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  1. hey melde dich mal+


  2. Manual connection has now stopped working also (for me at least)
  3. Why can people with the Linux client still not connect to the larger multiplayer network? Almost nobody is running legacy servers for Linux users, so almost nobody is playing this game on Linux either... If you're gonna make the effort to port this game to Linux, at least also make the effort to let the Linux players play with their Windows using friends... I would understand if there was some huge feature incompatibility here, but we're talking about a constant difference of 2 minor release versions. This is not some insurmountable barrier, especially since you're not letting Linux catch up on purpose and have it fixed at being 2 minor releases behind. It's pretty infuriating...
  4. I've been playing Arma 3 for a long time, but because the Linux port of it was always incompatible with current servers, I stopped after a while. Recently I've re-installed Arma 3, but with wine, because a new technology (DXVK) came out, which enables D3D11 calls to be mapped to Vulkan calls, improving the performance of quite a few Wine titles. Unfortunately, dxvk requires replacing the original d3d libraries, which I guess can be considered tampering with DX11. So I was wondering if playing with DXVK can get me banned.