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    Zeus Deck Boss

    is it possible to integrate this into a mission file?
  2. I can texture it myself, but I just need a model, as I don't know how to make character models for arma. As seen here:
  3. Hello, is it possible to disable the flight deck crew when doing the catapult?
  4. Does anyone know how to revert the carrier launching back to the system where you attach to the catapult and then CHOOSE when to launch? I see a few servers that have it this way, and I need it for my mission.
  5. Background Information Carrier Strike Group 15 (CSG-15) is a US Navy/Marine unit (28th MEU). We are currently looking for dedicated individuals who can put time and effort into our unit. We are a bit more laid back than some units, and also have many available positions, such as Pilots, Ship Crewmen, Regular Infantry, etc. Getting in is as simple as a brief interview to try to gauge out your experience with ArmA and other units, and to try to figure out where you'd fit in best. Furthermore, there is plenty of room for advancement. Generally, we run Ops every Saturday @ 5 PM EST. We frequently run ops on Sundays as well, training on Fridays, and we run events throughout the week (not necessarily ops) as member availability permits. Requirements Must have a working mic. Must speak fluent English. Must have TS3. Ability and willingness to download our Workshop collection. What makes us different? No obligations to attend every OP, however, we do appreciate people who show dedication. Plenty of room for advancement It's a naval unit, with the capability for large/grand air, land, and sea operations. Simple (for the time being) entry/eligibility for OCS/WOC. ArmA players of all nationalities, skill, etc. are accepted. Ran by competent and experienced leadership No "ArmA-drama" Our current numbers and open positions can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aOJNUvU8Qf0S1prQuzPh2RsRIOWk8JhBXS_XL00kRaM/edit?usp=sharing ***No matter what MOS you pick, you may be asked to perform Infantry duties if there are not enough Infantry, as there is no point in (for example) having 5 rotary pilots with 10 infantry guys.*** Links Teamspeak: Discord: https://discord.gg/UrW23gZ If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to leave a comment on this post, add me, or join the discord/teamspeak!
  6. First Issue: I made this dialog a little bit back, and I put it in a dialog folder. A3Life_Hud.hpp Whenever I try to do createDialog "A3Life_Hud"; It says "Resource A3Life_Hud not found" This has happened with the other dialog I made for an ATM. Second Issue: I'm working on this script (It's supposed to work with the aforementioned dialog): statusbar.sqf: Whenever I load up a mission, I get the following error: https://gyazo.com/4034de669081e6b9298bdf678a40d97e If someone could help me fix these issues, it would be greatly appreciated. Please note that this is my first time working with dialogs, and I haven't done any scripting in a LONG time.
  7. Hello. I'm working on a small script and I need to figure out the following: If I wanted to do a variable that works LIKE a Boolean, however instead of being true/false it can be one of x things that are defined somewhere. For example, let's say a, b, c, and d are what I want to "replace" for the true/false. I guess it would be like a "multiple choice" where it can be a, b, c, OR, d, where the 4 or more of them are defined somewhere before. I would need to be able to player setVariable ["SomeVariableName",a]; where a can be replaced with b, c, or d. Is there any way, or what's the closest way to do something like this? All help greatly appreciated.
  8. jonnyetiz

    Multiple Choice variable?

    Never mind, I've figured it out. I overlooked something.
  9. jonnyetiz

    Multiple Choice variable?

    I do still need help
  10. Hello. I have the quick question of how would one make certain objects on their terrain indestructible?
  11. jonnyetiz

    Multiple Choice variable?

    I fixed it but it's as clear as I can make it
  12. jonnyetiz

    Stuck loading object data

    Thank you, it all worked.
  13. Hello. Whenever I try to open my project, it will get stuck at "Please wait, loading object data." This will go on for hours, I've tried restarting PC and reinstalling the tools. Please help!
  14. jonnyetiz

    Stuck loading object data

    Yes Did that, same thing Works fine.
  15. Hello. I made a heightmap in L3DT and i found it to fall short; it seems very flat. Is there a good way to add subtle hills in TB?
  16. Hello. Whenever I build my terrain in addon builder, I get this error: https://gyazo.com/85ceaa0b577e05bc76d11ea84260816a It was working fine until I made a new city in Terrain Builder. Works fine in buldozer.
  17. I get this error: https://gyazo.com/50e30bfd0b40594350c3ddb1c140cf00 EVERY time I use pboproject. Addon Builder has worked up until now.
  18. I've tried that but will try again.
  19. UnitedGaming's NEW Arma 3 Life server -250K Start -Classic Lakeside -Lots of open positions -Lots of custom scripts & addons -TS: ts.ug-rp.tk -WEB: www.ug-rp.tk -Feel free to take a look at our mods @: https://steamcommunity.com/linkfilter/?url=http://www.ug-rp(dot)tk Join today!
  20. Hello. I am working on an extensive police database addon, and I need help with one thing; How would I go about randomly generating license plates for a vehicle that can be seen on the vehicle that can be stored in a database by extDB?
  21. Hello. I am the founder of a new community, UnitedGaming, and before we start advertising, we want to get our own framework. Yes, we know how hard that would be. Preferred Experiences: Experienced Arma 3 Developer Experience with extDB and SQL Able to put time and effort into the development Any other relevant experiences are a plus. Able to develop a new framework Payment: Keep in mind, this isn't an employment opportunity. We will pay 25% royalties of all of our donations(we will pay monthly) until the day you decide to leave. You will be on a 7-day trial period to see how well you can do before we pay you, and there is no limit to how much you get. It is a flat 25% of how much we made in the previous month. If you have further questions, please add me on steam: Azuren's Tactical Dog