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  1. I am also unable to load saved games. Game exits with The instruction at "0x000...." referenced memory at "0x00000....". The memory could not be read.
  2. lazerstrike

    ASDG Joint Rails

    A3MP ACE 3 CBA ASR AI3 Babe-Mid tex BC-Phoenix, Skies, Tracers CAF AG + audio patch CJTF_IR strobe DEditor_v12 DragonFyre FHQ_accessories + M4s MCC SBE USMC ST_stamina bar Sud russians Super_flash Vas mod
  3. lazerstrike

    ASDG Joint Rails

    Im having an issue where if I have ASDG enabled I can attach optics to 3rd party weapons but I can no longer attach optics to vanilla ones. I have to disable the mod in order to be able to run any optics on a MX for example. Anyone else having this issue?
  4. lazerstrike

    Recoil Overhaul Feedback

    As an experiment to show that A3 has a very unusual recoil behavior in this respect. No other game/sim that I have seen results in the player aiming at the sky at the end when doing this with slow fire. I'm not sure what you're sensitivity settings/mouse setup is but I quickly run out of mouse travel since I have to move my mouse downwards significantly with every shot. I end up having to pick my mouse up and re-adjust more than I should have to IMO. Well we have to assume that our operator avatars have some basic level of weapons manipulation and control - they have proper sight alignment, trigger control, stance, reloading technique etc... why should they not also have proper recoil management? I'm not saying that the current recoil system is too hard, it should be hard and there needs to be enough manual control in order to differentiate between the players skill levels...... I just think it needs to be change to be less cumbersome and more realistic. The best way to do that in my opinion is to have to compensate for some upward and side to side movement while firing in full auto and to only have to make small fine inputs to get the weapon back on target during slow fire.
  5. lazerstrike

    Recoil Overhaul Feedback

    There should be some upward movement for sure, but once the recoil seizes the weapon should return to roughly its original position. Try firing 30 rounds in semi-auto slowly without adding any other input to the mouse, at the end of the magazine you will be aiming into the sky....does that seem realistic or desirable? I'm fine with compensating for upward movement while there is a recoil impulse but once I stop shooting I should no longer have to significantly readjust my aim. Shooting in semi-auto should consist of making fine x,y adjustments to get back on target after every shot, not moving my mouse downwards an inch per shot just to get back to level.
  6. lazerstrike

    Recoil Overhaul Feedback

    First of all, thank you to the devs for all the hard work and opening up to the community to hear what we have to say. Its nice to know that the people who are making the game/sim are making a genuine effort to please the players. My firearms background is in competitive shooting and I'm also a certified firearms instructor. In my opinion, as a gamer and firearms "expert" I'm not a fan of the recoil in Arma driving the firearm into the sky under sustained fire and having it just stay there once you're done firing. In real life, a rifle or handgun will naturally return to roughly the same point form which it left without much conscious effort. I can hammer out 30 rounds as fast as I can pull the trigger with say a 5.56 rifle and even without actively trying to fight the recoil I will never gain more than a few degrees of muzzle climb, most of the recoil impulse is rearwards. I want to be clear that I don't have a problem with the magnitude of the recoil, I think its great and very true to life which is what we all love about Arma in the first place....I only have an issue with the way the firearm gains elevation and stays there causing the player to constantly move their mouse downwards with each shot until he/she either runs out of space to keep moving their mouse downwards or the run out of ammunition. The player should absolutely strain to keep control of the firearm under rapid fire, no doubt about it, I just don't feel that we should have to actively compensate for the upwards movement of a gun which gets compensated for naturally in real life. For what its worth I've swapped back between the dev branch/stable and run a few quick tests, it seems like the dev branch weapons have even more "permanent" upward movement.
  7. lazerstrike

    NATO 5.56 and 7.62 adjustor

    Im having an issue. As soon as I make any kind of edit the file and save it, it seizes to function. I noticed that no matter what program i use to edit the code I get these weird symbols "�eC�Vٶg�$���עF�" at the end and some more at the beginning, is that normal? If so how come the mod works fine if i don't touch it but when I do anything at all and save it, it stops working? Update: Looks like if I only modify the damage multiplier the mod works but if i try to add or remove and magazines or mods I don't have it stops working.
  8. lazerstrike

    Arma 3 Sound Missing in Multiplayer

    Someone made a short video of the issue.
  9. lazerstrike

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    Im having an issue with zeroing on the Mk17 w/ a suppressor. Without a suppressor the zeroing seems mostly fine but with a suppressor attached the Mk17 shoots almost 250m low at distance, which makes using it almost impossible at medium-long ranges. Also the 40mm is off as well, it lands consistently about 25m short at 300m, but i think I've noticed that issue with vanilla 40mm. Other than that I love the mod, the sounds are great and I love the ELCAN.
  10. lazerstrike

    Arma 3 Sound Missing in Multiplayer

    Reinstalled Arma, no difference. Disabled my last remaining sound mod(super flash) no change. Will do more testing as this issue only appears to happen with weapons taken out of the virtual ammo box.
  11. lazerstrike

    Arma 3 Sound Missing in Multiplayer

    Im going to try re-installing Arma 3 and removing all sound related mods I have. I can hear all the weapons that my guys spawn with, when they get weapons out of the VAS is when the problems start happening. Its just weird that others can hear almost everybody.
  12. lazerstrike

    JSRS: DragonFyre -- WIP Thread

    Love the progress so far, I can't wait to get my hands on this mod. The only thing I think could be improved is that there is too much mechanical noise from the action of the weapon. When you shoot in real life with most firearms you don't hear the sound of the action.
  13. lazerstrike

    Arma 3 Sound Missing in Multiplayer

    I've got the same issue except its a mixed bag with vanilla weapons. Sometimes I can hear them sometimes I can't. It seems to be related to where the weapons came from (vas mod) and sometimes it's just random. Not only is there no sound but there is no visible recoil or muzzle flash.
  14. lazerstrike

    HuntIR script

    This thing is seriously awesome. However, i find the camera movement is very finicky. The camera movement speed is not linear sometimes, as well as moving the camera around is quite difficult. Also would it be possible to have the action only appear when you switch to the grenade launcher and it is loaded with flares, as to reduce clutter in the action menu?
  15. *Update* I reworked a large portion of the compound to try and alleviate some AI pathfinding limitations. Turns out the AI really doesnt play well with some of the MGB kill houses so I had to sub a few out for traditional Arma assets as the hostage refused to leave one of the buildings. Ive been perfecting this mission over the past week or so. Almost 20 hours of work invested in it. Feedback would be appreciated. Premise:A Nato plane was shot down in CSAT controled air-space. The pilot has been captured and is presumed to be alive. Intel suggests he is being held at this heavily guarded facility. Infiltrate the AO, make your way to the compound, eliminate all hostiles, rescue the captured pilot and RTB. Note* This mission is not suppose to be a cake walk, Ive designed it to be challenging and difficult. Im happy to talk to the community and discuss ways of improving the mission or if you're stuck and need tips. Includes: -BTC Revive -VAS -Unlimited Saves(0>0>0) Needed: MGB Killhouses A3 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=261711354 http://i.imgur.com/2ZOy0kT.png (1335 kB)