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  1. Bump, I also need to to access ListBox' slider position (and set it, too!)
  2. ConvertWRP / DeWRP should let you import as project. Just due note it will probably produce problems you'll have to figure out and tackle (mainly unorganized object template).
  3. Cypra Island, Baltic Sea - Approximately 8 days and 14 hours after the 2935 event. Photos taken by Agent Keller while wandering around in his travel. (Addons: CUP Terrains - Core, Cypra Island)
  4. Yuval

    Town & Country-Side of Ilovaisk in Ukraine

    Heh, well map creation isn't something you just dedicate a month to complete. It's a very long process.. the most remembered maps were under development for a year or two, spanning across multiple ArmA titles. There are a lot of eastern European maps around, either for ArmA 3 specifically or ArmA 2 converted to ArmA 3. I myself am working on an eastern European map currently. If someone is willing to pick up on your idea that would be great, but I think the best of your chances is to either pick up your unit and create a map together (Today with XCAM it is possible to place objects together with friends in a multiplayer session), or adapt your gameplay to existing maps. -yuval
  5. SQF is supposed to be easy to learn. If you practice things, you can learn how to use it quick. Start by making simple init scripts in the editor and then maybe some code in init.sqf and from there you can do whatever! There are a few short guides on how to start on the wiki and also on the internet. The first time I learned programming was by simply taking a code and changing it.. making small changes until I was confident enough to do bigger adjustments. At a certain point the code was all different. Even today when I write some scripts, they go through alot of iterations. That's really the best practice of scripting.. writing and rewriting code haha!
  6. Well if you're planning something simple you sure can just use the editor. But it limits the dynamic aspect of your mission by a whole lot. I too work on what I guess you can call "open world" missions. Infact I have one in the works right now. I can tell you as much as you wanna either drop the idea or learn how to script. I am an old time programmer but I tell you, the only reason I come back to arma every other project is purely for the scripting. It's a whole other fun. While you sure can use MCC and a whole bunch of other modules, it happens quite often you'd want to tinker script behaviour. I highly urge you to consider learning SQF. It is also super useful combined with the usage of the 3d editor.
  7. Welp. Solved. Might aswell see a professional doctor, have my awareness checked..
  8. Woah. Since when the drawSideArrows check in. If I had a penny everytime I viewed this particular page..
  9. Hello! I am working on a system that replaces the current task, map and marked waypoints. Currently it works all very well, but one thing that is missing which is drawing the waypoint icon on the edge of the screen when the position is not visible on the player screen. I've searched and haven't found and answer, therefore I believe there is no engine solution to this problem. If you'd be kind and help me solve this problem and/or be able to give me an idea for a possible solution I'd be very thankful. - Yuval
  10. Yuval

    [CO-10] Assault on Zargabad 3

    I'll check this out and see, perhaps I've accidently disabled or removed 2 player slots. Expect an answer tomorrow! Edit: Thanks, I've updated the mission. Mentioned you in OP ;)
  11. [CO-10] Assault on Zargabad 3 Assault on Zargabad 3 is a remake of the missions of the same name by Dj Otacon. Assault on Zargabad 2 is a mission me and my friends had played for a long time, several times. It is, infact, perhaps our favourite mission for PvP. It has its ups and downs but it was fun never the less. This remake is supposed to bring the action in Zargabad back, merging all the new systems of End-Game and the newer CUP mods. Features The new respawn and revive system updated to the Apex' DLC standards (Apex is not required). Respawning vehicles in main base and in several key locations around the map. AI framework that uses VCOM AI (and Driving) and a revised version of EOS to spawn and manage AI behaviour. Zones system that represents whether an area has hostiles on it or not, and notifies you once you've liberated an area. Required Mods CUP Addons (Units, Vehicles, Weapons, Maps, Core) CBA_A3 Special Thanks Dj Otacon - Creating one of the best missions in ArmA and inspiring me to make this mission. genesis92x - Making great AI behaviour mods that helps improve the AI realism in missions. BangaBob - Develop an amazing system for spawning AIs, that provides a base for the AI spawning system in the mission's framework. Our Crew: Yuval, Nir, Yaniv, Matan and Nick for helping me test the mission and giving me a player's perspective. Me, Yuval: Putting the pieces together, creating the framework and the mission. License for Content All authors of content used in the mission file are aware of the usage of their content. The mission framework is provided to you by me (Sidney) with additional content made by genesis92x and BangaBob. The content of the framework (Inside the folder - "Framework") currently is a work in progress and will be updated in future missions. Therefore, the framework is not to be used from the files of this entry. This subject may change according to newer entries using my framework and to contributors of this workshop who may want their content out of the framework. Download Links Steam Workshop - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=765001958 Armaholic - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31636 Mediafire - http://www.mediafire.com/download/rb5on39moexc0c3/AoZ.Zargabad.pbo Changelog Version 1.X (Ongoing fixes) - Disabled console for all (Was left enabled) - Fixed 8 player slots instead of 10 (Thanks Tuskegee_99th)
  12. Yuval

    ArmA 3 Mission Voice Actors

    Replied back. Hope to speak with you soon
  13. I am looking for voice actors to fill up 6 roles in a mission I'm making. I am posting this in general chat rather than editing because this subject has nothing to do with actual editing but rather people who wish to record some spoken text. I've opened a discord channel for whoever is interested in participating here - https://discord.gg/mfnZE I am going to present you a little background about this project: The mission is yet to be named, it is in Tanoa (therefore requiring the Apex DLC to play). The main idea is to have cutscenes in the same quality of the Apex Protocol campaign. Alot of the UI elements of the briefing intro is based on Call of Duty Modern Warfare satellite-like intro screen. The UI elements and intro is done (except for the voice-acting), an expanded version of BIS subtitle including timed conversations with audio is done. A whole lot of intro functions are done (optimized camera movement). Except for the intro and outro - the mission itself is basically done. A few final adjustment do need to be made though: Dynamic spawning of enemies in areas with alot of custom parameters - done. Mission flow sequence is properly scripted with complete separation from client to server. All respawn templates and their respective configurations are finished. Basically, voice acting is the only subject that wasn't even touched yet. The discord channel includes all the info you need to know regarding roles, number of lines for each, etc.. The full script (which is already done) will be released once all slots are assigned. Regarding credits - credits will be given at any description of the mission (workshop, etc..) and in the mission's outro.
  14. The things I did to fix it and didn't help: - Validated - Switched to DEVBRANCH and back Didn't help. I didn't load any mods please help! I have a folder in the game directory called "Expansion" in it there's a folder called "Addons" and in them there are all the apex files, but it doesnt load them. EDIT: The only way it does work is if I load the "Expansion" folder as a mod, but it feels hacky.. Is there a way to fix it to load properly?