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  1. Rapax

    MK18 Mod 1

    thank you Sorken
  2. Rapax

    MK18 Mod 1

    I have just to upload from pws and the sound its broken. :( help pls edit What a mess, just read that was not updated, but in my pws the mk18 box was in orange color , I suppose that I have to wait sorry
  3. hI geraldbolso1899, with PWS version 2.4.1 I have this message ""addon comanche_Hmds_kimi_Metric requires addon UI_HMDs_kimi :confused: gracias. edit: i solved it, copying files with your hotfix link
  4. any Video demonstration?, SAMO it has become for me essential in SP. good job :ok:
  5. Hey JShock Have you tried yourself this modified script ? i named sanstorm and marker but now sandstorm dont shoot. this is the the call line: null = [t1,"mrk1",12,300] execVM "sandstormFire.sqf"; in sandstorm init Thank you for your patience!.
  6. Yes, it works I just try again . It would be perfect if could be an random explosion radio, Right now the rockets impact in the center of marker.
  7. It now works!!, this creates new expectations to my insipid missions Thank you Sir.
  8. Sorry JShock Do you have any other ideas?, sandstorm still not reload ammo :confused:
  9. Rapax

    True AI range

    "having the AGM AI install will create unexpected results so I would not use it but it's up to you if you want to try it." dixit ASR mod author
  10. Are there any known problem with SMD A3 Map?, cause an Script Error message loading the map. freezing the game :confused: thanks
  11. oh,that is good start, thank you for the link Iceman, It's so glad to ask this way!
  12. BadLuckBurt thank you for your explanation ! to be honest I find myself unable to do nothing, simply it makes me mad dont understand this concepts.
  13. LOL now I understand it thank you ProfTournesol
  14. I am embarrassed ask this,but Can someone explain to me why _count = count _multiArray1 select 0; // Output= 4? :confused: however much i read it I don't understand the Output 4 // Multi-dimensional array example _multiArray1 = [["Item1",1,2,3],["Item2",4,5,6]]; _count = count _multiArray1; // Output: 2 _count = count _multiArray1 select 0; // Output: 4 thank you