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  1. 5niper

    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    Thanks. I didn't think so. Just that when I saw that, I wondered what the deal was.
  2. 5niper

    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    I have a question. I've noticed some people running this map, are also using CUP CWA. I'm not using CUP CWA. Is there an advantage, or some other reason why some are using CUP CWA for this map?
  3. 5niper

    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    ah! Yes. I have been posting about bugs, and with screenshots, but to silola, by "message". He said that was good way to do it. But from what you're telling me now, maybe post it in here instead?
  4. 5niper

    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    I would be really interested in knowing about "progress" on finalizing this map, or what can be expected on final release (fixes etc.) Regarding the large airport, in the southwest quadrant of the map, you can't drive out of the rear of the airport, since the vehicle is sunk, when you try to exit, it's like hitting a wall. I added "ramps" to allow the vehicle to rise a bit on exit, getting over that hump. Works nicely. You can't see them as they too sink into that pavement, but, they are there just under the pavement, and the vehicles can get out safely. I'm running an Exile Taunus Server. My biggest issues have been with lag, due to the high number of items on the map, probably most likely caused by the new buildings being comprised of individual parts. You can't really create loot positions for the building, as there is no class name for the building. If you create a loot position for the individual components used, you end up with loot all over the map, where ever that part was used. So, I've had to omit the loot positions from many to most of the new buildings. If anyone else reading this, is running an Exile Taunus server, I'd love to talk about what you've done, and will gladly share any information on what I've done. Hopefully, the end result of the finalized map will not have some of the major issues causing the heavy lag, and poor fps (I do get 50 to 60 fps on this map, but it's rare, and doesn't last long); average fps is about 20 to 30 at best.
  5. 5niper

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Can this mod spawn zombies in a confined area? By that I mean, if I want to spawn zombies ONLY on a small island on the Altis map (for example), and have them confined to that small island? Thanks
  6. 5niper

    Caribou Frontier

    Thanks Savage! I followed your instructions. Then I rebooted my server (hosted on NFO). But when I try to run the game on my computer (I already have the Caribou Frontier expansion checked, enabled), I get a long winded message about deleting a bunch of "dayz epoch" files, in order to play this. Do I have to disable the Epoch expansion before being able to play Caribou Frontier? And, what's the difference between Caribou Frontier, and DayZ Epoch Caribou? Is that just the Caribou map for epoch? Thanks in advance.:)
  7. 5niper

    Caribou Frontier

    Unfortunately, the host can't offer any help. I uploaded the files to the "expansion\addons\" folder. I guess, all I have to do now, is know what the startup command should be. I take it, it's something like "-mod=arma2;expansion;" If so, does anyone know what the rest of it should look like? There are four "caribou*.pbo" files. Which one is the one to load in the startup?
  8. 5niper

    Caribou Frontier

    Hello: How can I install this on a hosted dedicated server (NFO Servers)? Thanks,