally burst out laughing when at the end it said I had done only 8 reverts. You can imagine how angry I became when I learned what happened next after all those failed attempts to get that fuckin truck. Not enough time was the only problem. Yeah my guys had some problems following orders occasionally, maybe even often, but not every time. It was possible to get them to do what I wanted...eventually. That wasn't the big problem for me that I see everybody else whining about. Not compared to the limited mission duration. Now I understand that a game like this should be challenging, but not to first time players like me and with my philosophy. I've never played any game like this one before. Well not recently. I'm not a big gamer type person anyway like some here are. I'm more of a modder to be honest as software engineering has been my profession for 25 years now. Never played any Arma X or Counterstrike or Call of Duty or any of those. I think the last shooter I played was Ghost Recon back in the 90s. I am more into strategy games, preferably turn based. I like chess. It is only expected that when you have so many difficulty levels to choose from, the easiest one should be very easy to win. Honestly, in keeping with the banter between Kerry and Miller...with all due respect, what developer in this mature gaming industry is so idiotic and shortsighted not to understand this? I cannot imagine starting this game out on normal difficulty, or even notching it up one. I would have quit had I done that. No question about it. I may still if I run into another supply truck mission. I want to learn the story before I learn the intricacies of controlling my toon. I keep saying to myself in frustration "you gotta be an octopus to work these damn controls". Instead of "oooo what an interesting turn of events". And that's what I'm looking for at this stage. I can work out the eight-arm business later. Easy mode should allow me more time to be an octopus with six missing arms is what I'm saying. The enemies should have a harder time spotting me in my novice choices of weak cover and shooting me down from 3 klicks away using only a few bullets. In easiest mode there should be a visual indication of where shots are coming from. Once I learn how to spot them, then I can turn it off. I realize there is a red box identifying them, but you rarely get killed by the ones you are looking at. It's the hidden ones that get you. And so that box isn't entirely helpful in that sense. I also think the right mouse button and the spacebar are backwards. Everything you do with RMB should be done with SPACE and vice versa. And I'm really not keen on the scroll wheel menu. I keep inadvertently changing my weapon out or setting explosive charges because of how it works. Often the menu opens up because I bumped the wheel and I don't even notice it. Then when I go to open a door with the spacebar...my weapon switches out or I set a mine on the ground. Especially the fact that you gotta use the backspace way over on the other side of the keyboard instead of escape to close the damn thing. That one has caught me too many times to count. The PAUSE key instead of ESC ought to be the one that pauses the game don't you think? When you have to move your hand away from the home position or drop your mouse, it makes the controls a bit unwieldy to get used to. Particularly when the action is hot and heavy. ESC is pretty much the industry standard for closing things up. Once again, with all due respect, doesn't every competent game dev understand this simple fundamental convention? I mean, who uses backspace to do that? Yes I know I can dig through the config menu and change everything all around but, candidly, I shouldn't have to go reassign 3/4 of the keys. Overall the game is frankly too fun to give up on just yet however. So I plan to stick with it and try out some multiplayer eventually. If I ever get efficient enough for that... Who knows, maybe I will grow those other six arms someday. My apologies for the long post.
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    Wet work diving finns

    I did not have this problem, but somehow ended up walking around with the fins stuck on my hip for awhile after I had finished that mission. Even though I no longer had the rebreather or wet suit or goggles on, or even in my inventory. At some point they magically vanished but I did not notice when it happened. I had them for a couple of missions tho. Wasn't a problem or a big deal...it just looked awfully strange and I couldn't figure out how to get rid of them.
  15. Wow that was a fast reply. Thanks for the info it was helpful in understanding the structure of the missions a little better. I'll have to give it a try to better understand it all. Still not too clear on the difference between side missions and the scouting mission. Sounds like the same thing to me. As if the scouting mission is a particular type of side mission that gives you access to start the rest of the side missions...or actually the currently selected side mission? Since you are a beta dude maybe you could forward the suggestion that all missions ought to at least be color coded or marked or something as side missions or optional or scouting or main to better identify them in the lists. Well the scouting one, if there is only one per base, is well distinguished already and clearly marked as optional -- which I immediately equated to a side mission when I first saw it because it is specifically identified as being optional. Still, it would be nice to be able to look at the list and know which ones are main, or side without having to go look them up in the campaign menu. Actually I'm not sure I know what the campaign menu is. I assume you're talking about the one that comes up immediately when you choose Play Campaign from the game's main menu and has the Expand button in the lower right corner. If that's the one, then the problem is that you must quit and restart the campaign to go see it and figure out if a mission is main or not...unless you have a good memory for mission names. And the bit about changing the current mission I still don't really get. If it only applies to side missions and never to main missions then it's the term "current mission" in the link that throws me off. That characterization makes me think of the main missions not the optional ones. So perhaps the text of it should be altered to indicate it only applies to the side missions...maybe "Select Next Side Mission" or "Select Next Scouting Mission" would be better. I still feel the procedure you follow in the camps to initiate missions is convoluted more than it need be. In my opinion, treating the time spent in camp as a mission in itself consisting of several tasks (e.g. Report In, Find Team Leader, Start Briefing, Equip, Assemble, Start Mission, (play the mission), RTB, Report In) would go a long way towards making the whole experience easier to follow. Walking out of camp or using the vehicle, at your discretion, in order to start scouting is very straight forward and obvious...I like the way that one is handled just fine. But starting the main ones and the side ones still seems a bit weird to me. The side ones have that built in dynamic where you must discover them first, so maybe that's why they seem so strange. Calling them discovered or uncovered missions or something along those lines might help I suppose. EDIT: If the scouting mission is a sort of master mission for all the side missions, then the list should have that one on top of all the side missions and the side missions should be indented below it to better indicate they are all a subset of the scouting mission. Formatted like an outline.