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  1. @KevsNoTrev Thanks! Yeah, I knew to look into the cfgFactions.hpp file, it was just changing them that seemed to cause issues, although I was overwriting the current ones, I may try and create a whole new entry. Thanks for explaining where the sides setting is, that will help alot. With regards to intel and such, if searching is hit and miss, is there a way to get around this so it doesn't stall a mission? Is there a way to make those physical intel item drops more common?
  2. Really liking what's available so far, however I have a few questions regarding some issues I've run into. -Is there more to changing an enemy then just editing the factions file? I've experimented with a few different ones, with mixed results. They spawn in fine, but as an example with the current one I have in, the encounters don't drop intel, or have a search option, just the body bag one. - Also with regards to changing enemies, what is the story with the "sides" setting? (Side 0, side 3, etc). Is this an Arma thing, or something you've done? It seems to follow it's own rules, as if I replace the CSAT units with IND_F units, they just murder eachother as soon as they spawn, and setting IND and OPFOR as friends in the mission doesn't stop it. - is it possible to get a bit of an explanation on how some of the squads are setup in the file? I noted that Insurgent squads are setup differently, having a CSAT soldier and a syndikat one in their own brackets, which seems to make a syndikat guy have a CSAT model? does putting units in that way cause them to merge or something, with normal setup just resulting in.. normalness? - Are the currently avalible mission parameters still WIP? Some seem to work, some don't. Time accel doesn't seem to, nor does weather changing. Fatigue disable only seems to work on self hosting, but not dedicated. - Is your InitPlayerLocal setup a special way? As it seems adding any other things into it causes it to freak out, as I tried to bring over a damage reduction script as well as an init for GOM's aircraft loadouts, and it either just ignores the line, or throws an error. Or breaks intel pickup. Looking forward to more updates though, enjoying this alot more then PO3, and I quite enjoyed that as it is. The constant onslaught of enemies in patrol ops 3 got a bit hectic at times, the style this one uses is far better for the smaller group I play with.
  3. Is it at all possible to adjust how the enemy spawning scripts react to different vehicles on my end? I play this with a very small group, and we quite enjoy it, but we find ourselves limiting what we use to prevent being overwhelmed. I'm specifically looking at adjusting how it reacts to attack helicopters. Right now, it seems to more or less ignore someone in a transport helo, as well as in a plane, but as soon as you get in an attack helo, it dumps a crazy amount of vehicles on the field. I'm not looking for a way to completely eliminate it spawning stuff when we are using one, just to spawn less then it does now. Amazing missions though either way, really looking forward to patrol ops 4!
  4. Fal Soram

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Is there a possibility that system can fail, or export versions of the tank might not have it? I'm guessing that ones Iraqi, or captured from Iraq. Either way, things happened. Edit - to clarify - I know that for the most part they shouldn't do that, I just remember seeing that picture and wondering why it did that.
  5. Fal Soram

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I have seen the above issue many times. It's not specifically RHS, it happens on other vehicles not in the mod. It seems to have started after BI fixed the issue with physX causing vehicle to sink into the ground.
  6. Fal Soram

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    T-14 is that crazy concept one with the remote control turret and two side mounted guns, isn't it?
  7. Delete the pbo's you don't want after it DL's them?
  8. Outstanding work Burnes. I know I've been testing it for a bit, but this release still has me just as excited. I'll be sure get the guys together and run some tests with RAM to, we just switched over to RPG-7's and T-55/T-72's from the CSAT stufff, so it'll be a pretty good benchmark. We'll let you know what we find. Going to be a nice final weekend for the old tank, guess we'll have to give her a proper send-off :D
  9. What happens if you place it using Zeus or MCC? I have never seen it do that.
  10. Fal Soram

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hes talking about one with ESS on it. Afaik the 6b27m you have with the digi flora doesn't have ESS goggles on it.
  11. Fal Soram

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Hello, Is there a line of code that can be added to a vehicle to prevent ammunition fires? Either through the config itself, or an init line? As it stands now, any vehicle with ammunition, including modded ones, can cook off and explode, were as tanks such as the Abrams shouldn't be exploding and killing the crew because of an ammunition fire. Not asking for the AGM team to change anything, just curious if there is something that can be done on an individual level to stop certain vehicles from experiencing it. Edit - Nevermind, I figured out how to stop individual vehicles from having an ammo fire.
  12. Burnes would have to give the definite answer on that, but I believe it requires just AGM_Core to actually work. However, I think the "Works best with" statement would apply to AGM's Fire control system.
  13. Yep, without RAM a single T-100 would wipe the floor with a platoon worth of M1A2's, and probably be good for a round two right after.