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  1. Tier1Voodoo

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Nice stuffs here. Could you please make an option to use the watch on the left hand and gps on the right? That'd be great, cheers
  2. Tier1Voodoo

    Mod Questions

    Is there any mods that has wrist watch model? I've seen some pics but I can't seem to find out what mod is it from. Any help?
  3. Tier1Voodoo

    Making A New Character Model

    I think I'll add it as a part of the uniform
  4. I'm trying to make a new character model in game, but how to do it? Say I've done the modelling in 3DS Max or Blender. How to port them in-game. Also, is there anyway to add wristwatch model on the existing character? I think it's far more better to add a wristwatch
  5. Great work mate. What about standard HK416 with VFG?
  6. Could you explain me more about "HLSD AR15" mate? I'm kinda new in AR15 stuffs. If not retex your Jack Carbine in Black and Cerakote Brown and add TiN color in the BCG. Adding a grip like Magpul RVG or Magpul AFG is also great. Anyway, thanks for your consideration
  7. How about making a SAI AR15, mate? Just like in the Transformers: Age of Extinction. Nice in Black or Cerakote Brown (FDE). Here's some pics SAI AR15 2.0, currently showing in SHOT Show Pretty much the same with Warsport LVOA (mostly, a lot of variants. Seen using KAC keymod RIS, Magpul CTR stock, B5 SOPMOD stock, Magpul ACS stock, mostly with Magpul RVG or Magpul AFG) the only difference is the receiver. The BCG is made of Titanium Nitride (TiN, yellow-gold color), custom charging handle. The SAI AR15 2.0 is kinda different, not much known about it now. More info can be seen in Salient Arms International's Facebook or Instagram.
  8. Tier1Voodoo

    Helmet Adding Problem

    New model but it doesn't seem to accept camo (one texture only). Any way to fix this in the o2, mate?
  9. Tier1Voodoo

    Help on Weapons Model

    The 3d model, mate. Looks like I've seen the options somewhere in blender, but I don't know what is it and how it works. I'm a total noob in this kind of stuff, mate. How to unwrap it?
  10. Tier1Voodoo

    Help on Weapons Model

    So, I've got a model of HK416. I decided to make the rail with textures. But, how to texture it? How can I organize which textures as the rail? This while time I only use solid color. If this one uses plain textures, of course the rail won't show up. Help anyone?
  11. Tier1Voodoo

    SMA (Specialist Military Arms) mod

    I think don't give the 416 a flip down iron sight, mate. It kinda ruin the 416. And give it the same stock as the 417. M4's LMT 6 positions stock is kinda old-school. Just saying, though. If you don't want to change it that's fine, mate.
  12. Tier1Voodoo

    Helmet Adding Problem

    No luck, mate. Been there before. Still f-ed up. Thanks for the input anyway
  13. Tier1Voodoo

    Helmet Adding Problem

    Nothing seems to work mate. Btw, what's "weaponpoolavailable" command?
  14. Tier1Voodoo

    Helmet Adding Problem

    I can't open the p3d because it has been binarized
  15. Tier1Voodoo

    Helmet Adding Problem

    Camo selections present? Explain me more mate, I'm a little bit noob down here lol. Bottom line, the error is the helmet won't let me have two versions (camo) of it. As I said above, the helmet will only take the file named "helmet.paa" as the texture (camo). So if I use the config as I attached above, there will be two helmet versions with the same camo. I spent hours yesterday tried to make this work but nothing worked. Is it possible that the helmet has "locked" its file path for the texture in the p3d? If yes, how to "unlock" it? For now, I'll try adding "_co" on the file name. Help me, mate