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  1. Having the same issue here, best way atm is to just override with server settings.
  2. I just realised that my global ban will be almost 5 years old (happy birthday! ). I got it in late 2013 when I decided to use a memory editor on a long dead wasteland server. It was a dumb mistake that I made in the heat of the moment which I regret every time my friend brings up KoTH or Altis life. Since then I played mostly with my friends running coop missions and playing with my unit. Now I've tried to get my ban repealed multiple times with no luck. I've given up on ever seeing the light again, all I want to know now is why is there such a harsh punishment for one time/first time offenders? I don't understand why it's a perma ban and not a monthly ban or a yearly ban. I've put over 700 hours into the game, and I feel like my probation should have been long over by now.
  3. The reason for the _shooter playerSide check is because I'm planning on adding the event handler to other AI units aswell. The script you wrote seems to suite exactly what I need to be done. Thanks
  4. sleep (1 + (random 4)); _shooter = _this select 0; _weapon = _this select 1; _muzzle = _this select 2; _ammo = _this select 4; _vehicle = _this select 6; _oldLeader = ""; _newLeader = ""; _shooterpos = position _shooter; //systemChat format ["%1 shot a %2 loaded with %4 and a caliber of %3 in a %5",_shooter,_weapon,_muzzle,_ammo,_vehicle]; if (side _shooter == playerSide) then { _nearppl = _shooter nearEntities ["Man", 1000]; { _newLeader = leader _x; // THIS IS WHERE THE EXECUTION ENDS - ANYTHING BELOW HERE DOESN'T WORK if (_oldLeader == _newLeader) then {systemChat "Nah";} else { systemChat "Yes"; _group = group _x; _oldLeader = leader _group; systemChat format ["%1 heard that and is on his way", _oldLeader]; }; } forEach _nearppl; }; So basically what's calling this script is a "FiredMan" handler defined here PlayerShootsEH = player addEventHandler ["FiredMan", {[_this select 0,_this select 1,_this select 2,_this select 4,_this select 6] spawn EH_Hunt}]; I can't seem to figure out why it doesn't want to pass the "if (_oldLeader == _newLeader)" statement.
  5. I understand that Battleye is doing it's job, but it's doing its job far too strictly. I don't understand why they immediately perma ban anyone that gets flagged with the slightest suspicion of cheating. It just seems so wrong. And what annoys me even more is that after they perma ban you they refuse to reply to any emails you send them, leaving you completely in the dark.
  6. Did you even read the first part of my post? I cheated with my friend! I don't cheat normally at all. I did it so me and my friend could have more fun in DUWS. I hate cheaters just as much as you do. And about the legal thing, I was trying to say that I will only lawyer up if this VAC ban affects my steam account to the point it is rendered useless. I have thousands of dollars worth of games on my account
  7. Three years ago I was banned for cheating on my friend's server trying to get unlimited ammo on DUWS. Since then I have always been trying to get my ban lifted because I think it's completely unjustified. I have tried contacting Battleye multiple times and I have never gotten a response. I gave up a long time ago but today I read something that scared me. SITREP #00171 include a section at the bottom saying that Battleye was now going to transfer over the bans to VAC. This got me extremely frustrated as I was never banned for a good reason in the first place, and now I'm getting punished even more because Battleye refused to answer my support tickets do to their fascist policy. I do not deserve a VAC ban for only trying to have fun with my friends. I'm just wondering how much will this ban affect me and whether or not I have to get a lawyer involved. Because this is absolutely ridiculous.