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  1. blackadder

    WW1 Mod - ArmA 2 CO

    sorry to be a bit of a prick but in the next update or whatever can you change it from "english" army to "british" army love the addon btw :) EDIT : can't fly spawn in any planes get any error bad vehicle type pilot east/west
  2. blackadder

    British Military Beret Mod

    any chance you can do the QRL
  3. what about standard issue OBEY snap backs
  4. blackadder

    Ivory Aircraft

    anyone else having trouble(not enought speed) taking off with F-15 or is it just me ?
  5. blackadder

    United States Air Force

    getting a error when i try and put down a manned c-5 bad vehicle type usaf_sfs_officer_tan
  6. blackadder

    United States Air Force

    is there any chance in the next update you could use a rexteured version of this beret http://i.imgur.com/hclh3tb.jpg instead of this one http://i.imgur.com/m1fOP77.jpg love the addon keep up the good work :)
  7. blackadder

    United States Air Force

    is Massi's nato weapons a dependicy becuase the SF guys dont have weapons ? i'm getting a error saying somthing about cannot open FHQ m4a1
  8. blackadder

    can some one help

    http://i.imgur.com/3EYCHoe.png can i cannot play arma it was fine a few weeks ago now my laptop cannot run a youtube video can anybody help sorry if wrong thread
  9. igiload ? ---------- Post added at 17:38 ---------- Previous post was at 17:36 ---------- igiload ?
  10. awesome what is this ? http://i.imgur.com/PT8Dw4k.jpg
  11. very nice are you guys thinking of adding a helicopter assualt carrier kinda thing bit like hms ocean ? http://i.imgur.com/EJWx413.jpg
  12. looks awesome what camos are you guys gonna use ?
  13. blackadder

    STALKERGB's British Infantry

    Hey stalker are you going to add the l86 and British vehicle import mod(s) ?
  14. blackadder

    HAFM ArmA 2 UK Wheeled - Import

    Beautiful will be using theses alot
  15. hello this is my first addon and will focus on my imaginary SDF images http://i.imgur.com/bTMBIbg.jpg (286 kB) http://i.imgur.com/ry9uJEy.jpg (283 kB) http://i.imgur.com/b4GKyvp.jpg (336 kB) more images http://imgur.com/a/DXOUM most of this will be re-texs of indi and blufor equipment please note i do not support scottish independence but thought this would be a cool idea
  16. blackadder

    [wip] 2035 scottish defense force

    hey guys just wanna say working on some vests however no naff all bout configs but im working on it :)
  17. are the aircraft going to have john spartans sevices menus ? looks awesome btw
  18. blackadder

    [WIP] VTOL Tiltrotor Aircrafts

    derp moment from me then forgot about that heli
  19. blackadder

    [WIP] VTOL Tiltrotor Aircrafts

    AV-45 Spectre Pelican - ZYO-50 Killer Whale what about orca thats sounds way cooler than killer whale