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  1. druminator

    ATLAS Mod: LHD Plus

    I have no problem finding LHD in Eden though: I have bigger problems though because mine seems to be possesed or something because some real paranormal activities happened to me: :) Joking aside I think the physics are active in Eden just like in Zeus maybe? Either way they aren't static objects.
  2. druminator

    Arma 3 : Underground

    Sounds great and much needed, keep up the good work!
  3. druminator

    Eden Editor - Question/Suggestion

    Hmm what did you do wrong? Because I can't get it to work. My picture dosen't show in Eden but it works in the 2D editor when I use this line in a User Texture Sign: this setObjectTexture [0, "pics\briefing.jpg"];
  4. Great work on Nimitz so far! Have a specific question: the CUP mod has a Navy flight crew which I currently use instead of the Maritime unit pack. Was wondering if it's possible in some way to switch the shooter guy during the catapult launch to a specific unit instead of default given i'm not using Maritime? The catapult animation the shooter guy uses, was that custom made? If so do you have any plans on including more animations like that? I know you don't create units with this mod but I think it would be cool with more hand signals for the Flight Crew. :) Keep up the good work!
  5. Love your mod, keep up the good work! Was wondering if the LHD is not functional correctly with Eden or something because whenever I spawn it in Eden all the turrets and planes are spawning below the sea. I also can't delete the ship. Works correctly in the 2D editor though as far as I can see.
  6. Thx, got it to work now. Is the tweak only local in mp? Meaning that if I host it's just me that can tow the F-18 unless everyone else also moves their files?
  7. Great mod and it works great however here comes a noob question: What exactly do I do with the pbo files if I wanna make the F-18 towable for example?
  8. Ok if I never heard of epic facepalm:ing before that was the very definition of that! My bad!! :raisebrow: Anyway I of course meant to post this: ....not strange japanese death metal, although Maximum The Hormone is pretty bad-ass but it's a slightly diffrent topic... :)
  9. Oh I forgot about the respawn modules but are those local then? Dosen't they work the same as the markers (excluding the diffrent options) unless you use some kind of code? Is that what you mean with "your condition"? ---------- Post added at 21:42 ---------- Previous post was at 21:38 ---------- Is this what you mean: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createMarkerLocal
  10. druminator

    144+ items

    Yea I have noticed this awell, for me it was to many modules not units. It may be though that I grouped to many units with modules or something. In my particular mission I don't have many units at all but I do have alot of modules that are grouped or synced together. When I deleted modules like ordnance, CAS, set task state or something like that the preview button came back. I guess it could be a mix between everything also. If you have a little bit of everything like lots of units, modules and objects, together they may be to much.
  11. Interesting, will test that out later!
  12. So while testing in mp with people I realised that the respawn markers/points changes position for everyone immediately and not individually which was what I was looking for. The way it works now is that as soon as someone walks in the trigger the spawn changes position for everyone. How do I go about to create so that the respawn positions only changes for the specific unit that enters the trigger?
  13. Really looking forward to this. Great work so far! Just saw this cool video and got excited: Can't wait man! :)
  14. Thx for the tips! I'm not really sure what to do with "triggerTimeoutCurrent though", as of now my objective is pretty simple: The first unit to enter the area/trigger sets a visible timer that counts down from 10mins and after that the mission ends. No hurry austin_medic! I have put the code in my description.ext but what does that really do? Sry i'm a bit rusty when it comes to scripting. As of right now I have the End Scenario Module synced with a trigger set on 10mins.
  15. Is there a way to show a countdown timer visible on screen? For example: A unit enters a trigger and a clock appears telling everyone that 10 mins are left on the mission? and after that the mission ends. The countdown in the trigger and the countdown module works great but you never see the actually countdown so it would be neat if you could do that. Any hints would be most welcome! :)