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  1. I've actually had issues with the save mode. Sometimes it works perfectly, and other times the format becomes broken. I'll get something like: [[],[["GUER",[["GAIA_ZONE_INTEND",[]], To start with, instead of the normal working format that always seems to start with: MCC_savedObjectives = []; Not sure why this is happening but it breaks my saves quite frequently and I lose a lot of editing.
  2. Also found there to be some problems with "deleting" units when running a client and server config. When you select a group or unit, there is a list of options for the group or unit to the right of it. Hijack, Join, delete, etc. When you try to delete via this menu, ONLY when using both a client AND server (not running locally, it works fine this way) the server I've been running it on crashes almost every time. The only way to "safely" delete is to use the delete box on the far right side of the MCC menu, and create a delete brush and delete the units / groups that way.
  3. So, has anyone else noticed that IEDs set to "Deadly" don't do any damage to units? "Disabling" will work as expected, but "deadly" types do either no damage, or very little damage.
  4. Yeah confirmed that the rating of players in these cases is starting at -3450, giving them an ENEMY status when their side is checked.
  5. Pretty sure that has to be the case, because without mcc it lists players as GUER. The only thing that could turn a player listed as GUER to ENEMY is rating, right? Afaik there is no command to actually make a player switch sides, only to make people friendly to his side of make him a captive (civilian). So it has to be rating here most likely
  6. Did some more testing and found players spawned via mcc aren't fired on by friendly Ai. It's definitely only happening from Zeus created spawn points - - but Only when running mcc... Didn't happen with Zeus created spawn points with mcc not running.
  7. So, random problem: I'm trying to use the respawn template "MenuPosition", which allows players to select Zeus placed spawn points (It's an AAF campaign, and I find Zeus to be faster for setting objects as spawn points like vehicles at the moment which I why I prefer this method of spawn selection for players). Things seemed to be going fine, and I was placing down some friendly AI to make the environment not as empty with the low pop I have on my server atm. Then independent AI began firing on independent players who spawned near them... wut? This made so sense, so I investigated more. So, when I'm not using MCC at all, and a player spawns (Independent side in this case) on a Zeus created spawn point, I can run hint format ["%1", side player]; and get a return of GUER. This is normal, and when I run a similar check on the AI units I get GUER as well for their side. When I have MCC enabled, and I perform the same spawn on a Zeus placed spawn point, without even opening MCC, my side shows up as "ENEMY" instead of GUER, and AIs start to fire on me -- I was able to go back into zeus and identify they're listed as GUER faction wise. So I'm thinking something has to be going on with MCC that is changing the faction of the player somehow here. Any ideas? I tried disabling the param for setting who independents are friendly to via the pre-mission parameters of the map itself -- so only MCC can be manipulating these values.
  8. For some reason when I throw the module in, I get "target is unresponsive" and "no pulse" whenever I do a self check. I also have no hud graphics like in the screenshots. Something might be up? Edit: Found where XMedSys is throwing a problem: If the mission has "respawnTemplates[] = {"MenuPosition","MenuInventory","Tickets"};" specifically the menu screens before respawn are causing the issue. When you spawn you with XMedSys it is saying you have no pulse, etc. Yet, when I remove this and spawn directly on the map position, there is no problem. Sort of need the menu selection for the mission though. Any way that health status can be reset after the menu selection? Edit2: So, it seems the player isn't being initialized correctly when the respawntemplates are in place. With the admin console you can run the lines "player call X39_MedSys_fnc_initializePlayer;" once all players are in the game to start them off. But I've yet to find a way to make sure this call is run after the player has spawned for the first time on the server, but after spawning for the first time. That may be a viable workaround till this gets patched.
  9. Edit: posted in wrong forum my bad.
  10. Eudiphon

    C-130J Port Release

    Is anyone else having issues with landing? Landing works (I know the gear issue is known) but even with the gear down, and landing as softly as possible (even letting the Autopilot do it), there is often at least some damage from the landing every single time. Any way this could resolved? Anyone else notice this?