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  1. Synesthesia

    POV Hat on X52 Pro Issues.

    Yep, just finished the storyline, and as that has no combat it was playable. But i just cannot play take on hinds, without being able to map my friggin' joystick. I have over a dozen buttons i cannot use, what the hell!
  2. Synesthesia

    POV Hat on X52 Pro Issues.

    Yeah, i managed to discover that about the freelook. Ive been playing the game without being able to map more than half the controls in the joystick, with no answers from support other than "post your bug report on thebug tracker thread" which is already marked aslow priority. A bit frustrating, to say the least.
  3. Synesthesia

    POV Hat on X52 Pro Issues.

    I'm not alone it seems: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=1847
  4. Synesthesia

    POV Hat on X52 Pro Issues.

    Yeah, most of the buttons are mappable when the Saitek Profile is off, but there is no response from the game from the Joystick Hat and most of the throttle buttons. the i button, the 8way pad on the back, both circular thingies, the wheel and the clicker and the back give no response whatsoever. I know they work, other games pick them up just fine. ---------- Post added at 23:05 ---------- Previous post was at 21:39 ---------- Just out of curiosity, what version of the controller do you have? Mine looks old, but it says its updated: Driver Version: Software Version: Update: I've tried to map things to Arma 3, and the problem persists about the throttle hat switch, clutch button, and 2nd joystick hat switch. Is it something with the engine and this joystick? What happens when you press a direction on one of your hats while on the assign button menu?
  5. Synesthesia

    POV Hat on X52 Pro Issues.

    So, i see the forum is dead. If anyone reads this, do you know if the ticket system works? I'm beggining to think of a refund.
  6. Synesthesia

    POV Hat on X52 Pro Issues.

    ok, while i wait for that one, i have found a completely new set of issues. Here it goes: I cant use the saitek profile utility, nor the vainilla setup with no problems. If i use the TOH setup for my joystick, The toggles at the bottom work out just well, as well as most of the joystick buttons, including the pinkie ones. However, i cannot use ANY of the HAT switches, with the exception of the pov one. It juzt doesnt recognize any imput. It's even worse on the throttle! The only buttons that work on the throttle (besides the throttle itself) is the auto hover (#8) and the one directly below it, for the view switch, and the zoom. I cannot use the back hat, the clutch (which is unchecked in the saitek options), any of the round sliders, the wheel and the wheel click. It's ridiculous. So, i tried creating a saitek profile. It works, i think. However, TOH does something weird. I have mapped some of the toggles as keypresses, which TOH recognise well, at least in the shortcut menu. Throttle Up and Down on the 2 engines recognize the keypresses i assigned to them, but in game they just wont work. Nothing happens. Same goes for the clutch button, which i use to release the trim, which only works if i double tap it (!). Not to mention the pinkie switch, which just completely shuts down. Maybe it just works as a modifier when working with the saitek program? So, that. I either lose half the buttons on my 120 pound controller, or am unable to use most of the shortcuts from the saitek program. If any devs are lurking here, i'd really appreciate an answer, or a finger pointing me into a true support ticket system? I'm really loving this game, but constant issues are kinda leaving me hanging. On the other hand, there are some good news. I set a non linear curve to my joystick sensitivity, and man, it's night and day. Overcontrolling is gone! Hovering here i come!
  7. Hello! I just bought the game, and i'm loving it, despite some issues. One of them is the following. I noticed that when on the controls, the POV hat on the X52 pro works as "preset" looking positions; that is, left is looking 90% to the left, left back is looking straight to the left and back, in one movement, etc. However, i have noticed during training that when the instructor has the controls, the behavior of the POV hat is different. Its more of a slider, it moves the camera slowly and rests at that place when you release it, which is not a problem, cause the reset view button is already mapped on the joystick. The question is, how do i set the POV to behave like this all the time? I strongly prefer it. I have played a lot with the settings, but i can't find what to switch.
  8. Synesthesia

    How to land the Hind

    The links are down. Do you mind reuploading? ---------- Post added at 18:58 ---------- Previous post was at 18:54 ---------- Also, mind linking me to that thread, ragnar? I'm having troubles finding the correct spot for this game.
  9. I've been finding some problems with the Saitek Profiler. Some programmed keypresses dont work. For example, i wanted to use mode 3 in the joystick for startup, and mode 1 for take off, flying and landing, so i had to disable the pre-programmed throttle controls, to work only with keypresses. Ever since i did that, the game worked fine for 2 days, but now throttle up imputs no longer work, i can set trim put not release it, not even with the keyboard. Something has gone horribly, horribly wrong. I could also use a working profile from one of you guys for diagnostics, see if the problem comes from the game or the driver software.
  10. I just want my bipods back. They worked before, why dont they anymore?
  11. Synesthesia

    The all new: Ask a moderator about the forum & rules

    I'll go ahead and do that then. Thanks! Also 3 to go.
  12. Synesthesia

    The all new: Ask a moderator about the forum & rules

    Something has gone wrong then. Where can i get some help?
  13. Synesthesia

    The all new: Ask a moderator about the forum & rules

    why can't i post new threads? When will the limitation lift? I have a specific question which i cannot find using the search function.