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  1. I have the same error :(
  2. edgekiller

    Building now showing on MAP

    The only way i found to show the buildings is to not binarise the add-on...
  3. Hey everybody, Firstly i'm sorry if my english is bad ! Today i will show you my wip island called "Koalis", it's a 20x20km map. It is an tropical island with lots of vegetation. Screenshots : For more screenshots click here ! Give me your opinion and advice if you have !
  4. edgekiller

    Building now showing on MAP

    For me it's not working :s This is the log :
  5. edgekiller

    Texture problem

    Hello everyone, sorry for my bad english ! I'm actually creating a map on a3, but i have a problem. I have add sand texture on the beach, so when i'm near the ground i see the texture (photo 1), but when I go I see another texture (photo 2). This is the link for the screenshots : http://imgur.com/a/9Oe5n Sorry if you do not understand, please ask for more details (I hope you understand with screenshots) ! Thank you :)
  6. edgekiller

    Satellite Image Overlap Issue

    I have the same problem :(
  7. edgekiller

    SC Urban Apparel

    The project is abandoned ? Ps : can you send me a template for the config.cpp ? thank's you ;)
  8. Very good :o Now i will try to make a "TitanFall" mod ;)
  9. edgekiller

    Volha in A3

    Really good job ! Can i use it on my Altis Life server ?
  10. edgekiller

    SC Urban Apparel

    Something new ? :)
  11. edgekiller

    SC Urban Apparel

    I do some t-shirt, you can have a preview here : http://imgur.com/a/M0uYu :)
  12. edgekiller

    SC Urban Apparel

    Thank's you , but i dont know how to configure the "config.cpp" file, can you give me an example for a uniform please ? Sorry if my english, i'm french ! EDIT : It's all good, i have found the solution, thank's you :)
  13. edgekiller

    SC Urban Apparel

    Hello, Good work, you are really good ;) Can you give me a template, with just a black t-shirt and a jean ? Thank's you !